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    Well the clock is running out for the Xbox brand, so it’s fitting they would be interested in something named tiktok.
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    Free on EGS August 13th Timeline for the development of the game: I'm not quite sure how I feel about the game from what I've seen thus far. I suppose my greatest fear, or hesitation is that this game could end up being too fantasy based for the historical fans, like @Ramza , but too limited in its roster/unit selection for those who enjoy the Warhammer series (the sheer number of factions and variety is NUTS in Warhammer).
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    If 343 made good games people would be down for whatever direction they take the series
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    Well it should. It affects you as an Xbox owner. You're right to be concerned!
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    No matter what, if you want TRUE atmos.........you have to hang speakers from the cieling. I mean thats wires no matter what. THere are people who say that direct-firing speakers from the ceiling is TOO GIMMICKY and distracting. And that they prefer a more softer, less-focused sound coming at you from above. This could be achieved with upward-firing speakers. Some people say that enabling Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization (which is some algortihm in which it takes your existing 5.1 and somehow creates a light overhead sound effect) can also achieve this. I have two Pioneer upward firing speakers coming in next week. And I am going to sit those on top of my Front Left and Front Right speakers and see how good of a job they do. And I only bought those because they were on special for $69 on Newegg. I wouldn't have bought them if they were $120-140. But there's other things I wanted. eARC because my LG OLED has full HDMI 2.1 ports, and those could deliver true lossless audio from the TV to the AV Receiver. Home Theater almost feels like shopping for a car. It can get exhausting.
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    Well that's the thing, because I did quite a bit of research on this stuff throughout this entire month, and it exhausted the fuck outta me. If you want a good Soundbar that can do atmos............you're gonna have to pay as much or more than you would have had you simply bought a badass AV receiver, and either scenario will require you to probably end up using Upfiring speakers. Like Samsung is offering their HW-Q70T, it was on sale for $399.99 a couple of weeks ago, but you'd have to buy their Rear Speakers separately for like $130. That's already $530, and those rear speakers are fucking small PC speakers from 2005. You'd have to get closer to $850 or higher to find an entire 5.1.4 atmos soundbar setup (Samsung Q800T and above). And you'd have no HDMI connections to plug in your stuff like you would with an AV Receiver.
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    It's more like they'll need DLSS to upscale next-gen rendering from 540p to 1080p for a better portable experience. While a 4K dock is possible, it's probably less complex to design the system so they can safely crank up the clockspeeds in docked mode and use DLSS to fill in the gaps to 4K.
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    Seems they’re having some problems at least
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    Oodle texture allows textures to be more compressible by many types of compressors. It not only allows textures to be compressed more, but it also decodes much faster too. A byproduct of this is that it has a multiplicative effect on the bus from Storage to Memory. The compressed data is sent over the bus and then decompressed using the hardware decompression block, or the GPU inside the consoles.. thus meaning that 5.5GB of compressed data you sent over the bus is really 10-20GB worth of data. The good thing about this is that it works with everything... and they can decompress on the GPU.. meaning PCs can see huge advantages from this as well. This is Sony's answer to BCPack that MS has.. although it remains to be seen if BCPack is as good or better. The only puzzle missing now from Sony is an answer to Sampler Feedback Streaming.. where only tiny pieces of textures are required to be in memory (having a multiplicative effect on RAM capacity AND I/O throughput) instead of keeping whole textures in memory.
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    Alright @Alphonse Shut'er down; apparently SW is over.
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    Sony can't, Xbox can and will outlast all of them. No one has the available capital or infrastructure to follow them. We're talking a company worth 15x Nintendo and Sony combined. There's no vertical trajectory for Sony, they don't have the means.
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    They're using their deep pockets to force Sony into an uncomfortable position.
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    Ah I see, so they're just doing what Sony is doing now. It's a good move, but it took them too long.
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    Or do it for them, but never mention it.
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    I think @jehurey and @HALOmij should just put each other on ignore lol. It’s a toxic relationship
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