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    The extra weight acts as a foundation to carry heavy flops like TLOU2
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    It's like having a fully equipped commercial gym in this setting right...
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    Star Citizen funding hits $300 million as people buy $4,600 ship packs
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    You're so fucking cucked by bullshit it's unbelievable that you even have the brain power to string a sentence together. Who was the first wanting to act? Trump, with travel bans. When he wanted to act at a federal level who started screaming about states rights, xenophobia and racism? Democrats. Whose cities were hit the hardest from all of this? Democrat cities. Who constantly leverages that the President botched all of this and is responsible for the trashing of the economy? Democrats. Who is actually responsible for the trashing of the economy? Democratic governors and county commissioners greatly overreacting and keeping businesses shut down by force which could have remained opened with operational stipulations. Whose cities are currently being rioted in, on fire and being looted? Democrat cities. Who is refusing to take action against this? Democrat governors and mayors. Whose police forces are the result of what happened to George Floyd? A democrat controlled police force. Whose police forces are allowing cities to burn and not taking the necessary steps to maintain order? Democrat controlled police forces. Who's responsible for an independent subversive 'nation' to form within Washington's largest city? A democrat governor and mayor. You're a blind fucking moron.
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    Shut up, faggot
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    Must be why it has the most high scoring games, players, e-sports, software revenue, and hardware revenue. Go play your little toy.
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    In fact I have a hard time finding a face off article with PC where PC isn't the clear winner. GTA, Every version to date has impressed, but in the PC's case we have the true pack leader, and its GPU benchmarks at peak settings are sure to give upcoming GPUs firm workout. More than that, Rockstar's multi-platform wizardry here sets a high bar of expectation for whatever project it pursues next. Gaylo, The remade graphics scale rather well to 4K, the system requirements are not onerous - and crucially, it is a more than worthy replacement for the 2007 PC release. Let's hope an even better turn-out from the upcoming Halo 3. TOW, . It's The Outer Worlds on Switch but it's nowhere near the quality of any other version and in this case, portability isn't enough to save the day. I recognise the huge challenges facing the team on this one and I respect the effort put it into it, but the end result doesn't hold up and I can't recommend it. Metro, Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels is the first piece of DLC released by 4A Games and for PC users at least, an already state-of-the-art, forward-looking rendering implementation is pushed on to the next level Gears, Gear 5's PC port is a remarkable piece of work. In fact, in my opinion, it's very, very close to being one of the best PC conversions of all-time. Control, it's Remedy Entertainment's PC version of Control that's our genuine contender in the triple-A space. HR, Overall though, while the conversion work is hardly revelatory, the PC version of Heavy Rain is a welcome release. It liberates the game from the console environment, and ensures it will run on an open and ever-improving platform. It looks better than the PS4 version and has the benefit higher resolutions and frame-rates. Rage, The good news is that PC can power past any and all of the limitations found on the consoles - but expect GPU hardware requirements to scale rapidly the higher up the resolution chain you go. Sekiro, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is best played on PC Division 2, . A lot of the best upgrades are of course found on PC. Firstly, yes, the texture streaming issue is largely minimised or removed, and equally, ambient occlusion at max settings gives us far less dithering on the plants ahead. Even shadow maps from range are higher quality too, though the improvement is not radical. The volumetric lighting- notably on light shafts - also runs at a higher resolution overall. One major aspect here that consoles clearly miss out on is the capacity for 60fps gameplay Anthem, And it stands to reason that what's going to be challenging for PC will be even more of a mountain to climb for the consoles
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    My brother convinced me to buy this shit for full price 2 years ago. We played it once, it ran like shit and there was literally nothing to do. It’s such a fucking scam
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    Spending $700 on a video card to play console games
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    Also, the Hermits are playing Persona 4 Golden atm 21K concurrent players on P4G within 6h of the games release Sea of Thieves all-time new peak too ~60K Bloodborne's numbers are going to be insane
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    10+ pounds at home: Average 3-month-old baby Laundry basket filled with towels or jeans Medium-sized bowling ball Small microwave oven Medium-sized cat or small dog Most vacuum cleaners Large garbage bag (filled) 10+ pounds at the grocery store: Large watermelon Large bag of sugar or flour Sack of potatoes 1¼ gallons of milk Three 2-liter bottles of soda A holiday ham or turkey
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    Did they show the new train simulator for Adrian ? Pc gaming ROOOOOFL
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    He's in ANTIFA.
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    GTFO. Next thing you're gonna tell me is he's active in the BLM movement
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    Still Needs Tuflops seal of approval to be legit
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    There he is
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    Godly I'll be getting it eventually, I also urge everyone to get Shadow Tactics that game absolutely OWNS and you could probably buy it for $5
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    I must be blind? Edit: NVM, I see what you're saying.
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    This port was probably done by a few janitors and interns. It’s surprisingly cheap to port these games to pc at least. I remember the credits list of Valkyrie chronicles PC port only listed 4 people.
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    I know PC won this gen, like it won last gen.
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    PC is up by over ~100 AAA/AA titles at both sites for this gen. I don't even have to vote in this poll.
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    I'll let you know when those split controllers show up.
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    RT took a dump on 60fps as soon as it was announced as a next gen feature.
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    Nah the Founders Edition lol. I was mostly just joking, but it does weigh 5lbs by itself... so it's heavy as fuck. You can tell as soon as you touch it how premium it feels. RTX. It's ON.
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    Leave Lashondakaren alone or else she will cancel you on twitter!
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    So lets get this straight; its vastly weaker, much larger, and weighs more?
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    Holy fuck that's more than the cows' dumbells! 10 FUCKING POUNDS! I wonder if my Ikea furniture can even support that much weight.
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    "Sony's gonna bring back Silent hill and Dead Space so soon there's going to be some competition " .... what we got instead:
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    Eh, not a deal breaker. The CPU, GPU and M.2 all still support PCIe Gen4 independently between each other, but if the damn things are really $180 and the X570 is only $20 more then fuck the B550 boards.
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    I need to research a bit more, just so that I'm totally okay with the purchase. But, I've been typing in "b550 motherboard" in amazon search bar these past few days, just to see if the MSI B550 mobos come back into stock. But amazon had a listing for Gigabyte's X570 AORUS Elite motherboard for $199.99. And its to come into stock on June 26th. So, if I don't the motherboard or if I happen to find one that's better suited for me, then I have almost two full weeks to cancel this order. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07SVRZGMX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I mean, B550 mobos were expected to be at $180.....so why not pay $20 more for X570? EDIT: There's a couple of things I may not be too excited about. It doesn't come with 2.5GB LAN, only a gigabit LAN, it doesn't come with a PCI-8x for a potential second video card, and it doesn't come with two M.2 slots. Its not that I was going to buy a second video card or a second M.2 SSD, but I like knowing I have that ability to expand if I wanted to. I'll see keep on searching.
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    Yea, if only you could get what you want... like I seem to be able to
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    You dress like a 12 year old juggalo, what do you know about style?
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    No. The whole idea of a "flop" is that the game is not scored the way it is expected to score... An 8 game is not a bad game. It's a good game. An 8 Naughty Dog game.... is a FLOP
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    Try carrying a ps5 while running that fast to metacrtic
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    That is absolutely a fine length for a device that can properly stand up and properly be laid flat. And it just looks like an interesting device, whereas the Xbox looks like something engineered by pre-collapse Soviet Russia from the late 80's.
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