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    Aussie time, yes. Remember, they're upside down.
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    I like how he said exclusives like Crackdown, Halo 3(not exclusive anymore) and "many more" but failed to list anything. Malacunt
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    Literally pandering to nostalgia to try to get some enthusiasm going and revive this zombified franchise LMFAO
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    It's a great port, with good improvements, and plays well in portable mode as well, $29.99 for portable crisis... I'll bite
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    Not even a meme, just a real Trump tweet.
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    Pre show at 11am with Nerd Seacrest with some new trailers, main event at 12pm sharp. Will post the link when it starts. Let the cow rape commence Twitch stream will prolly be better quality: https://www.twitch.tv/xbox
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    I’ll just leave this here
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    lol Spencer can just come out on stage, pull out his dick and lemshits would lose their minds and claim 100 mil Xsx's will be sold.
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    Im gonna pull a bodycount and email the studio petitioning for them to never release a dubbed version. The lazy dub-needing SJW generation will be owned, just wait and see
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    I'm from Farms but live in Gays & Vegans too.
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    this is what happens when the Remij self ownage train collides with the Jerry go round
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    it's like i want to lock it....but i enjoy the insanity lol. i'll take this over dick pics w/dogs (fuck you, jimbo)
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    the camry is a great car and it will always have insane resale value.
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    that decades look partnership paying off in spades
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    only a moron would drive around without adequate comp/collision. i have more than is required. so that's a pointless excuse, unless one is an uninsured low life. my insurance is like $1,200 a year, which is nothing. as for leases being $487...LOL. that's $50,000 material. a $35,000 toyota tacoma can be negotiated down to $350 a month, with 0 down (free gap and maintenance) i mean...if one is determined to buy a vehicle, i'd say pick a barely used toyota or honda because they hold their value well. hyundai and kia, while making competitive vehicles, have terrible resale vale.
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    cars are gay, they kill everyone you know. fuck them.
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    So was his second tweet correcting and confirming that its clearly RDNA2 based. And so were all of the other confirmations from Playstation and AMD. But not only that, as it was explained in neogaf by a chuckling poster who was laughing at that entire thread.........the advantages and performance gains from RDNA2 mostly come from it being on 7nm. There is no such thing as RDNA1 on 7nm. There is no scenario in which you are correct. You are openly wishing out loud, at this point.
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    Great exclusive games with unique features and Sony certified triple AAA games that shits on everything MS does?
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    Yep. That would have HUUUUUUUUGE implications for future Nintendo hardware as well. Nvidia designed CPUs and APUs.. This would put AMD, Nvidia, and Intel all on even ground. Nvidia has been living down their x86 fuck up with Intel hoping for some day them to get big enough to get their hands in the CPU space. Right now, with Apple changing to ARM because Intel can't keep to a schedule and fucked up with their 10nm process... this could be the literal perfect time for Nvidia to make their move. They're bigger than ever, and markets are changing and expanding all the time. Still though... as mentioned in the links.. it's not a sure thing by any means. It could still prove to be too much for Nvidia, and there's all sorts of legal issues to work through... but Nvidia are obviously interested in pursuing this. It would literally be a MASSIVE move.
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    You are a sheep. Taking shit about nostalgia.
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    "hey remember when our game wasn't SHIT? we are REMAKING that feeling for you. TRUST us!!!"
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    So what's going to be the aim? No 60fps, no native 4k. Sony, set the bar low.
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    getagrip would nut reading your post.
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    Guys, he purposefully went off his meds to make his music better. This crazy shit he's saying is just mania. Yes he has mental illness that he know the consequences for failing to take his meds. Just stop giving the man attention from this.
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    yeah, that's the problem. many focus on current issues, but fail to focus on how they originated. this is why i hate debates over big cities/minorities/crime. you would have to go back more than 50 years to get a proper outline.
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    No. She knows exactly that it's a RDNA 1/2 hybrid.
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    I don't think so. some people say that but its a lie. playstation legit won every gen after its release and im not even a cow and even some cows say they lost a gen. playstation playstation 2 playstation 3 playstation 4 (idk, skipped consoles this gen. but its again apparently) xbox xbox 360 xbox one
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    You explained nothing, and you didn't read because you are dumb. = YOU
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    Infinite's tag line is "Discover Hope"
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    Cover looks way too cartoony as well, hopefully they remove all the gay alien laser weapons that nobody likes. Of course a dedicated ADS system is a must as well.
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    jimbo is so going to get it now
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    never played it, never will. free games = trash lmfao
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    shut up I already explained how it works. didn't read. you were not joking because if you did I would've been owned and I don't like that. so kiss my ballsack, cunt.
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    [Hermits have entered the chat]
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    It made sense to me, but I had to read it as if it was coming from a loud speaker in Rapture city.
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    koku looks like he broke into their home nice tho, is that one of your stay-stay families or some friends you made? good job.
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