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    The entire problem with the post-book material is that it's all rushed. George didn't tell D&D to settle for two more seasons with thirteen episodes between them. HBO didn't pressure them into wrapping things up. D&D decided this was how it was going to go and now nothing is built up properly and nobody bothers to reflect on things. I mean for fuck's sake Tyrion and Varys never even acknowledged Littlefinger's death. Yeah, George really should have had these fucking books done by now and I'm sure the Star Wars gig is looking mighty tempting over finishing a series that you'll probably never got the adoration from the fans for regardless of what you do because "George would have done it better", but this was their choice and it's a mess as a result. It really is beautifully directed and, despite the criticisms, largely entertaining. The writing is profoundly disappointing, but the show as a whole is far from being bad. In my opinion, of course.
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    https://entertainment.theonion.com/game-of-thrones-showrunners-disappointed-with-how-qua-1834843021?utm_source=TheOnion_Daily_RSS&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=&utm_term= ‘Game Of Thrones’ Showrunners Disappointed With How Quality Of Fans Has Dropped Off Over Past Couple Seasons Today 10:08am LOS ANGELES—Saying their once-beloved viewers have lost much of their luster in recent years, Game Of Thrones showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff acknowledged Friday they have been frustrated with the way fans of the HBO series have declined in quality over the past few seasons. “During the show’s first couple of years, our viewers showed a lot of promise and challenged our assumptions about what a fan base could be,” Benioff told reporters, lamenting the fact that when Game Of Thrones moved past George R.R. Martin’s original source material, the show’s supporters began to lose coherence and now barely resemble the industry-defining audience they once were. “At this point, however, they’ve become a tired cliché. It’s hard to watch them lose everything that made us love them in the first place. Nothing they do makes any sense anymore, and it just seems like they want the show to be over with as quickly as possible. It’s pretty sad, to be honest.” At press time, Benioff and Weiss expressed regret that they failed to do more to prevent the fans from becoming so unbelievably shitty.
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    I've always loved the ending credits theme.. especially when 0:54 starts Koji Kondo
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    I care. But I also don’t expect D&D to go and write the rest of the story on the level of one of the best fantasy authors ever. And to do it in Months whereas GRRM takes years. Im enjoying the show for what it is now. Fantastically directed fantasy attempting to tie together an unfinished story I feel bad for them. The internet is raging at them like they signed up to finish GRRMs story’s for him. its George’s fault. 8 years to finish the damn books, and then he stops working on the show when it becomes a conflict of interest
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    Still one of the best games of all time.
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    I watched the Pet Semetary remake. I thought it was pretty good but like most Stephen King stories, he can’t end for shit. Still love the atmosphere and visuals. They also made some good changes that played with what you knew about the original to create more tension. 7.7/10
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    im not gonna lie i was one of the people who laughed when it was announced that Microsoft bought it for $2 billion. They clearly thought ahead, its too bad they can't make smart decisions when it comes to the rest of their games library.
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    i know im a bit late but i actually thought the first episode of chernobyl was pretty disappointing. It jumped around way too much, following too many characters and just feeling messy overall. But man, it really found its footing in the 2nd episode. I just finished watching it and it was excellent all the way through. Can't wait for next week's ep.
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    That's crazy, and there's nothing remotely appealing about it to me.
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    i beat it and i like it. my fav part was nessie in the underground level and kicking the pinguin over the edge i haven't played this game in a long time maybe i will play it
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    I wish we get rid of rocket league
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    @The Mother Fucker New patch just dropped for PC They're removing the 30fps cap
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    Not even in the same league. 10 shits all over 12.
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    I still play it regularly, outside of Super Mario Bros. 3 it's the best Mario game for sure.
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    No one hates the show now because Danny turned out to be a mad queen, or that what they wanted to see didn't happen. It's just how it's handle, it could all have been great if it had been handled differently. The writing is simply terrible now. What used to a be a smart, methodical, slow moving show with great build-off has degenerated in a dumpster fire. At this point it's so dumb that I want them to go full retard and boy didn't they deliver with Episode 5. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And that forced fight with Euron and Jaimie. Lmfao, this is shlock, visually impressive shlock.
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    You gotta feel for @madmaltese when you explain your position multiple times and shit like this still gets posted.
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    You might've forgotten, but in the aughts, with the rise of centrist candidates - you know, the ones that claimed they could build a coalition, had the establishment backing and sat center of left/right depending on their party affiliation (George W, Al Gore, John Kerry, John McCain); there was a void forming. Thus came the rise of another type of Presidential candidate: The publicity candidate. The publicity candidate knew they couldn't gather enough popular/delegate support, nor any substantial backing from their Party Establishment; but they could do something. That something was free airtime, money to spend on travel, the ability to sell & autograph their books. Plus, whenever they did eventually back out of the primary they could then go on speaking tours touting their experience as a Presidential Candidate. - Mike Huckabee did this, complete with Chuck Norris ads, while memes were still in their nascent days; although even the Chuck Norris meme was dated by this point. - Hermain Cain did this as well: Ran a campaign with a weird ad where his chief of staff was slowly smoking a cigarette. His tax plan was from Sim City, and his concession speech was the theme song from Pokemon. The point is we still have those types of candidates running now: One's without a chance, but can parlay that Presidential run into funds, handshakes, future & current book deals, not to mention those five to six figure speaking engagements. Andrew is one of those candidates, he lacks both the grassroots movement (65K donors out of a population of 340+ Million people is not the millions of people Bernie Sanders has for example already volunteering across states in the US). And while Mr. Yang has his Yang Gang; he lacks any acknowledgement from the party establishment & MSM. At least in the case of the aforementioned Bernie Sanders & Tulsi Gabbard and their respective campaigns, they're being actively smeared and belittled by the Mainstream news sites. It's not good news if they don't even bring you up on MSNBC, or CNN - that means you don't register enough in Rasmussen/Politico polls for the Democratic establishment to even have to attack you. Also on a hilarious side note: Jeb Bush now holds the record for most amount of money spent per delegate in a primary. He got a total of 4 delegates, and with his total funds raised it amounted to 53 Million per delegate...
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    you can pre-order on the eShop through the Switch, your smartphone or a PC.
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