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    Gabe Newell also leads a non-gaming studio so it makes sense.
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    You do not want to get this virus, even if you end up being asymptomatic. This may take years off your life expectancy if your ticker is weaker than it should be towards the latter years of your life.
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    This is from a 30ish friend: I chose not to live in fear (it's like the regular flu they said)... smh First symptoms were throat, eye & chest irritation... I thought it was allergies from the Sahara Dust cloud... then the fevers & cold sweats rolled in... *** brought home an oxygen meter & my oxygen saturation was in the mid 80's... off to the ER... CT scan showed damage to my lungs... at this point I was struggling to breathe, every breath burned, hurt to talk, couldn't say 3 words without triggering a coughing attack & getting light headed... heart palpitations are no picnic either, very scary... I'm home now, very weak, exhausted!! Was put on steroids & antibiotics for secondary health... most importantly my girls are in great shape, thank God!! I don't know if I would've survived this without my Queen, ****** ❤ I love you!!! be safe ppl, don't play Russian roulette with your health like I did. This thing is no joke.
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    And this is why I don’t bother with movie/tv awards
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    I have to admit I'm a big fan of the original, played it though many times, can tell you most of the story of the original easily, I can remember most of the soundtrack etc. I have damn fond memories of it. Game was class. Skip forward 23 years and here we are. I would of liked to have beaten it at the same time as the rest of you so we could have discussed, the OT is long dead. So yeah, no real problem with the game until you go back up shinra tower (Chap 15), the odd niggle here and there. Sometimes there was too much filler. Im glad they never get that SOLDIER much screen time because he was poorly written and overall weak. Wall market was overall good, although I was pretty stunned by the whole dance routine. Not saying it was good or bad particularly, just....shocking. Upto the plate collapse I would say the game was sitting at a 9/10. Then the plate collapse, things start going down hill. Why and how the hell did biggs (and later wedge ) survive that? What was originally a shocking moment in the original was very much dampened with bullshit in this. And then why do you go through a secret lab underneath sector 7? That was peak of the 'filler' for me. I picked the game back up after 45 days (renovated my living room in between, no PS4) when you go up the plate. I couldn't be bothered with the final side quests after the long lay off. Everything about the final few chapters was far too tampered with and much worse. Shinra tower was OK, not great, they took the option of the stairs or fight your way in away, I didn't like that. Then you hang out in a massive atrium of this huge company, on your own, while Tifa swings around on lights? No one around? OK. I remember the 10 floors of shinra HQ to be an interested section. Here you got 4 floors and then a way too drawn out Hojo lab section. Hojo's writing was particularly weak, to the point where he might as well be a James Bond Villain from the 1960's. They cut out the capture and prison sequence. They then fuck up the president scenes IMO, it felt soulless compared to the original. Rufus' clothes look fucking stupid. Then the final chapter. I didn't like the whispers really throughout the game, I just kinda assumed it has something to do with Sephiroth. But no. These evil flying cloaks actually represent fate, and for the final chapter you go into a bizzarro world where you fight them and apparently rip up the script fr the game so essentially anything can now happen? Oh and the final fight with Sephiroth...I was glad that they kept remake quite grounded in reality, ie, cloud wasn't doing silly shit, randomly flying through the air advent children style (which is garbage of course). But yet, during the final half an hour of the game, he does this? I'm not saying I hated it, but in the original, Sephiroth was slowly built up to be this badass, evil motherfucker who gave you the sense of being in complete control and that he could whoop your ass whenever he wanted too. And yet, already we've had the big advent children style fight. Overall, good, not great, nowhere near the original. Will still definitely buy and hype part 2. /rant
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    don't worry dyno i got you. Here are the reviews from Sony's biggest studio that you can use against the cows https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-Naughty-Dog-EI_IE134488.11,22.htm Oh wait....most of these are actually positive
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    Yeah man! The game really is getting better and better. I had a slow period cause I was too focused on clearing the map. Also had another section where it was just a huge fort in the open world that I had to liberate that just had a shit tonne of enemies. All types too, Shield, Brutes, Spear, the fire sword guys, the fire arrow guys, the guys that throw the bombs... so damn good.
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    The music especially really adds to the entire section. And That was a pretty awesome surprise because I don’t think they ever showed that thing in any of the pre release footage.
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    Onto Act 2 of Ghost and I've cleared out the entire first island. Had such an epic fight against 20-30 enemies in a fort. Using a wider range of items now too. Man the combat really shines in those moments.
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    I'll take the bullshit for more FFVII remake but I dont understand why they felt the need to do that shit to the story. And the further I get from completing it, the less I like it. Nobody asked for or wanted them to mess with the source material too much Is this shitty story telling something that Japanese fans love or something? Because pretty much everybody in the West thinks of Nomura stories as pure trash tier Also they went full Advent Children at the end. Why have I been walking through these giant reactors if Cloud can just slice them in half?
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    The more advanced attacks have pretty sweet animations. However, the platforming and basic movements look janky af. Agreed about the textures/models. The game looks its best when it’s raining, yet there’s light peeking through the clouds, and you are on horseback, just riding along a foliage-dense area. It’s stunning, actually. It’s strange that the tech isn’t stronger, considering how amazing infamous 2 looked on ps3 (comparable to UC 2, but open). still, I’m vibing with the, overall, art design....even if it looks dipped in Vaseline at times lol.
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    Ghost of Tsushima looks pleasant in motion, because they focused on lots of movement and a visually pleasing color palette... but yea, if you look closely at anything, it really breaks down. Textures are low res, some models are really low poly and not that detailed. But the game has some great animations at times.
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    There’s really some amazing sights and locations to see if you go out exploring and there’s always something to find. I’m on the 3rd act now and the end of act 2-beginning of act 3 was fantastic. The new scenary in act 3 The ending of each act feels like the grand finale. ps (end of act 1 spoilers)
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    Twinblade you're dumb as fuck. I'm surprised you put together your PC and turned it on without burning your house down you fucking mental cripple.
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    By a remastered game from 2005, running on the Unreal 4 engine.
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    Cool detail in ghost. So I went back to upgrade my armor at one of the earlier villages. A few people I rescued were there and prepared a gift basket for me. It had a lot of good shit! I only went back there because I needed some quick iron for a sword upgrade. Just thought it was a cool detail that had 0 prompts to return.
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    GD you should do some of the Legendary tales on the map. They’re blue colored. The reward for some of them are unique special abilities for combat. One of them has Jin sheath his katana for 2 secs, leaving you vulnerable, but then unleashes 3 unblockable strikes lightning fast on anyone around.
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    bought ghost and am gonna fire it up after work
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    Bros...I have to say I’m starting to really like Ghost. The combat is fucking great!
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    Lmao didn't someone make a thread about this on a serious note and actually talked like this guy in the video? Like cancel teeth whitening toothpaste or some shit
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    He had no issues going for that photo op and telling the national guard to gas peaceful protests.
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    Just bought it, this shit is hard.
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    Emmy's proving themselves as useless as the Oscars with today's noms. How the fuck can BCS only get one acting nomination for Gus?
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    LmAo it’s like I’m talking to someone off of r/Conservative. I’ll stop wasting my time
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    Sometimes you just have to be in a certain mood to play/enjoy things. I definitely feel you on that.
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    I was actually in the mood to play ghost this morning. I’m liking it more now.
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    40 minutes of Kaz laughing at Xbox memes then the price
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