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    Here's your $800 console bro.
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    lol Like two minutes ago this bitch didn't even see any of the conference but his ADD requires attention.
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    Destruction Allstars Shit looked straight out of Xbox Game Studios.
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    Absolutely none of them made me think they could only be done on PS5.
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    Your big idea to demonstrate the SSD is to do something that current gen games already do? Lmao....
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    lmao, the memes for this are going to be amazing
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    Jesus.. this thing could be wide/high as fuck.. look at the controller in comparison to the console
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    It's a Netgear router with some envelopes/10
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    yeah they could be done. if you lowered the res less stable performance longer loading times slightly less bells and whistles. i mean, witcher 3 was done on switch. doesn't mean it's not better on PC. for people that have spent 15 years posting on video game forums some of ya'll haven't really caught on to how this shit works yet lmao.
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    Nothing will ever beat that live Orchestra
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    I guarantee you that these engines shown aren't even close to being optimized yet for these new consoles. UE5 is more forward looking than anything shown here... but these are games that started development 2-3 years ago... so it's obvious that they're not going to be pushing things yet.
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    I can't keep up between the 'this is so unimpressive and all capable on PS4' and 'this is too good and clearly fake' posts lol Gotta love SW
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    People think Horizon was actually legit? LOL... That was straight up a target video. Guerilla has a history with this. How quickly people forget about the Killzone 2 reveal...
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    welp I decided to pick it up. Drove it for about 50 miles today, fun so far
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    ugliest pos ever and its FUCKING HUGE
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    I think this bodied them tbh. I did not expect them to reveal so much from their own lineup (honestly anyone that says they expected more is flat out lying) and on top of that I did not expect a digitial version that might compete at a lower price point. GT7, a numbered GT after such a long hiatus is going to destroy a Forza Motorsport from a fan appeal aspect. Hellblade 2 is gonna be great but i think ppl need to remember Ninja Theory is a fairly small team. They aren't competing with big Sony first party, even with MS money you don't expand that fast. The original Hellblade was incredibly limited in scope. Halo is Halo. For MS to compete they need to show Fable, new Initiative game and hopefully new major Obsidian RPG. Then even then you've shown all your major titles and Sony hasn't shown anything from their biggest two developers yet.
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    They'll do some more passes over that. It can only get better.
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    Dino-Furry game. wtf Sony. Please can that shit.
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    Watched the Horizon trailer on my tamagotchi. You call this next gen?
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    Most games shown are titles we've already played before which makes it look extra unimpressive. Who buys a new system for a Ratchet game
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    The jumps are different. Not every jump is a resolution bump. The gameplay possibility jump with these SSDs are a bigger leap than simple resolution jump from ps3 to ps4. We've seen ratchet on PS2, PS3, PS4 and PS5 now. This one had the biggest next gen leap gameplay wise from all of them.
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    The game we saw the most gameplay (R&C) from looked COMPLETELY NEXT GEN. those rift jumps into entirely new environments mid gameplay, zero pause, with Ratchet action is insane.
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    Anyone who thinks that doesn't look a million times better than the giant brick is whack
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    I think the obvious disappointment is no Silent Hill.
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    Demons Souls, please be a full blown remake, please.
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    Everything so far is garbo except for GT7, and Im not playing it until it gets VR support.
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    any fucking pity ports for the PeeC and they can kiss my money goodbye, fucking bank on it. Fuck you hermits.
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    Agreed. Now AMD need to hurry up and roll out Big NAVI so we can see what will shake up the GPU market. Here's my latest performance price prediction GPU comparisons. If AMD come out first with these prices on Big NAVI it could force NVIDIA to drop their prices significantliy than what they had offered during Turing. NAVI (little/big) - AMPERE - TURING RX 5600 XT ($279) > GTX 3030 = RTX 2060 ($349) $299 RX 5700 ($349) > RT 3040 = RTX 2060 Super ($399) RX 5700 XT ($399) > RTX 3050 = RTX 2070 ($499) RX 5700 XT 50th AE ($449) > RTX 3050 Ti = RTX 2070 Super ($499) RX 5800 ($549) > RTX 3060 = RTX 2080 ($699) RX 5800 XT ($599) > RTX 3070 = RTX 2080 Super ($699) RX 5900 XT ($699) > RTX 3080 = RTX 2080 Ti ($1199) RX 5950 XT ($999) > RTX 3090 = RTX Titan ($2499)
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    That would be one amazing show for a launch window reveal. Hope you’re mostly right. I assume the logic would be not to take attention away from the games. Show the console and that’s what will be mostly talked about. Plus, if you stagger the news and you stay in ppl’s mind share longer. Hype ppl with the games, keep in the limelight with TLoU2 buzz the show the console with price and date in July. They have already said this is the start of next gen news and that we will get more later, plus specifically mentioned games only for this, so I would not at all be surprised if they don’t show it. They have to show it by the end of July though.
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    let's not make him suicidal
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