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    did you draw these?... oh sorry i forgot you can't draw..
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    How is it that in a thread with DC, Ghostz and GeorgeW, you're still the most annoying part of it, Jerry? Jesus christ, shut the fuck up.
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    I fucking hate you.
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    “One of the wettest we’ve ever seen from the standpoint of water”
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    Yeah, there's gonna be ZERO first party launch games. None at all. Nothing. Sony never launches new consoles with any games from Sony. Never. Is it hard being this retarded constantly or does it come naturally to you?
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    And then the obligatory 8-12K posts necessary to defend said decision.
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    That’s what I was thinking. When the leaked Obama audio of him saying trumps response to this pandemic had been disastrous and then trump rage tweeting over 100 times on Twitter in response made me realize the dude is a SW poster. Posting 100 times about some guy you hate online is called Tuesday to a sw poster
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    There's some truth here, Xbox has no fans.
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    Could have swore this game came out 25 years ago
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    Bodycounts take, bookmark this. the ps5 will outsell the bone series x 80:20. i feel that the “excitement” around series x is overblown. There’s really no one I know who’s excited for it. Everyone is talking ps5 theres also a ton of bitter ass xbone buyers who got fucked by no games, and no exclusives who are all switching to ps5. this will be an utter blowout imo. Xbox is n it’s last legs and On its deathbed.
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    “Waiting for a ps5 version” Oh yeah, I’m sure there’s millions. Anyone who’s waiting for a version that doesent exist will wait till they can buy that version on a sale for 20, or probably just not even end up buying it.
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    You have nobody to blame for yourself The game doesn't have anywhere near 100 hours of content, you chose to waste all that time.
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    You mean the one at Shinra HQ? That was such desperate padding, youd do well to avoid it.
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    yea, pretty much. people will stay with sony no matter what. sony knows people want games and not hardware talk, it doesn't matter to them. they gonna see a trailer about a new game and then want to play it. xbox is dead, there is no chance they will ever have a come back. the laughing stock of the gaming community, always last place yet their idiotic fanbase still tries to defend this dead brand.
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    sociology is all about gays. literature is all about gays. Political science is all about gays. These used to be real fields, they weren't only about identity politics. I had this one tranny in my class, 6"2 white guy built like a brick shithouse, fucker would come in wearing dresses, sandals and flipsflops and i'd have to see his big disgusting man-feet everyday in those girly ass shoes of his. i'll never unsee that.
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    This is retarded. I knew so many smart kids in school who were just lazy and missed a lot of assignments, which was enough to get them Ds and Cs in a lot of classes but then they took their SATs and pulled off above average scores in every category. Higher education is becoming a joke in this country.....
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    that might be a tough egg to crack.
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    There would need to be an exception for Lemmings to still be able to post Xbox news on the main forum.
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    No topics are off limit. If you don't like the conversation start a different one.
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    I already came up with that conspiracy theory when they first reported it.
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    I stopped feeling sorry for him a long time ago
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    Fuck indie trash.
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    Oh dear. Also I feel like all my reporting is going to go no where. Shit is ass, bud.
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    https://www.wsj.com/articles/university-of-california-will-stop-using-sat-act-11590099469 Sad The SAT gives people an opportunity for people who dislike public school but are forced to go anyway. Ever have bad grades in high school but a good ACT or SAT test? That allows you to get a education at a good school. Testing is a better indicator of success than high school grades. But we are removing proven, effective tools for schools to find promising students because minorities score poorly on those tests. We are a decaying society.
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