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    It's almost like if you provide a quality experience that can only be experienced on your hardware, you'll make your console stand out.
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    Raptors and Lakers next Saturday 3rd time will be the charm this season against the Raps for The Bron and The Brow.
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    bbbbut that was in game, gameplay footage enjoy your perm
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    Jehurey, you know better than to bring politics onto the main board.
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    You did... because you quoted him first. Damn, that ointment didn't help much did it. Yea, I'd get to the doctor quick if I were you
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    "They need to delay Halo Infinite[ly] and let the franchise rest in pieces."
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    Are we doing some kind of reservoir dogs thing pink ?
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    It never did look bad visually And it looks fun, the developer is where ex PGR staff went. I expect the gameplay is really solid
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    DQ is GAY. stop arguing about who is getting owned, you fags who play this shit are owned. RIP
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    Halo: Infinitely awful.
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    Good, Phil should be called out. I couldn't imagine having the same performance at my job and still being employed 7 years later.
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    Reminds me of the supercut of country songs involving a truck, down by the river, your girl in cut-off jean shorts, and beer.
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    I've had fun catching up on games I've missed during the quarantine. I'm damn ashamed that I didn't play GTA V sooner. I was thinking about getting a PS4 to play GTA V Online anyway.
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    i have ghost of sashimi ready to go for the weekend
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    buh buh buh - malacries in every thread lol
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    Also, Aza specifically mentioned that 'Aside from Forza', and the lemmings reply with: WhAt AbOuT FoRZa!!!1
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    I have added you to my wishlist, but gonna be a while before I get around to doing you.
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    that alone was better than the Xbox showcase
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    Added to my wishlist, but gonna be a while before I get around to this.
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    I read somewhere that climate change and our over abundant use of sonar has lead to the increase of beached whales.
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    With a harpoon
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    The only ones owned here is Microsoft's own marketing team. They're fucking up left and right. https://www.theverge.com/2020/7/23/21335984/microsoft-xbox-series-x-exclusive-next-gen-promise This is slowly turning into an Xbox One snafu. Lemmings around here and elsewhere were completely against moving forward only into next generation development after Sony said they pretty much abandoned PS4 development.
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    Of course a dev is going to optimise better than an auto upgrade but what I said still stands. This is essentially and exclusive patch. You know smart deliver and free upgrades.....that's what they are, a patch. If you buy Cyberpunk on PS4/X1 you'll get the free next gen patch. That's what this is at launch. People criticise companies for getting 3rd party exclusives for a year but at least that's the entire game, this is literally the lowest form of exclusive I've ever seen. Play this literally anywhere....but the next gen patch is exclusive for a time to XSX
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