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    You should see some of the topics hes tried to make that we've rejected I fully expected to see a close up of his nut sack before I approved this thread.
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    Good. Bitch had it coming. No one should use the N word. Not even jehurey.
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    Thats cool. I also live in a very diverse place. My friends are of all sorts of backgrounds. Indigenous, Asian, South East Asian, black, etc. You're referring to me racist because I don't like affirmative action type policy. The policy itself is racist because it prioritizes people based on race. That's not how to create a fair, diverse, and equal society. It creates resentment and distrust. All I want is a culture and society where everyone is given a fair shot and you make your life based on what you put into. I don't want skin colour to ever be involved.. The pyramid of oppression game the far left is playing is a dangerous one. They claim to be fighting racism but in the long run will just end up making it worse. Our society has been progressing greatly decade after decade, sure its slow but slow and steady is better than a trip and fall.
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    You guys really know how to ruin threads. When I see jerry posting I start skipping through threads instead of reading individual posts
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    jimbo's hair color is nude
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    Yeah I finished it last night. it probably took me less than 2 hours overall, but I didn’t get all of the death scenes. Even so I don’t think it has more than 2.5 hours of content. Since it’s all FMV I expected it to be the length of a movie so that didn’t really surprise me. In general that’s all it really is: a low budget Japanese movie where you occasionally make a choice. It has its moments but It’s not really comparable to Danganronpa, I don’t think the director’s skills translate well to this type of experience tbh. If I were to rate it I would give it a 7. It’s an interesting distraction but does leave you wanting more. The $16 price is also a bit hard to swallow.
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    Man, the customisation in this game is absurd. Dick size options and 5 types of pubic hair lmao
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    The demo was running on a RTX 2080 Ti with raytracing at 1080p. Base consoles will struggle with this game lol.
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    This thread has spiraled out of control (again). Ya'll need to take a breather.
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    probably.............he has an ASSLOAD of freckles that I didn't know of. He puts on alot of makeup when you see him do his little shows. This time around, he was livestreaming from his house without makeup.
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    Releasing this on current gen was a mistake.
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    I don't think this game will be that impressive. I just hope, it has the same Cyber punk vibe that I remember from playing Rise of the Dragon on the SEGA CD which were more based on Bladerunner style cyber punk.
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    And they're all copying from Isaac Asimov in the first place. There's only so many story beats and themes you can do with androids and AI.
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    So far what they are showing is not original at all, Batman Asylum, Watch Dogs, The Division 2. all had that virtual surveillance
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    Standalone Netflix anime confirmed
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    Racist Canadians are bored with their competent leader so they naturally get attracted to a incompetent one we have. Go figure.
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    I love how our resident nazis stay away from these type of threads
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    First off I'm not even white, second my girlfriend is from Taiwan, thirdly criticizing a government is not criticizing the people. Grow up
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    You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round right round
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    Yeah whoa fault was it we had no masks? China. They fucking hoarded them all back in November and December. Oh sorry was that racist and right wing of me to say? You're such a fucking knob.
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    Don't mind me lol I wonder where it will ultimately land?
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    Guaranteed there’s severe inbreeding in her family. Without a doubt
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    How big of an expert do you need to be to figure out that a virus that spreads by COUGHING and SNEEZING you tell people to keep their mouths covered instead of spraying it all over their own clothes?
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    They probably thought this was going to blow over with them just murdering him because he’s just some black thug and because the dad had connections to the police. Now after George Floyd they can forget about that. The irony is I bet now they see and are hating how often police murder people that every time it’s happening it’s shrinking their chances the outrage will die before their trial. After George Floyd and the atl guy I bet they’re hating those cops This will be them in the showers every day for the rest of their lives
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    I'm strongly considering buying an open box of a Lian Li 011 Dynamic. But its a RAZR edition and its all black with alot of LED lighting. Looks tacky, but theoretically, the motherboard is going to control all LED lighting, including the case which will plug into the motherboard. So I can turn it off, or I can set it to all white. Regular versions of the Lian Li 011 Dynamic do not have any open box, and would cost $5 more.
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    these CaveDwellers are used to having about 5 or 6 wives. I don't see what the big deal is
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