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    Xbox flopped, its time to move on
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    Don't mind me, just taking my Remijs for a walk -( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)╯╲___卐卐卐卐
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    Microsoft is actually traveling BACK IN TIME to make sure they lose all of their Xbox exclusives.
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    Of course, the big news of the day is that Halo: Master Race Edition is COMING TO PC! But first, an important word... Are you fed up with Xbox consoles? Are you suffering from game platform dysphoria? We've recently learned many lemmings have been suffering in secret. Forced into a life of gaming on a console they don't want to game on, and one they are extremely disappointed in. And thus.. we feel obliged to help. After all, you should game on the console YOU want to game on.. and feel great about it, while at the same time feeling accepted and wanted. We here at the Hermit Help Center are accepting of ALL who would join us, and look forward to helping those transitioning from Lemming to Hermit ease through the process as comfortably as possible. We would like to designate a "Transmit" subsection to the Hermlord faction while they undergo the process of seeing the light, and becoming full fledged Hermlords. But don't just take our word for it... take a look at these testimonials from converted Lemmings who've suffered over the years. Jonb1 - "It was tough at first, learning how to unrar files and navigate Windows 10 and use the Store. I mean, I recongized SOME of those icons, but using a mouse and keyboard was just so foreign to me... "Pointing" and "clicking".. felt so wrong at first.. but now it feels so right. I immediately had the itch to upgrade, so I switched the GTX 1060 out for a RTX 2060. The power of my RTX 2060 rivals that of any console, and it's amazing to game at 60fps. I'm converted... never looking back. RTX is the future!!" DynamiteCop - "I struggled to believe it would happen... I mean, I saw the writing on the wall, but I was so sure of myself.. but on the off chance I was wrong I bought an VEGA 64 8GB GPU for a good deal. The best deal in gaming hardware as a matter of fact! It came with 3 amazing games for an unprecidented value. Runs any game better than those old clunky Xbox consoles, that's for sure. And just like that... my old PC was new again. I've amassed over 600 games on Steam in secret over the years... readying myself for the day I could come out of the closet and head into the basement. The Hermit Help Center was instrumental in easing me back into the world of PC part picking. Shout outs to Remij!" Bhytre - "Uh, well... I'm still using my Xbox because I love when uncle Phil fucks me in my ass and treats me badly. There's also still Red Dead Redemption 2, but I was assured that would be going to PC as well, and now that Master Chief left me, I'm not as certain as I was before. So I DO plan on buying a Laptop for the future and dumping all my consoles. That way I can play Candy Crush and Spider Solitare on the go... and getting a Laptop is important because if I decide to not be a non-gaming faggot in the future, then I'll be able to enjoy all my Xbox games just the same. I've contacted the Hermit Help Center and they are on Stand-by ready to accept me when I fully transition" So there you have it... a small sample of converted lemmings, able to be themselves, and happy. If you know any other lemmings who exist, and/or are suffering in silence, then please reach out, and accept them into the family. We all just want to play the latest and best games on the platforms of our choice.. the PC --A Passage from the Book of X-- And so it was Lord Phil decended upon high Blessed those who game in the name of the lord Bestowed upon his followers a gift And thus the Collection was given new life ------------------------- Halo: The Master Chief Collection BEST ON PC Edition -4K/60+ HDR -Widescreen and Ultra Wide Support -Excellent Mouse and Keyboard controls -Releasing on STEAM and The Windows Store ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS™ Now... ahem.........
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    X is TWO V's, cause you need TWO vaginas to handle all the dick MS is giving you
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    4 beds/2.5 baths 1635 sq ft. $298,500 It's a strong foundation and I can make some nice equity from it with some work. Also, hot tub.
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    The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings and still isn't as sensitive as white guys on the internet.
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    Starting right now all lemmings have been converted to hermits. The Lemming faction is no more, there's no point in they existing if their console is just a gimped pc.
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    OHHHHH Say Caannn youuuuu SEEEEEEEEEEEE Twennntyyy frameesss perrrrr seecccconddd Foooorrrr the Flooooooppppss that weeeeee bouuhggggttttt That are betttttttterrrrr onnnnnnn PCCCCCCCCC OHHHHHH sayyyy does thaaatt xboxxx suuuuccckkkk Shoullld have boouuuuhggttt aa a PEEEEEEEEEECEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEE Forrr the MEEEEENNNNN that gettttt CUCCCCCCCCKEEEED GAmeeeess runnnnn worrrrrrrrrrsseeeeeeee Thaannnnnnn PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP SSSSSS 333333333333333333333333
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    Enjoy your ban. See you in 1 month
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    Yeah. I started dating this woman who likes going out a lot, I quickly realized I can only find time to game when I'm single (it was the same thing with my ex). I have no idea how people with kids does it. Plus I have a lot of projects underway, bout time I started kicking my ass. I need a new career prospect, going back to school, getting back into shape, and I want to travel and see the world a bit more. I'm probably never playing a game again. What a colossal waste of time.
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    Looks better than Aladdin's genie.
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    If you have too much blubber, you can’t be a clubber.
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    Word. That I'm able to run this site and maintain this server is thanks to him too. Dude basically took hours of his day to teach me how to set up, secure and run a server.
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    same here. mitt is classy af. i NEVER eat birthday cake when someone blows out the candles....because you know some saliva got out. i mean..if it's some hot chick, i'll eat it. but it it's some 300 pound dude's...HELL NO.
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    Funny because they haven’t even been able to handle Nintendo and Sony
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    I hope the next Zelda looks like the concept demo for Wii U:
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    Yeah, but johnny found it HILARIOUS. Owned.
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