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    One more because it's too good. The math isn't even right.
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    dunno, but I hope they re-review Rocket League and give it the 5/10 it deserves
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    Lmfao.... what Cooke posted flew over your head. Your lack of self awareness is hilarious.
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    Show them who is boss and post the spoilers again. We run this shithole, not them.
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    Firstly, every review is biased. There is no objective review beacuse everyone is bringing in their personal taste into a review of anything, whether it is story, gameplay, genre preference etc (it's usually why it's a good idea to get a fan of the particular genre/series to review a game) but I think you guys are exaggerating the effect of story on an overall game review, especially on a game that could very likely have the best graphics, animations, AI and other elements we have yet to see. Not to mention great performances. UC has a basic ass plot and gets great reviews because of it's other factors, the same way many 9.0s can have little to no story. That also works in reverse that while a great story can help a game, if the actual gameplay and systems suck then so will the game (eg, Mafia 3, universally praised story but reviews were like 6-7). Even if ppl do think the game is 100% pandering, themes too heavy etc, you can't give a game a 6/7 if things like graphics, gameplay, sound, etc are some of the best we have seen. Story can impact reviews in terms of elevating a 8 to a 9-10 or docking it if it's not interesting but nothing to suggest there is going to be a crazy divisive range. Death Stranding is the example of that game that can get 10s and 6s. A game that's gameplay can hook someone like no other or be thought as the most boring thing ever created.
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    On a side note I remember seeing a documentary about this. The guys got really fucking attached and they didn’t like real women. I remember because me, bhytre and the usual crew were saying it was the life of a Lemming.....now its come true
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    Fuck pull-ups. I’m shakeweighting that bitch.
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    Damn, how obsessed do you have to be to buy the Ellie Collector's Edition and not even own a PS4?
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    Not even 2 minutes in and he's already getting destroyed by the anchor
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    Aw poor baby couldn't post on a gaming forum for a couple days. Hope you're sucking cooke's cock cause it was only for 3 days but please feel free to do it again so I can perm your dumb ass
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    damn, even your 12 year-old niece is playing AAA exclusives. x marks the flop.
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    Anyone who wants to discuss plot details for anything (movies, show, games) should follow the examples below. If the thread title references a specific game (like the TLOU2 one) then just a spoiler tag by itself is sufficient indication that spoilers are inside the tags In any other thread where plot discussion for other games comes up, anyone who wants to discuss the details needs to CLEARLY make a reference before hand like the example below (dont just assume people should know what you're referring to):
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    i dont care whos copying who just give me more strategy games.
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