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    Have these been posted yet? Hillbilly ingenuity is limitless.
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    Yeah I couldn’t believe it either. It works here because this fight was produced and edited like a movie so they can use a lot of Hollywood magic and several takes to make him still look good. In front of a live audience he’s an embarrassment . I think last year him and Goldberg try to have a match and they almost killed each other by botching several moves since they didn’t have the strength to pick each other up and they kept fucking up and dropping each other on their necks. Dudes look gassed after 2 mins. It was like 2 guys in an old folks home doing wrestling
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    [Enters the Mixer Link] *See them hypes Bleeding Edge*
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    Nintendo Arthritis and Playstation Thumb. I wonder why there's no medical term for playing too many Xbox games.
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    Track my death in real-time, I think not.
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    I think the real question to ask is.... where does it split? @Team 2019
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    No strike needed when they are just showing sea of thieves shit again
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    To nobody's surprise: The first red flag should've been when he tweeted the name of the drug with no spelling errors.
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    RED CROSS is STEALING and growing children to be used as MEAT and selling them through the UKRANIAN embassy! The coronavirus is a cover for the UNITED STATES to save our CHILDREN! PROOF WAKE UP SHEEPLE
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    Concern trolling is my favorite new term. I'd be surprised if you even knew who Boris Johnson was before today. In 1.5 decades you've never shown an ounce of empathy for anything or one other than Xbox. Now you're on some soap box because darwinism worked against someone. Go take a nap, bird ass ****a.
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    I have to interact daily with the person that posted this on Facebook.
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    Dude, its an epidemic, patients in need of treatment comes in at an abnormally fast pace, young folks will die regardless of their conditions because the hospitals are barely keeping up with the work load and they are short on respirators and supplies in general. Not to mention the precarious work of dealing with infectious people that can spread the disease to to other patients and medical staff. They cant give everyone everything they need, thats the real issue. Its not rocket science or a conspiracy.
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    I think the real reason they delayed it is because all movie theaters are closed now
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