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    Fucking hell a good post from Spicoli. I never thought I'd see the day. Actually coherent and makes sense too. Yeah the very first post in this thread was by jerry attacking cooke personally to deflect from the topic at hand. Seems jerry has a lot of pent up rage inside and so he starts arguments. Understandable given that he's an incel. He really does bring it on himself he gets too emotional when people take issue with something hes said.
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    Jehurey purposely goes around trying to start arguments so I don't think people are actually approaching him to argue. It's more like he's coming in here and trying to argue with everyone because he finds it fun. So it seems that he's often arguing with others which he is, but he actually mostly sought out those arguments. This is part of the reason some people were calling for post limits on his account. He often came in and derailed threads in some other crazy direction and it was hindering forum discussion. In short, he's kind of a troll. lol
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    Deeno is one of the best things to happen to this forum.
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    lol I didn't understand the hype about "Us" at all. I had no idea who that Peele dude was. And I think get out was a pretty cool movie but nothing special.
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    aimbotting against bots
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    Like the toxic avenger . Dude got turned down for oxy pad commercial because they couldn't help him
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    And the irony is Jerry's defending this bad parenting because he's hoping to score a bunch of incel NeetBux. Is there any way that Jerry isn't a failure as a man?
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    I was wondering when the weekly Cooke thread of something he saw from a 4chan post was going to make its way here.
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    Watched Spiderverse. Holy shit that was fun watch. Rating it as a comic book movie it is a 10/10 and better than all the live action Marvel or DC films.
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