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    Dude, these mother fuckers totally are... Try to tell me this isn't one fucking person...
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    So you want DVD-like quality..............but worse, because Laserdisc is not a true digital format like DVD, its still analog. And it doesn't even get to DVD's 720 x 480 resolution, instead only being 425p. And you want to flip the disc in order to watch certain long movies, because it can't fit it on one side. 60 minutes max per side And chances are your laserdisc is going to break down or require alignment, because if its not properly aligned when reading the disc, you will begin having "crosstalk" when playing the disc. I inaugurate you that you will not sit and watch one movie all the way through. But I understand, you have alot of free cash from the fact that Xbox had no games. Go ahead and buy 20 laserdiscs.
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    He's probably just pissed because my LaserDisc's from 1978 are higher resolution than his Switch games
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    DualShack 4 > Xbox One controller, easily. Other than that I mostly agree.
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    Thats cool you should come to Corn-Rages we have lots of insiders and devs including a promint dev who works on Call of Duty.
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    This month in Ditched excluded games. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (PS4/PSVR, Xbox One, PC) Resident Evil 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) Kingdom Hearts III (PS4, Xbox One) TSHBFR!
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    Once again, and fittingly, DC's signature more than captures the thoughts I have circulating in my head.
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    Truly was a great game. I even got the promo t-shirt back in the day, but its since been thrown away from wear and tear.
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    this was one of the most significant cancellations of all time. This game is one of the major reasons why I, and a ton of other people abandoned xbox. This one game is now a part of gaming history forever. Let me recount the history of Scalebound... There was a lot riding on this game, it was a huge high profile japanese exclusive that the 'Bone would never go on to get ever again. The absolute salt by the PS4 community when this was announced was huge, too. People like to forget, but NEOGAF weaboos especially would break down at the mention of this game. The whole world, especially Japanese game fans were all out for MS's blood at this time, and now they had stolen Kamiya's next masterpiece away from the '#4theGamers' Playstation, and Nintendo had locked down Bayonetta. The precious PS4 was getting shut out of platinum Games. (Nier wasn't announced at this time). Everything looks bright. I'm decked out in scalebound sigs and avatars, this is it: the Lost Odyssey moment for Xbox one. The fall begins... Fast forward a year or two from scalebound's reveal. MS sells out to PC. Scalebound is now multiplat, and the Xbox haters rejoice. IF Scalebound is good, nobody needs an Xbone to play it. PS4 fans are still pissed though, seems like everyone, even the slimey hermits are included in Platinum's reindeer games, but not the cows, the gatekeepers of all japanese games. They're fuming. Time goes by, the world is shocked by the announcement of Nier Automata exclusively for PS4. Seems Nier is back, completely unexpected, and it's only on PS4.Scalebound's worth is immensely lessened to cows. But there's more. At this time, Everything on Xbox flops. Recore? Shit. Gears? SJW 7.0/10 romp made by amateurs. Xbox is dead already in japan and we're begging for ports after FF type-0 moved maybe 25 units on 'Bone. Xcluded becomes the norm for japanese games. We all know our lineup sucks ass, we all know we have no japanese support, but we do have scalebound. We have scalebound, dammit! January 2017. Rumblings are that MS is cancelling a 1st party game. I hold my breath and pray it's crackdown 3. I pray it's Sea of thieves. Hell, I pray it's the next Coalition Gears or 343i Halo game. just not Scalebound, anything but scalebound! : it is. A half-hearted, child -like reply by the clown in charge. "we belive itz better 4 gamerz, lol ". He doesn't even take the time to type out the "4". Fans are FURIOUS. "Focus on 2017 lineup" WHAT LINEUP? Halo Wars 2? we have shit all and everyone knows it. Neogaf weebs REJOICE AND CELEBRATE the cancellation - one less good game for the rival platform, no more japanese games for xbox. No more. Worry sets in. Disaster awaits in 2017... To add insult to injury, 2017 was probably the best year ever for PS4 and the worst year ever for 'Bone. Nioh is dropping, and it's AAA. Yakuza 0, AAA. Persona 5, GOTG level. Nier comes out; and it's a bonafide GOTY level hit. Everything Sony touches turns to gold, and everything we touch turns to shit. PS4 is delivering. No more greatness awaits, greatness is here and it's assfucking the 'Bone every week almost with an AAA qualityJapanese title. Switch is about to drop and 10.0 out of the gate with Zelda. Everyone is eating but us, hell, team Green are fucking starving at this point. 2017 lineup for Xbone is so bad a huge chunk of the fanbase taps out. Japanese game fans? Hell, mentally we had checked out in 2015, but scalebound kept us grounded, now, that was no more. I can chart a 50% loss in fanbase in this terrible year alone. I take the plunge: When faced with the impending decision to get a One X, I switch sides and get the PS4 Pro, saving myself $700CDN on a multiplat windows 10 companion shit box with no japanese games. 2018 hits... PS4 doesn't relent its brutal anal assault on the Bone. Switch is up and coming, and becomes an even better platform. Bone is sinking to 3rd place. Sony puts out God of War, another 25% of xbox guys tap out and switch sides. FauXclusives are all 5.0ing and 6.0ing at this point. Xbox sinks to laughing stock status. Spiderman drops in sept, the remaining xbox fans scatter. It's over: Xbone hasn't just lost, it's dead and buried. 2019: the current timeline My Bone sits on eBay, and i transition to PS4/Switch ownership, drowning in a back log of Japanese titles I was never afforded by the inept management at MS. Bone is at the bottom of the pack. A dumping ground for western SJW multiplats. No identity, no exclusives, let alone japanese ones. Devs are gimping Bone X support because they just don't care. Bone had such a bad showing people question xbox's relevance in gaming. I anticipate being first in line for a PS5, never allowing myself to be on the losing side of XBONE ever again. This is the darkest timeline, and it all starts with the cancellation of scalebound. Make no mistake, this game was the death of Xbox.
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    The only other acceptable answer is FF Tactics indeed... but that doesn't change that FF7 is the best. LMAO overrated... It single-handedly brought JRPGs into the mainstream, established Sony Playstation as the dominant platform, and pushed the medium ahead all in one. Overrated he says
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    the win10 familyHBFR! GIMPED across the board due to Capcom's sense of honour and self worth to JAPAN. Thank you SONY for killing XBONEXand ensuring broken RE2 versions for both @DynamiteCop! and @Remij_. I would like them to have as poor experiences as possible!
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    I don't plan on doing anything, but I did break down my gaming rig that I hardly used and made money off of it. That's a win in my book. It was good timing to sell the 8700K before it became irrelevant when the 9900K and eventually the 3X00 series Ryzens show up. I sold it for more than what I paid and nearly got MSRP for the 1080 Ti. These parts were in high demand and a bunch of Retardmij's bought it all.
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    For one of the top companies too! ... a much lesser known subsidiary of it. Stay tuned for when I tell you what the best smartphone game (not on blackberry) of all time is, chances are I worked on it!
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    Lol no surprise . The alt left sheep all have to have the same mindset and opinion . If one is gay , they must all be gay .
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    Do yourself a favor and just stop posting here. It ain't going to end well for your career.
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