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    Probably watched Halo Finite and the trash Xbox event
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    Nintendo support for the Switch this year has been abysmal. Animal Crossing (worthless baby game) Paper Mario (C-rate franchise) Deadly Premonition 2 (timed exclusive flop that runs at 5fps) Xenoblade Chronicles remake (perform at sub par resolution comparable to the original Wii version) And the rumours for the Holiday are a bunch of SNES games and a Mario collection. Its like Nintendo stopped giving a shit about the Switch already. SMTV is a 2021 game, Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4 are still vaporware despite being announced very early on. Glad I never bought that pos handheld.
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    You're so pathetic. When Sony didn't show PS5 as yet, you were convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that it wasn't ready, it was overheating, they didn't realize that the form factor had to change.. etc.. on and on and on But now that MS didn't actually show any games running on Series X.... you put your head in the sand and pretend everything is ok?
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    mis-information regarding a serious health matter is not good.
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    Retro Tech Analysis
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    Says the one who mains a Switch.
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    He should have an easy time with this since it’s using last gen tech
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    Stop the bullshit you hypocrite. That's the same logic you used with anything PS5 related but now you want to all of a sudden be reasonable because the Xbox showcase was Trash? When MS flops you're like "Ok guys calm down let's not overreact here " But when Sony showed off a Controller demo, you were going off the rails because the demo wasn't optimized for the SSD.. lol
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    Was semi interested till I saw Gay Gay Abraham’s listed on the credits. He’s completely talentless.
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    Found Remij's initial reaction to Halo Finite
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    https://www.343industries.com/news/articles/employee-spotlight-ani-shastry 343
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    Reminds me of the supercut of country songs involving a truck, down by the river, your girl in cut-off jean shorts, and beer.
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    I will never understand how these words are "forbidden". They are just words, yell them, scream them out, let them be free. By demonizing these words the bad attitude towards real issues will never go awaaaaaaayyyy. people are stupid
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