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    My predictions: -Phil gets on stage, starts with an SJW monlogue and congratulates Sony on 100 million consoles. -goes on with GearsJW5, really cringey feminist trailer and gameplay. Gears tactics shown for PC. Kait Diaz looks even more manly and disgusting/disfigured than before. New Gears 5 special edition console with tampons packed in the disc tray (if there is a disc tray). -Next ~hour is multiplats, mostly generic western trash, 1 or 2 japanese games from bandai namco will be shown but they'll be multiplat as well. -Ninja Theory's new game: indie-level 4 player co-op hack and slash, Phil went dumpster diving at NT studios and pulled out a game on the backburner just to have something to show. -30 minutes on Xcloud, streaming and outlining their multiplat future. -Games for Nintendo Switch initiative: Forza, Ori, etc will be shown here. -Ender: Halo Infeminate trailer will be shown with ability to gender swap master chief/play as a female spartan. Bookmark this.
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    Kiryu's story is over, spanned instalments 0-6. Judgement is a new IP. It got recalled in Japan for a few months but the edited version is coming in a few weeks to Japan and June here in the West. Yakuza is getting a reboot with a new protagonist starting at 7.
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    I look like a girl in the mirror.
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