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    Dat collectors edition Sure to be one of the best games of the year. March 11th
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    Gamers seem to disagree. ResetERA's Platform of the year 2019... even Xbox beats Switch.
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    Just look at the amount of TRASH on this system in just over a couple weeks.
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    profitability over numbers sold. They are over 106m and the gen is ending so they don't really care much about getting more out there tbh. They'd rather make money while selling consoles then just sell them. Their lack of price drops this gen has been crazy
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    We're waiting on a couple of overdue 9.0+ earthquakes here in the PNW. Also, Mt. Rainier is due to go off anytime.
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    One of the ori devs said they want to make this 120fps on xsx.
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    Stability and clean visuals and artistry to me is all that is needed. To me the pursuit of fidelity has had a negative impact on the out of the box quality of games.
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    Not necessary at all. 1800p with good AA is the sweet spot.
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    No , but its nice. Lol SubSheepD
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    Agreed on fph/s. Especially with the graphics coming up. Also, @-GD- WEREWOLVES NIGGA. That is so ecxite lol. Speedy tough ones.
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    Can't wait. RE7 was really good outside of the ending segment. They have lots of stuff they could improve upon. Better level design more in line with the beginning of RE7 than the end. Better boss encounters and fights. Actual enemy variety... different creatures, zombies, and molded.. could be awesome. Maybe they'll redesign Chris again, or at least tweak him a bit to fall more in line with the quality of the RE2make and RE3make? That would be great as well. I think it's great they're sticking with the first person formula and improving upon it rather than making another third person one. We have the REmakes for that, so this is good.. better to build off that foundation and give people something a bit different.
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    lmao that looks awful. Shit looks like a cutscene out of a C-tier Korean MMO.
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    Obviously a ploy by Scar-Jo to make us forget about her live action film.
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    jimbo is a pedofile and a threat to society
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    No more balls dipped in ice cream pics please.
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    Can someone ban this fuck too? @Cookester15 @madmaltese @-GD- @Alphonse
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    Hidden so it won't take much space. Just pics of staples center...
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    Happy to have missed whatever it was but if it was up to me Jimbo would be permed in a heart beat
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