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    It could be worse. They could be fully retarded like you.
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    With scores like that Illfonic will be right in the crosshairs as a possible MS studio acquisition
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    may i recommend bleeding edge?
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    I'm amazed at how much lumber and plywood he was able to stuff in his shorts and still be able to jog like that.
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    Not making threads like this is a good start.
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    Can't wait for the PS5 reveal. Sony's going to be showing with Resident Evil 8, and of course Black Ops 5, as new COD's are usually revealed in May, we're past due for the Black Ops 5 announce. Of course Sony will be promoting B.O.5, and it will have Xcluded content to boot. Let's hope Resident Evil 8 has a ton of PlayStation exclusive features that will never make it to XBOX or especially PC. Beyond the VR mode, i want to see sony really double down on gimping the competition's version of 3rd party games to lower their value. Bring on PS5! DualSense alone has excited me, and pretty much the entire internet, much more so than MS's entire reveal + shitty indie titles and PC/Timed exclusives.
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    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into places that are under construction (just for a quick look). I have always been fascinated by all of the work that goes into building a house or business. Good thing I’m white, or I’d probably be dead.
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    And he fucks sex dolls. What a failure at life
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    You're so dumb you think autism and being retarded are the same thing. How is it we have two lemmings on this site but there's only one brain cell between you both?
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    Well according to yours you're basically retarded.
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    Right, what makes this the most messy is that he attacked them. You can say he was scared, but it’s not illegal to open carry in GA.
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    I-if I deflect and repeat it enough the 4.0 will go away!
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    He has special needs. Just go with it.
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    How do you argue with that moron? He will get up in the middle of the night to get the last reply. Hes cringe/autism to the power of ten.
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    Now we bring the fight to you, ND. You think you can throw around your corporate power around here, you think you can bully us, threaten us, and belittle our way of life. No, you can't. MEN LIKE ME, MEN WHO HAVE HONOUR, will fight you at every turn. You belittle Christians. You shit on us, You shit on dogs, dog owners, and spread your devilish cruelty. You shit on everything that's good about humanity. You have no remorse, and neither shall we. WE WILL DESTROY YOU. We will teach the future generations that you have no power over them, over us. YOU WILL BE DESTROYED AND ERASED FROM HISTORY. THOSEW HO WILL ENABLE DEPRESSION, HATRED, NEGATIVITY, and DISGUST! WE WILL FIGHT YOU! for JESUS! FOR HONOUR! FOR LIFE! FUCK YOU, ND!
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