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    It's not going to be persistent when Sony shuts down the server in 2 years
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    I'm pretty sure at this point Waypoint articles have become near parody pieces. Have yous seen how their Days Gone review starts? That's literally the first paragraph. One of the first things I did in Days Gone was climb on a roof, and bash a child to death with a stray slab of wood. The meter charting my progress to the next level went up a tiny bit. The kid was a zombie, I guess—in Days Gone, they’re “freaks”—but this is, or was, unmistakably a kid. Five, maybe six years old? I don’t know their name, I don’t know how they got this way. All I know is the game said to clear the roof, and provided no options for me to deal with the situation other than coldly bashing in their skull. And so I swung away.
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    Things I've learned over the years about Sonic fans: 1. They're weird as fuck 2. They always get owned
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    Jimbo is the kind of dude that can have a full conversation with himself and I wouldn't think it was weird at all. I'm just so desensitized to his behavior. Still on the fence if that's a good or bad thing.
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    got me some of those ninja masks Love these things. All the Japanese people wear them when they get a cold coming on, so thoughtful. I'm a little stuffy, gonna find akihabara today and grab some Dreamcast merch convienice stores here are literally recreated in yakuza. Bright as fuck lights + everything you can imagine + a salesman that sounds like he's working for antiques roadshow
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    No idea why people are obsessed with understanding the Night King/Night Walkers goal and objectives. They're living weapons. That's all they've ever been presented as. They're not "people". They literally told you what the NK's purpose for hunting Bran was in the last episode. The NK wants to wipe out humanity, and I mean a complete wipe out. Bran is basically a living encyclopedia for the entire human races history. The NK doesn't just want to kill all of humanity, he wants to erase every trace of humanity's existence. This is what happens when you let yourself go down the rabbit hole for no damn reason... You end up getting convinced that things are suppose to happen even though there was no real basis for these things to happen to begin with.
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    Translation, “Blyat. Comrade. Keto diet.”
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    weekend begins now. KalliePageHBAbused by her biker boyfriend
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    The two biggest exclusives for Xbone and PS4 were outscored by this:
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    Cows Gone 1556041712677.webm
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    Hopefully still moving up the corporate ladder where I work, improving on my home, enjoying and cherishing every moment I get with my 2 kids, and just generally trying to embrace and live in the moment.
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    If you want to call it that. When you retire or even separate from the military, they make you go through the ringer when it comes to physical and mental evals. I was diagnosed with multiple problems like PTSD, cataracts, degenerative arthritis in my spine, knees and hands. I have hearing loss in both ears, bone spurs in both feet, etc. A lovely cocktail of shit, but at least I get a pension for my troubles.
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