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    lmfao @Jon2B hyped below to be AAA and then referred to it as AAA every time thereafter whilst parroting the line "hobo pass gave us 3 AAAs this month!!1" referring to ashen, mutant year zero, and.............BELOW!!!
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    Ah and now he makes a thread about me. It's obvious I'm living inside his head. He must still be REELING from the BUTTHURT I unleashed upon him. It's like when a man slips on a bananna skin and lands on a dildo that penetrates his ass. Sure he can claim it was an accident BUT it was HE who left the bananana skin on the floor.
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    try 36. https://www.metacritic.com/pictures/best-xb1-games-of-2016 this is the only single xbox one exclusive in three years. three years. fru, a kinect-only game. https://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-one/fru?ftag=MCD-06-10aaa1h/critic-reviews 36 months. THIRTY SIX MONTHS. THREE YEARS. "You'll come crawling back" - @Remij_
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    Damn is he about to run for President? I know you Americans like cocky criminals in denial / sexual predators in office
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    I love how he definitely won't take this personally - subsequently claim ownage; but someone will get dragged into a multi-page argument and we all get owned for investing time into reading it.
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    Surprised you haven't put 300 hours into it if that was the case.
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    One X comes to $680 after tax here in quebec, poitras.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0ms8nar5Yw The absolute state of America Deeno was that you? Stop bothering Mcwicked
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    I caught him saying something dumb and called him out. now he wants to change the subject like I WOULDNT NOTICE. This is where he starts giving himself away. Nobody's bigger cuck beta snowflakes than white men No, I KNOW you guys read my posts you made a thread just to imitate me did you really think I wouldn't notice? I don't need an audience to know that I owned you to the point that you changed the subject. Keep changing subjects like we won't notice And yet you post the same alt right talking points over and over again like here Notice how I've proven you wrong logically?
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    Lemmings play Observer all the time because they have to observe what's it's like to have games to play.
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    Phil has to be mentally ill or severely was a non gamer before he became head of xbox. Considering he has no knowledge of games, his favourite games were voodoo vince, max: curse of brotherhood, and other little baby games, i'm starting to think he just genuinely can't fathom what hardcore gamers want. Like, it's so out of his realm of understanding that he simply CAN't change his ways, no matter how many 3rd place finishes, no matter how many losses he takes. Why god, why couldn't we get a guy whose favorite games were ninja gaiden, lost odyssey, gears of war, halo, splinter cell? ANYTHING A look into Phil Spencer's though process: Exclusives: None, xbox will share everything, koombayah, but every other platform than us can still have exclusives, some of which I'll celebrate by streaming in their entirety over MIXR to remind my fans that we have nothing for them to play again this year. (GOW, Zelda, etc). Multiplats Fallout 76 (looks like a solid 4.0, this will be our headlining game in our most expensive Special Edition White Xbox One X bundle) tomb raider (xbox fans love strong, independent women) Battlefield Vagina (Xbox fans love strong, independent women) Studio Acquisitions Ninja Theory (Xbox fans love strong, independent women) undead labs (cheap, good 5.0 range studio) We Happy Few Dev (cheap, good 4,0 studio to round us out) David Gallagher's new studio (He made the Tomb Raider reboot, and xbox fans love strong, independent women). genius.
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    In the meantime a Spanish woman was murdered this year in Costa Rica by a Costa Rican but Costa Ricans conveniently ignore that. Everyone is very selectively xenophobic when it is convenient. The fact is that men everywhere in the world are thinking they can pretty much take women and dispose them like garbage. I'm truly ashamed of my fellow men, this year has been terrible. Meanwhile in New Zealand a guy murdered a British tourist and this big profile case in the US of Chris Watts who murdered his wife and children. There's a common denominator here and it isn't nationality. WTF is wrong with men, seriously? Fuck this shit
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    It's really been forever since I've felt as sick as this. Went home for Christmas, had a great time, we came back later on Christmas day after a big dinner, and I was alright. Then later on in the night I started getting really deep chills and the sweats. My wife woke me up in the middle of the night because I was shaking uncontrollably and no matter what I couldn't stop. I'm a pasty ass motherfucker normally, but I was basically ghostly. Had a really bad fever and started coughing uncontrollably and my body ached with pain all over. It hurt to even just lie still. I'm not one for doctors so I was going to give it a couple days to see if it would get better.. and it has, but I'm still hurting quite a bit and have a terrible headache from coughing. My glands are swollen and I pretty much drugged myself out to try to deal with the pain. Finally today I swallowed my pride and went to the fucking doctor. I have a combination of shit and got some meds. I'm feeling a tiny bit better and think I'm on the mend.. but holy fuck.. what a terrible thing. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'm feeling better. I've been looking at the forum but didn't even have the energy to post until now. It sucks when you can't even just lay down without your entire body aching. I wouldn't wish this shit on even Bhytre..
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    I love how you hid everything like we give a shit
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