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    oh no, i guess that's coming out of my $400 TCL tv budget!!!!!!
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    You can't use a camera as a measurement of contrast, it's flawed from the onset and is not how any form of testing is done, this is just an example image to show a screen test. I mean for crying out loud you can see their reflections while they're taking the pictures. The actual measurement is based upon the blackest the screen can get versus the brightest it can possibly get, the KS8000 has a larger contrast swing, and since it can't get as bright as the Q90R that means it can get darker than it. You also have to remember that we're talking about Game Mode here, and that contrast image and testing is from the Q90R with local dimming, it doesn't have that capability in Game Mode... It has less than half the contrast of my display when Game Mode is enabled.
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    It's stuff like this why I like Microsoft a bit more than Sony, they're proactive with trying to continually better your experience even if it's with legacy based content. I'm not saying they care more, but they clearly do because this is work put in to bettering products and experiences which have already been sold to you.
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    Hell, this isn't even Microsoft's event. Good shit.
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    I was wrong about it too, it sucks and got boring 10 hours in. Also Norman Reedus is a dork.
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    Hey @Ike BLM, don't forget that these controllers get regular firmware updates which improve all functions of the controller as well as reducing latency, and general bug fixes for multiple platforms. My controller was Firmware 1.03 when I got it, and now they're on 1.34.. there's been a lot of improvements. You can download an Upgrade Tool from their website, and easily update the firmwares of any 8bitdo controllers you have: https://support.8bitdo.com/firmware-updater.html
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    LAURA BAILEY: You don't get to playa s marcus fenix anymore LAURA BAILEY: You don't get to play as Master Chief anymore LAURA BAILEY: I beat up Drake and you don't get to play as Drake anymore LAURA BAILEY, AGAIN, FOR THE 12th FUCKING TIME: You don't get to play as Joel anymore Wake the fuck up people. She's a figurehead scumbag and a propaganda piece, she has no talent, she's forced into every game and she sucks hot ass. She should be banned from the industry, she's ruined every ip she's touched. SHES A QUOTA HIRE YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS!
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    I see absolutely nothing wrong with this, gamers have rejected her shitty career, propaganda/failed characters nobody likes, and how fucking gay and lame the last of us 2 is. No one is seriously going to harm her or her children, it's the internet. It's as if these dumbasses have never spent 5 minutes online before. Nothing will come of this, people just hate her shitty quota-hire characters and this shitty game. This conwoman has laughed all the way to the bank with this dumb ass push for lesbian protags. She can go straight to hell as far as i care, she's the definition of privileged, she plays pretty much every character in every game. she's a Crybaby scumbag.
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    Industry leading iPhone HDR, though.
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    You'll have to forgive him; he's currently only in the draft stage of his next race baiting thread.
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    That looks annoying.
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    I’ll be back, when you’re not so bereaved.
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