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    "Is SW the only sane gaming forum?" Uhh, have you seen JimboJones?
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    You'll have to forgive him; he's currently only in the draft stage of his next race baiting thread.
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    It doesn't work on an Apple phone
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    All it needs is one exclusive game and it's a better buy than Xbox. 1. Switch ... .. . 2. PlayStation 3. Mobile (tons of exclusives) 4. PC 5. Stadia (it has exclusives) . 6. Xbox Let's see if atari can knock MS to 7th place.
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    lol @ sheepretard. what a dumbass honkey
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    Damn, jehurey needs time to recover after the ownage Cooke inflicted on him. Its only fair that I lock this thread for now.
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    You know you didn't need to admit this, right?
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    Looks to me like you're laying on the floor with your feet up.... maybe instead of buying consoles you should buy some furniture
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    https://www.nytco.com/press/uppercasing-black/ NO SHARED WHITE HISTORY!! WHITE SUPREMACISTS CAPITALIZE WHITE! The liberals are like little retarded babies. It's almost funny how sad and petty they've become now that Trump has had his foot on their throat for so long.
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    I see absolutely nothing wrong with this, gamers have rejected her shitty career, propaganda/failed characters nobody likes, and how fucking gay and lame the last of us 2 is. No one is seriously going to harm her or her children, it's the internet. It's as if these dumbasses have never spent 5 minutes online before. Nothing will come of this, people just hate her shitty quota-hire characters and this shitty game. This conwoman has laughed all the way to the bank with this dumb ass push for lesbian protags. She can go straight to hell as far as i care, she's the definition of privileged, she plays pretty much every character in every game. she's a Crybaby scumbag.
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    you can just tell Obama and Michelle were in on this rape ring as well, Obama's lanky, meek bone structure and Michelle's bodyguard build alert me right away that the two were into some wierd shit. glad Trump could out these conmen and catch Ghislaine alive. Hopefully the Trump administration will get to the bottom of this and the Obamas and the Clintons will not escape without the truth coming out. Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP! 4 More Years!!
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    FBI just said they’re wanting to hear from Prince Andrew
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    Notice how this is all happening under Trump.
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    "Silence Technology".... Xbox has silence technology, its switched off all the time
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    Warzone is the best game on the market today and the only game you need.
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    You’re on a forum that you communicate with others Multi-player right there
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    Yea, the WD Blacks are damn good drives. That'll do nicely. It was the same thing for me, I basically have this HDD for all our media and shit, but I'm just getting tired of waiting for the drive to spin up and things taking quite a while to copy and move. They're undeniably great as far as capacity is concerned.. but now SSDs (SATA) are getting high capacity enough that it just makes sense to retire the old HDDs once and for all. Maybe connect it to the router as a NAS or whatever.. but as far as inside the PC, I'll be happy to be done with it.
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    Guess we know where that faggit went https://www.hippo-ages.com Members online VGKING ... and 16 more.
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    good. i rather it end on a strong note than a weak one. 3, while good, even great at times, fell apart at the end.
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    What's funny is that gay methhead would still do better job than De Shit lol
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    As long as it's not for domestic use (which thanks to the internet) they do not need the filter. Hence why you see Japanese porn without the pixels. The pixels are really there because pubic hair is banned.
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    That's why ray-tracing is so good/interesting.. you get the same lighting model during cutscenes as you get during gameplay. It can make a huge difference. Games really just need to start being built from the ground up for it. But it's quite clear that we're still a ways away from that being common. Still though, there'll be some games this coming gen that will do it, and they'll stick out.
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    There was some kind of maggot in my lettuce
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    Blind hatred and the media is playing you idiots like puppets on a string The right to demonstrate doesn't mean right to destroy property, and the BLM protestors haven't really proven themselves to be all that peaceful. I support these registered democrats' right to defend their private property 100%
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    The article below that one makes it sound like a good thing.
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    Can't wait for them to get rid of whitening toothpaste. We all need to walk around with yellow, stained teeth. Thats the only way to truly be equal.
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    The federal government’s coronavirus failure—Public health timeline https://www.brookings.edu/research/the-federal-governments-coronavirus-actions-and-failures-timeline-and-themes/ A new investigation reveals Trump ignored experts on Covid-19 for months https://www.vox.com/2020/4/12/21218305/trump-ignored-coronavirus-warnings The ‘Red Dawn’ Emails: 8 Key Exchanges on the Faltering Response to the Coronavirus https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/11/us/politics/coronavirus-red-dawn-emails-trump.html Fauci on Trump's delayed response to coronavirus: "It is what it is" https://www.axios.com/fauci-trump-coronavirus-delayed-response-7395148d-fa09-476d-bda1-3b800d451da9.html Study finds earlier coronavirus restrictions in US could have saved 36,000 lives. Trump calls it a 'political hit job.' https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/study-finds-earlier-coronavirus-restrictions-us-saved-36k/story?id=70808611 Trump ignores new warning signs in push to reopen the country
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    TLOU2 is pretty great.
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    He never met a Black person that he likes, so they are all bad.
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    Reality doesn't matter to Ghostz Trump. I dont know if it's a willful attempt at gaslighting or if he truly can't control himself but for the past 15 years Ghostz operates on just saying anything, no matter how absurd or ridiculous to fit whatever narrative he's trying to construct for himself. He'll stand in a room and tell everyone that he's 20 feet tall and even if everyone around him is laughing at him and is well aware he's 5'7, the fact that he told everyone that he's 20 feet tall is all that matters and makers him feel secure.
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    I fucking love this scene. TLOU hits me in the emotions in such unique ways
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    Getting fired from your show, having sponsors drop you, and having venues refuse to host you is a slap on the wrist when compared to getting your Twitter account deleted. Totally agree.
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