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    You can't get autism if you already have it
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    Only if it comes with an increase to my social credit score, and an RFID chip. Like Mobb Deep said: No such thing as half-way crooks.
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    You're about to be banned for a week dude. The only person laughing here is me
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    No, and Nolan is being an absolute fucktard not delaying it.
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    Restaurants barely clean seats and tables as well, but the CDC confirmed last month that the virus doesn't seem to transmit that easily on surfaces so it shouldn't be much of an issue.
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    Meanwhile Alaska is still fighting to the get the money owed to them for the Exxon Valdez spill from '89. https://www.adn.com/opinions/2020/06/18/dont-let-government-give-up-on-exxon-valdez-restoration/
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    Kind of sorta. There isn't anything this can do that a modern lens can't do. Vintage lenses are actually pretty popular with SLR videographers as most modern lenses were really made for automated use, so they have super low profile dials and motors. Which make focus pulling potentially a liability. Vintage lenses made for full manual love larger dials which are easier for twisting and pulling. They can also add a bit of filmish look. I've stopped using film cameras forever ago, but modern gear can have a very digital look to it. This particular lens is popular because no two are exactly the same, wide open they have some dreamy texturing on the sides.
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    I'm not taking my chances with mala, he already broke the rules and warnings were given.
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    No, sadly never heard it it until this year
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    You’re wrong - I’m a gay man!
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    What does that lens do that modern ones don't? Is this just a pp measuring contest for photographers by using obscure vintage tools?
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    Already had to delete 3 posts in this thread. I've been pretty explicit about posting story related 'content' for this game, even if you're making a shitty joke its still NOT allowed. @MalaXmaS @kaz BLackMage I've been pretty merciful so far but both of you are on my shit list. Make another plot reference without spoiler tags (no matter how vague or even if its a fake spoiler) and you're both getting banned for a month. That applies to everyone else too.
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    Hes waiting for the local kids playground to reopen.
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    88, eh, Kaz? Blanc power! he looked better dead as a Hobbit.
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    ''Xbox One - Xbox Series X'' Also playable on Xbox One X. This isnt going to be confusing at all for the average clueless consumer. This is going to be a WiiU situation.
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    I think it's about time I be made a mod, you can trust me.
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    Played through the first 2 hours of TLOU2. Really digging it so far, the attention to detail in the environments and characters is pretty amazing. If they can keep that up for 25+ hours then the game will earn its scores on that aspect alone.
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    zwarrior would kill even for that hairline.
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    This message is approved by retarded cop.
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    Still at 96 with 91 reviews. One day to go before it drops below 94
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    I'm not assigning any sexual preference classification on you. You can be gay for pay, or in this instance "gay for play?" and still be hetero. I was more juxtaposing the situations to show the irony in your logic that going to a gay bar makes someone gay, but sucking a dick doesn't make you gay. You honestly seem like you need some sort of therapy.
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