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    I just finished it. Damn, what a ride. Its far from perfect, but I still haven't felt so enamored by a game since Witcher 3.
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    Honey I Shrunk The Lemshits This game looks like shit.
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    man this game is giving me some real feels. Its so shenmue, even the small details like the animation for opening your notebook is exactly the same.
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    meanwhile jon goes back to playing jedi fallen order "wow this is great guys and i dont even like star wars! "
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    I've booted my PS4 up a half dozen times over the weekend ready for some Death Stranding and every time I look at that route from Capital Port Knot City to the lake and just think I'd rather be doing literally anything else with my time.
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    Saw Ford V. Ferrari today. Pretty damn good. I swear Christian bale has to be one of the greatest actors of all time.
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    This is the type of junk I think of when I hear the word “Xbox” these days.
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    Actually, I produced an indie film this year.
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    nbabite.com is the new place for streams.
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    Honestly.. it's so fucking dumb what we do
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    Maybe at some point, right now my brain just needs a break from all the kojima craziness it just experienced
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    As in, execution of their fan base, and delivery of 1st party games to other platforms.
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    Rare: “so we have a new game pitch for you” MS: “ok It’s been 10 years since you’ve come up with something good and original, so let’s hear it” Rare: “have you ever watched Princess Mononoke?” MS: “yeah?” Rare: “that’s the whole pitch...”
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    Or was Jimbo would say (and probably does): Why don't you Watch men.
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    Finished it last night. So much I want to talk about. Easily my GOTY. Maybe my GOTG. I'll let it sit with me for a while. Do not play this game without the online connectivity.
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