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  2. It has two dislikes now. The second one is me.
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  3. Oh yeah I guess I should run this on my upgraded pc
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  4. They're gonna release it in the winter hoping it will help with the lower temperatures
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  5. FF7 Yuffie milkage Edition. They already started to milk this shit and 'episode 2' is not coming out anytime soon. FF7 Remake Part 3 HD Edition (Vincent DLC exclusively for PS6 version, coming in 2027) Fuck this fucking shit.
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  6. This is why Dating experts exist dude. its to help people like this guy, who is clearly in need of it. Even a single level of Super Seducer would have probably given him some ideas of how to come up with an interesting conversation and keep it going. Instead hes just making himself look like the most desperate and idiotic guy out there. I know you're trying to be cheeky with this thread but it clearly backfired.
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