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    your hair, which is why it evacuated from your scalp.
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    “Microsoft experience centres” Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Gears of War.
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    Game changer right here so comfortable
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    There's cheaper ways to kill yourself.
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    Shut the fuck up. Moron.
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    Centrists that won't pick a side.
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    Fuck them, they allow fucking BLM protests but they arrest you if you go to the beach. I'm tired of all the bullshit.
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    I started losing my hair 12 years ago when the virus wasn’t even around. And some of my forelocks and scalp hair are still there, so they didn’t all evacuate. Some still love Jim for who he is.
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    Asparagus on the BBQ with butter and lemon pepper
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    I volunteered at a mentally disabled clinic during grad school. PM me.
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    Yeah, but they want to shit post in peace.
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    People who have loved one that are susceptible, our health care workers who are overworked and over-stressed on a regular day (not 4 months into a global pandemic) People can get back to their lives, they just need to follow a few guidelines. Bill Gates has it, along with a microchip. No one has ever stated we should be indoors for a year, but if people flout the rules, then we need to go into lockdown.
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    i'm with you bruh, I'm also suicidal fuck everything espcially masks
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    LemiJ first to front lines of the lemming defense force.... responding within milli seconds of the OP
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    Hes actually not on a post limit right now. Instead everything he posts needs to be individually approved by us mods before it becomes visible to ya'll.
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    pretty sweet man!
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    this and restaurants/bars were not enforcing social distancing. we did numerous investigations on them, and we got several closed down follow the rules or get fucked!
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    They haven’t left in the longest time. I have these locks on lock-down.
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    Not really, they still sell their products everywhere so this doesn't matter.
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    She is acting that way because she didn't think she would be held accountable for her actions. If you Actually watched the entire video.... at the end of the video two guys and a woman who saw what happened confirmed everything the guy was saying. She flipped him off, called him the N word, started following him and he decided to follow her back. It happened 2 to 3 blocks away. All of a sudden the aggressor (her),started to pretend that she is the victim... lol
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    So you banned me twice for something that was said two weeks ago?
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    Make another thread where the rest of us can post in it; then a 2nd one where Ranik, GeorgeW, Cooke, GS4U & Jerry can duke it out, and we can view it like feeding time at the zoo.
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    I didn't unbanned kokujin and I had you banned cause of your previous leaks.
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    uhh no nobody ever put a single finger in my ass while I was driving
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    If it were a black woman that give him the finger do you think he woud follow her home and video her and put it on the internet to try to ruin her? I get fingered when I'm driving too, we all have. If that makes you mad enough to follow someone home you have your own mental issues. Now her reaction is also quite ridiculous, that's some insane over acting for sure.
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    Lol imagine getting so mad that some flipped you off you stalk them and drive to their house
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    Previews are mostly very positive so far. DF said it's the single largest jump from a developer's first game to the second this gen. Major highlights are the detail, level of customisation and options to make decisions that impact the narrative. Some concerns touched on the stealth AI, clunky inventory, UI and pop ins. Gameplay looks smooth and fun to me. I'm kinda glad that they went with first person.
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    Imagine being so butthurt you have to resort to physical violence. black fragility.
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    I’ve been taking my time with this TLoU2 playthrough. Only half way done but I have been enjoying it a lot. Also fully beat RDR2 on PC recently and have started playing some of the Red Dead Online. It’s...not great. Still, I love fucking around in that world and I have some downtime during the day while I work from home.
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    He heard a rumor that there was new rocket league content post credits.
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