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    "Nishikawa-san said the news will "rile up the games industry" and that it's an exclusive scoop about a "game company that everyone loves"." Definitely has nothing to do with Xbox then
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    All the shit posters I remember from back in the good ole' SW days are all republicans. Who woulda thought
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    I love how pity-launching some 4 years late Yakuza games into gamepass is grounds for an acquisition to these abused and battered xbox fans. Like that was probably the best, most exciting news they got all gen. Phil feeds you the lint out of his pockets. Your games are made with the change he finds in his couch cushions. Double-fine, InXile, and undead labs probably sold to Microsoft for the price of a hot meal. THEY WERE STARVING! and they were starving BECAUSE THEY MAKE SHIT GAMES! And you think this company, THIS COMPANY is going to buy you something GOOD? LMFAO! Delusions a-grandeur.
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    That’s why PS2 Rockstar was the best. They gave no shits.
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    So much of Rockstar's catalogue right now seems sort of locked away because of it's material and the political climate. I just can't see Bully or Manhunt coming out in this day and age without huge backlash and tbh, even GTAVI to an extent if it keeps the same tone and parodies a lot of culture's current tropes like it usually does.
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    The Wii/PS2/PSP version was given an AO rating, so yeah I don’t see it happening.
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    Lol wow so the guy who initially escalated the riots and broke the initial windows has been identified as a cop by his ex wife.
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    I just added a poll, its a bit vague when it comes to specific times but that can be decided afterwards depending on which option wins.
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    Yup that's it. It's why I stopped playing even though I was loving the setting and story.
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    That’s basically what it is. The dlc expansions fixed this though.
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    https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/1287702/SEGA-announcement-teased-rile-up-games-industry It's happening. Cows prepare your anuses What better way for MS to break into the Japanese market than with a SEGA banner
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    kaz the german black vigalante taking care of america's problems. we're good.
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    ZOE2 was fucking amazing. Jehuty and Anubis
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    Agreed. I thought this thread was locked, it should have been deleted.
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    Seriously, ya'll motherfuckers take shit too far sometimes.
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    Good thing is this story has sparked national outrage and coverage causing protests nation wide. Usually when a crime has been committed and gains extreme local coverage, the defendants lawyer asks the judge if they can move the trial to the next county over so as to not get any people on the jury that have been exposed to everything with the crime from tv and already had their mind made up before the trial even begins. No chance of that happening here. There’s nowhere for him to run or hide from this
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    State of Decay 1: TLOU1: Oops looks like its State of Decay that copies TLOU. And Jonny exposes once again he doesn't even play games
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    Agreed fully with your post
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    Their only choice is to rob stores and eliminate small businesses? anyone doing this is disgusting, regardless of race. What did target do?? Imagine if your grandma lived there and her house was randomly burned down because of it?
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    I love the way Aza tries to rationalize his predictions too He said PS5's controller would split, but I'm wondering if he's come to his Dual Senses?
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    kojima-shit is 100% anime-shit. There is literally no difference...........besides the fact that the anime shit is almost certainly better-directed and edited.
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    I think that's what Liquid originally thought I was going for with my screenname. I don't know anime shit. and then everybody just lazily called me jerry.
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    ??? everyone is playing it. You mean it needs a doto level playerbase to be a good game? The game weeded out the noobs right from the start, what's left is only hardcore gamers (and a few nobs and beginners, ok). No wonder Duplo reacted with "dead" that nub.
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    Change me to the ban camp for TLOU2 will own after that SoP yesterday.
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    Rockstar hasn't made an actual quality title since Bully on PS2 and their best game was Manhunt.
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    Meanwhile at Intel.... 14nm refresh city
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    Check-ch-check-checkcheck-checkitout Youtube Music or Youtube Premium or Google Play Subscribers can get a coupon from the Google Store to buy a Google Home Mini for free. Basically knocks down the $49 Google Home Mini (in one of four colors) down to zero when checking out. This is paid subscribers, not people on trial memberships. I'm assuming this is for US only. Click here to get the coupon code, and it will then take you to the Google Store to buy the mini, and you can check out really quickly if you're already logged into Google. https://slickdeals.net/f/14083460-free-google-nest-mini-via-google-play-music-yt-premium-yt-music-users
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    i love you with 35% of this, you're fucking wacko as fuck with the rest. if some random developer made skyward sword, it'd get an 8 or 9 easily. If anyone made galaxy botw etc. it would get a great score. c'mon now. fucking https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-2/beyond-good-evil that's the critic baddy. I lol @ the other ones that are "wacky sounding." Plause for the thread and you. but really, the nintendo bait shit is crap https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-2/beyond-good-evil https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-2/beyond-good-evil https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-2/beyond-good-evil
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    It looks like Sherlock Downs is unable to solve the case without any real evidence I bet it feels like a devastating hit to the head every time he hits a roadblock with mere clues that lead nowhere
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    - Metroid Prime is an 'ok' game and MP2 is a bad game - No Halo game has ever had a great campaign and Halo CE's campaign has some of the worst level design in a highly rated game ever. - Majority of Nintendo's game would receive VASTLY lower scores if they were released on Sony or MS consoles without the Nintendo name, especially Zelda (Skyward Sword has a 93 meta.....93. For a legit 5-6 game) - Ubisoft is a top tier developer and publisher and the best of the major 3rd parties. They are more consistent in quality, support their games more than anyone (whether it launches successfully or not) and have an incredible range of IPs. - Gamecube is one of the greatest consoles of all time. - Linear games are better than open world games, including games were you simply select levels from a menu. HUB worlds are the absolute worst. - RDR2 has a shit story
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    Finished Resonance of Fate. What a terrible story... I feel like the game is missing like 60% of it's content because this game doesn't really explain shit. All it does is give you vague bits of information here and there and expects you to connect the dots yourself. Problem is the game doesn't give you enough information to work with so a lot of the dot connecting is mostly speculative. This is not satisfying storytelling... Its not just the story that suffers either, this is just straight up an unfinished game. It shows all over the place too. There is so much padding in this game and the dungeon layouts are basic as fuck. Enemy designs are repeated to the point it gets laughably bad. The game feels like its missing half of its game systems. Everything about this game feels incomplete. People call RoF an experimental game but I strongly disagree. An experimental game feels complete. This game does not, this game feels like a glorified prototype.
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    A lot news about race. Almost like you're the one with an agenda. Also, the 3rd guy recording the video in the Arbury case got charged with trying to illegally detain an individual.
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    Tomb Raider sucked. Pretty good list otherwise
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    lol thi sis true. I'm cool with like, the 1st night. Tho I think you should bust shit next to precints, or like me and ghosts said, by all means attack a cop. But day 2 and 3 fuckery is wack. And YES, some of these I'm assuming crazy ass somali kids that don't give an F and frustrated black people, are ROBBING ladies and shit probably white ladies, out their car the next day. That's just adding to race wars. No no no. not innocent people. that's not a business that can re-insure their shit. I mean, my parents called me worried if I was gonna stay home. That's the effect you wanna leave on people? Fuck that.
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    Had a dude cuffed, on the floor, on his stomach, with a knee on his neck yelling and pleading he couldn't breathe for a solid 10 minutes. Guess what happened next? Also if I told you what they reported his original arrest was for, and what actually happened, some of you smart nose, may put more puzzle pieces together, and see we got a huuge f'n problem of getting black people the dead.
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    I played Fallout 4 but I didn't get that sense of amazement like with new vegas or breath of the wild. Even The Outer Worlds had me hooked. Fallout 4 became incredibly easy if you went out and did sidequests. I had to install difficulty mods to even shit out.
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