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    this is going to backfire so hard when Sony reveals the PS5 with juggernaut exclusives. The reality is Sony doesn't have to show shit, it's a one horse race and they're on top of the world. They've outdone Xflop in games 20:1, no one cares if MS goes to E3 and shows their yearly indie reel and multiplat slop, they'll still lose just like this year. 2020, from the announcementless, loser Jim Ryan 2020, from 'Good Guy' Phil Spencer IT'S A WRAP!
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    My god this game is good. One of the best JRPGs I've played in years to think this masterpiece was locked to WiiU where it could never be discovered by gamers.
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    It’s a streaming pile of shit.
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    They are, just not on the days they played the 49ers. Sun was in their eyes.
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    Has a more ironic post ever been posted on Sw?
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    That was the worst fight in history
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    I will absolutely notice it , idiot . Thats fine , considering it will take about 8 years for the whole game to ship .
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    Sheep here. Sony and the playstation brand impreses me on all fronts. It's crazy they always have an exclsive or multiplat hold on dozens of AAA titles. Ya, fuck OP he can buy another graphics card and shove it in his mouth (though I appreciate him creating content for US to lul back at). I don't think Sony's worried, and I'm quite excited to see what the PS5 is like.
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    Triple H is not the fat guy from boy meets world/clerks 2
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    I disagree. Ryuji and Takamaki are pretty good characters. Just unlocked Yuzuke and he seems a pretty idealistic character. 33 hours in and about to change Madarame's heart.
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    Just finished part one of Words of Radiance (Book 2) and holy fuck, it's somehow even better than The Way of Kings. Awesome that you're currently reading it like I am, been dying to talk to someone about these book. Second half and especially the final third of Way of Kings is so damn good.
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    Looks who always pops up. Dyno's fluffer. Like a bad rash you can't rid.
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    That’s about as positive as I’ve ever heard you
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    i will offer counseling - free of charge
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