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    Hey, $1,500 is a small price to pay for the opportunity to see what natural light looks like for the first time in your life.
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    Ditches are cracking Games are lacking Only thing sheep can do is sales data tracking *drops the Ditch*
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    Not having any games to buy saves a lot of money, tshbr
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    Meh. Finding organic material on mars is nothing. When they find games on Xbox, then I'll be impressed.
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    the downs twins (sot, 5od) didnt even release that year and crackmeme starring terry crews still isnt out
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    Denial Anger Bargaining <--- Depression Acceptance
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    God of War - 94 Shadow of the Colossus - 91 Dragon Quest XI - 88 Spiderman - 87 Street Fighter V Arcade Edition - 87 Yakuza Kiwami 2 - 85 Yakuza 6: The Song of Life - 83 MLB The Show - 82 Detroit Become Human - 78 vs Sea of Thieves - 69 State of Decay - 67
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    Since Alphy wants to make this a real site , and is the only sheep that doesn't have any IRL mental problems besides Cookester_Basic .I think it is time to cut the fat . Let's take a look at the sheep faction . These guys are literally the people you see in gamespots trading Pokemon cards and leaving hand grease on the controller at the Ditch kiosk . These guys are 30 to 40 playing 360p gaming in public , wearing sweatpants . Let's take a look at the mental problems these folks have Timmyson - Pathelogical liar Couldn't pass 2nd grade math The kind of guy that talks down about Xbox at gamespots Jerry - Narrcissim 40yr old that lives with his brother . Chronic sweatpant pooper . Wants to open a business for more chronic sweat pants poopers to gather into his cult of idiocy Lonely Mike - Incest / Obsession disorder This guy fucks his sister . Nuff said . Holds a grudge against other posters and follows them in every thread LostFool - Schizophrenia has a list of prescritions longer than Ditch's list of ports . Has never smiled Zwarrior - Drug addict considering sucking dick for drugs yikes. Can't afford a Ditch but fits in well with the other sheep HolyAx - Cult Leader he is the guy that made the comics ? Those were funny so I won't be to hard on him and Malaki as they gather with the rest of the Children of the Corn and drink Jimbo's Kool Aid Kitad - Alt Left keyboard warrior I've never seen a post from him that isn't political . I doubt he would associate with the sheep but all of the other sheep are are also alt left scumbags Ike - Multiple Personality Disorder Ike used to be cool . A bit crooked eyed but now hides behind every other platform because he is embarrassed to post along side the other sheep . Let's get him an X and hope he pulls thru . Ike throw the sweatpants away my dude . There is still hope . Let's make SW great again and get rid of the Norman's . Honestly the worst group of smelly people on any forum ever . This needs to be done . All of these guys are obsessive and miserable . If any sheep responds to this thread you are instantly owned . This is not a thread for you .
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    Not as long as waiting 6 months just to be able to play it. THHBFR
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    I want to make it clear that spoiling recently released games, movies, books, tv episodes is a bannable offense. If you want to post a spoiler than either use a spoiler tag or use the thread title to warn people.
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    Regardless of platform ....Sony , Nintendo ....MS ....they all doing good shit right now . Putting SW aside a second .....no matter what platform you prefer there is dope shit for all of us. I mean , fuck Jehurey ....but praise to Al the rest of us . Nerd ass gamers for life . Our old asses ...still be this deep into gaming that we still wanna shit on each other for what we play :-:
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    oh fuckin brother. STFU. YOU DELETE 3 POSTS A WEEK. Get rid of this self-important asshole, PLEASE.
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    I think they're trying to tell us something by not posting in this thread...
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    Jonb1 universal argumentations: No. 1 - You don't even play games. No. 2 - You don't even buy games. No. 3 - You don't even own a game console. No. 4 - You haven't played enough games and/or haven't earned enough trophies. No. 5 - Best on Xbox regardless if the game is actually on Xbox or not. No. 6 - You fuck your sister. lol Sister fucker. No. 7 - But you work at Denny's. lmao No. 8 - You are lying! No. 9 - lol You don't even play games. No. 10 - Lol Sony only does cinematic games.
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    Its all right here folks. And, unlike Xbox owners...……….this game is available to play right now.
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    The beta man's system of choice, embarrassing manchildren are getting blown the fuck out < Jederpey to a T Fucking embarrassing Sheep
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