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    What's funny is that gay methhead would still do better job than De Shit lol
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    As long as it's not for domestic use (which thanks to the internet) they do not need the filter. Hence why you see Japanese porn without the pixels. The pixels are really there because pubic hair is banned.
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    That's why ray-tracing is so good/interesting.. you get the same lighting model during cutscenes as you get during gameplay. It can make a huge difference. Games really just need to start being built from the ground up for it. But it's quite clear that we're still a ways away from that being common. Still though, there'll be some games this coming gen that will do it, and they'll stick out.
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    You know you didn't need to admit this, right?
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    Blind hatred and the media is playing you idiots like puppets on a string The right to demonstrate doesn't mean right to destroy property, and the BLM protestors haven't really proven themselves to be all that peaceful. I support these registered democrats' right to defend their private property 100%
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    The article below that one makes it sound like a good thing.
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    r/politics poster confirmed. Go grab your tinfoil hat and get ready for next weeks conspiracy.
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    She got fired from CNN, her sponsors dropped her, and venues cancelled all of her remaining tour dates. She didn't tweet it. She said it in a speech. She was.
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    This should be pretty cool, I assume this will be the first flex of their hardware agnostic RT implementation.
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    I had to come back to own the fascists one last time before the world officially ends
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    there were parts of tlou 2 where i was like "damn, this feels like next gen"...and then others where i was like "this would look so much better if it was a ps5 game instead". there's still a lot of room left for graphical improvements.
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    It's like when they let 2 computers talk to each other; but it's only the early 2000's.
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    Yea, I have a feeling Horizon: Forbidden West is being built on like a half-step upgrade to the engine. It's clearly far suprior, but I have a feeling that their next game after Horizon might be on a vastly improved version of the engine. Kinda like Horizon 2 is just feeling out the potential of what they can do with a lot of the tech they already have, and then likely a new IP will introduce the real next iteration of the engine. In other Decima news, Death Stranding on PC is going to support DLSS2.0... which is interesting considering that both Death Stranding and Horizon used Sony's checkerboarding and are two of the best examples of it actually. This is a cool development because it'll actually allow us to compare them directly using the exact same game. https://www.dsogaming.com/news/death-stranding-pc-support-dlss-2-0-tech/ As a side note, I'm happy that DLSS2.0 seems to be catching some momentum... likely due to it not needing per game training anymore and being easier to implement.
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    There was some kind of maggot in my lettuce
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    To be fair who hasnt woke up naked with a prostitue and meth with no memory from the night before
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    I would rather stick a rusty fork in my eye.
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    It was mores o meant to laugh at teams that are continually inept; meanwhile the Pats can carry on with a (former MVP) QB they picked up for the NFL equivalent of MS' Gamespass. Also:
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    no no, very stable genius has access to some VERY GOOD internal polls
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    And Buffalo thought they had the division on lock.
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    WEMI, Yor missing tah poin, u juz don undahsthan I SWARE~~!~~! Dis gaem maed me fee fee thins I never feel beforh
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    The thing I enjoy and miss most about old games is how fast you actually start playing. No surprise update waiting for you, no long ass intro. With Mario Bros. you literally start playing in 2 seconds, you turn the system on it's already on the start screen, press start and you're playing. Games like TLOU2 take over a minute just to load, lmfao it's trash
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    i'm glad you still have several supportive strands
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    I started losing my hair 12 years ago when the virus wasn’t even around. And some of my forelocks and scalp hair are still there, so they didn’t all evacuate. Some still love Jim for who he is.
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    Out of interest, any consensus on what’s driving this? The anti lockdown protests? The BLM protests? (Although I’m guessing that’s a no for Florida).
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    I forgot my mask and, some staff member at bp was freaking coughing and no mask. Bitch had sore throat. Felt it right away. Did go away in 25 minutes but seriously. Next time I go there, think I’m gonna mention it to her.
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