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    Also for reference: Sea of Thieves - 0 nominations State of Decay 2 - 0 nominations Forza Horizon 4 - 2 nominations
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    That’s not what hypocrisy is and you didn’t even spell it right Dumbass lemmings
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    Xbox One Dollar. The true value of MS first party games.
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    damn right but then i actually have a choice of either/both what were your choices in the 10 months prior to rdr2 and forza 2k18? wait dont answer that
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    Yeah so Jon, when you're done being owned here PM me when you want this locked.
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    Being 100% honest, it's a travesty if God of War doesn't take GOTY. (I'm supremely confident it will though) But that's a crazy amount of nominations for Sony exclusives. Gotta give it up
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    Indies are fucking amazing though. Probably the best games in general these days.
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    sony saved this gen. microsoft nearly killed it. god bless sony.
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    Dude is the kind of guy to paint himself into a corner and then claim it was intentional.
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    I demand we make Quad Damage mod for a day for the excellent job he's doing bloodying all of the lemming anuses by bumping these threads. He'd doing the lord's work.
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    I've seen those games before. Its literally a bag on a stick that hobos carry around.
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    Lemmings have to Deeno Math™ this away because they've collectively come under the delusion that RDR2 is an exclusive game. This is what happens when a faction is swirling the 3rd party toilet.
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    I guess it's hard to aim at things in poverty resolutions, lmao playing RDR2 on PS4 Notice how cows always try to downplay a game that's significantly better on X? Not working
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    Ahh, now they are all talking about me. Watch what they do next
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