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    "best deal in gaming" laid up in bed with covid is a better deal
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    check out the previous page, GD posted a bunch of their movies.
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    Yeah, they have some awesome originals. TB and I can give you recommendations.
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    I love thrillers and horror movies.. so yea, I'm interested. So the originals are actually good? Hmm, I'll have to check it out.
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    Yeah it was really good overall, even the jump scares managed to get me a few times. Also if anything I should be thanking you for getting me to try shudder in the first place
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    Lowry 14 rebounds AD 6 rebounds
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    This track is a work of art. The jazz too
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    I’m enjoying the game and will get back to it soon for sure. I just tend to take my time with open world games. At the same time I have a huge backlog, currently playing classic games like DQ7 on 3DS and Parasite Eve on Vita which took up a lot of my time as well.
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    For some reason in the 80s and Miami Id picture you as manny from Scarface. Whole time Hitting on chicks with a bunch of coke involved
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    Yeah but you can become a billionaire with basic company knowledge and investment By the time 2020 arrived youll probably be President
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    If Trump was actually involved, get him then I guess. We agree. Dershowitz was definitely 100% involved I know.
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    What a beast Maybe if XSX was bigger than Halo Infinite wouldn't look like a potato
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    MS: We love Craig! He's our mascot now. We love our community!!
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    All malls will be dead in 10 years as will I.
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