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    Wait you think I sat through it? I dont know the 3 games myself lol.
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    Disco Negro Russian editon Negros don't make low T music
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    At least he lives in the van by himself , and not with his brother LOL
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    Comic-con this weekend. We should be getting a bunch of details, pics, and trailers for a bunch of upcoming shows/movies.
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    It's sad how far Konami has fallen. They used to be right up there with Capcom as one of the best Japanese third party developers in the game. Now all they make is fucking PES and Plachinko machines.
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    I guess the intro song will have male strippers dancing in weird background colors
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    The lite has a physically smaller battery than both the standard models. But Lite still gets slightly better battery life than OG Switch (because of the die shrink and more efficient processor) .... but Lite doesn't have as much battery life as the refreshed Switch though because the refreshed Switch has the same die shrink + efficiencies as lite but a bigger battery than lite.
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    Yikes . Cuckolition is trash Gears is already pretty diverse . Lesbian girls with daddy issues is not the diversity Gears fans want here . Phil -Hey guys , what kind of trailer would be good for the fans ? Bertha , fine looking blue hair today , any imput before I bow to you and drink your dirty vagina juice ? Bertha- humm, no gameplay, lesbian character fighting the social issues she faces in her head . Phil - sounds great ? Anything else ? Slurp slurp slurp Bertha - Billie Elish !!! Phil - yes !!! Fans will hate that as much as they now hate xbox !! Bertha - how's that taste Phillip BWAHAHAHA
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    is anyone still invested enough in the current garbage trilogy to even muster up a riot?
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    LMFAO fucking INCELS crack me up OH NOES MY DUMB ACTION FRANCHISE IS RUINED FOREVER* (*) A franchise in which 80% of all movies are either schlock or garbage
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    I just got it woohoo!!!! in a nick of time too, because I just got out of the bathroom when I heard my door knocking.
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    You are giving this crap movie free press. I'm glad black actors are eating up this ironic trend of advantism. Maybe in 10 years, the White male will be the victim and get his dues. Roots, starting bill chuck. A racist right winger, unappreciated by the cruel new modern world. Kkkkk.
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    I hope it stays true to the modern era. She goes on tinder gets pumped and dumped then searches for Billy beta bux as a single mother.
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    They should execute the parents who sold their kids to him then him to the feds, whichever got/saved them money
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    Actually Google says the biggest mammal in North America by weight is your mom.
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    We're vacuuming the ghosts of dead lemmings Astral Chain.... Platinum Nintendo Switch Exclusive
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    I started up The Sinking City. This game is really cool and interesting, even if it does often look and feel like a game from many years ago. It’s pretty overwhelming at first, the entire city is open and right off the bat you get a ton of different optional quests/points of interests that span across various parts of the different districts. The investigation mechanics are the real highlight though. Quick example: I had to find more information about a expedition out to sea that went bad and ended with most of the crew disappearing. So I searched the local newspaper office archives using different criteria, such as the social status of the people involved (they were just commoners), the district the ship left from, and how recent the trip was. Correctly matching those 3 categories landed me an ad for the expedition that had the name of the captain and where he was stationed, so that led me right to the general area of the port he was in (which I had to eyeball and mark on the map myself, there’s no quest markers that do the work for you). I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion but giving this game a 3 is criminal.
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    In case anyone wondered how I've changed over the years. Pretty much one hamburger away from being fat.
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