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    lol calm down https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2019/03/19/googles-stadia-looks-like-a-genuine-real-threat-to-xbox-playstation-and-even-nintendo/#2d033a00383c
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    The amount of shit going on in Control during fights is next level compared to anything else ive seen. I also started playing Witcher 3 again. Damn this game is fucking awesome. It still looks amazing for its age.
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    Oh my gaaawwwwdddd stfu both of you
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    SW survives another decade, even if jimbo is the last cunt left on this site, I wont shut this place. May this bitch last forever
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    - Oled screen, back paddles on controller - Big UI/OS changes - Full BC with PS1-4 enhanced Or maybe it's detachable joycons
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    It started off as such an amazing thing. It still is amazing. Everyone has the ability to use it to become smarter. The answer to every question is 3 seconds away. The knowledge that could be taught to everyone is right there, free. But it has become an extension of peoples personality. Probably in the worst way imaginable. Its become an extension of our existence for the most trivial of reasons. An addiction worse than the hardest drugs out there. A platform for everyone to voice opinions or ideas that should be kept to themselves. Probably the greatest tool to hit humanity, and its used mostly for vanity. A disconnect from reality , it really is a tragedy.
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    https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2019/12/28/the-best-video-game-console-of-the-decade/#eed355275bdd Hint: It isn't Xbone
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    Should I save my chocolates for the Sonic Premiere? Lick a chocolate.
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    Kaz triggered AF!!! FFT is the best PS1 RPG IMO.
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    XBX runs Witcher 3 better than your PC, LOL owned. And you are an idiot.
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    okay. y'all let the infested chimp around. this place just got darker and grosser. self-importantare folllows around other posters for 11 years trying to roast their self esteem, and you wanna talk about e-grudges. World would be a much better place, if the 'nice guy' wasn't afraid to kick ass. That dung-nut would be banned from my forum already. He has nothing to offer. And I'm not talking about 1 year of PMS i'm talking about 10, making posts calling out kids in high school. Make the uggo post a pic too for once. Surprised he has any diarrhea left for himself with all the shit that comes out his mouth. It's your loss SW.
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    An experiment with a sample size of 3. Jerry does science. John Wayned his ass under six seconds with a headshot from across the room.
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    Full reveal on April 14, games will follow on a later date
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    I just realized, how awesome would it be if Spike Chunsoft made an escape room game in VR? Like some kind of Zero Escape spin off?
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    Happy New Year bro
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    Just finished Detroit: Become Human on PC. God I love that game. It's crazy how good it can look at times. Obviously certain elements look better than others, but damn... they really did an amazing job on that game. The character models are just on another level at times. I took a bunch of pics.. so fuck it... there's a lack of pics in this thread anyway. I'm going to post them because the game looks so damn good. I also forgot how epic the chase sequences are with Connor. What a fucking badass
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