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    "...And what about the other lemmings?"
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    This will be my final transmission. We are sinking, get out now while you still have a chance. We are sinking and we've hit the mother of all icebergs, we've lost all our cargo. Inclusiveness and diversity is seeping in at an unstoppable rate, toxic masculinity is being erased from our deck. Our speakers are no longer able to transmit profanities and taunt rival ships. The parasitic shell creatures weakened our engine. The Philistine rats ate through our foundation, repair is impossible. We're going down and there is no going back. I will proceed with the destruction of our ship, once I enter the command Xbox: Jump Out it will be too late My suicide mission now begins and I will go down with the ship. I will steer our crumbling vessel to our adversaries, set off the self destruction mechanism and poison their well for eternity. It was an honor serving you. Captain bhytre out. (tl;dr: sold my X1X a few days ago )
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    Watch me stream my stream play please like and subscribe hey it's yo boy Cuckforce1999 please donat-GET FUCKED What an abysmal travesty, all of it *throws cane*
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    This is how my day began, call me Birdman. I fed it lunch, call it my Falcon Punch.
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    We lived it...we know the times we lived through.. It can be collected and displayed in museums... not in my fucking house gathering dust.
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    They're pushing a model which is completely and 100% publisher/distributor centric. The gamer owns nothing, and worse yet, the gamer has no ability to own anything even if they wanted to. Games can/will come and go like shows do on Netflix. You can lose your whole library if banned from the service, and you lose your whole library if your internet goes down. How does the subscription model work here too? Do I lose my library if I unsub? Am I paying for both the games and the service? The only win for the gamer here is that there is no barrier to entry. Like you said, this is not a big deal. It doesn't hurt anyone to be able to try/access a game with minimal effort, but this is Google we're talking about. They aren't interested in being a companion service or an alternative. They want to run the gaming industry. Their motto is "The future of gaming isn't a box." I don't want the future of gaming to be a shitty latency-dependent system where I own nothing and can have all my games taken away from me for reasons outside of my control. I don't want developers to worry about making their games playable on 6" phone screens and tailoring the experience to that. I also really don't want developers tailoring their games around the latency issues. Quick twitch games are unplayable on this service. Reaction time dependent genres are going to evaporate for this reason alone. I don't want to have to live in a city with fiber internet to make any of this more enjoyable. Idk if you're a car guy, but would you want the future of automobiles to be self-driving ubers and for you to lose your ability to drive and own your own car?
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    Some nerd I know installed a Dreamcast region free BIOS or w/e on my console so it can play games from every region. I'm on way to a pimp dreamcast build. Trying to build up my dreamcast collection too. I used to have so many games, sold a lot of them when I was broke. The prices are ridiculous now. RE2 going for $150 I got that for $40 brand new back in the day. Some games I got sealed for like $12 (Skies of Arcadia, MVC) after DC died. going for $100+++ used now. Dreamcast collecting is nuts
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    LEMsync...dedicating their last song to Xbox Jonb - Bhytre - Bodycount - DynamiteCop - Spicoli
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    first Bodycount. Then Slow Johnny. Now Bhytre. Only lemmings left are DynamiteCop, Spicoli and Vini
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    Watched Spiderverse. Holy shit that was fun watch. Rating it as a comic book movie it is a 10/10 and better than all the live action Marvel or DC films.
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    Look at all these kiddie consoles I've collected over the years! This one I had to pay a premium for and then upgrade to a faggy pink case.. but I got the mouse and keyboard for it for free! Truly a blessing!
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    Big time. Put everything into perspective and makes you truly realise just how 'pointless' everything else in comparison. Plus it gives you the sense that it's not just about you anymore, that the greatest influence you are truly going to have on this world is that of raising your children and hopefully seeing that merit in their lives.
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    This fucking dude bu but I got teh noctuaz fan mod kit... next comes the RGB lighting.. itz lookin so fresh!
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    1080Ti at 18FPS for Metro Exodus; seems legit For a powerpoint presentation
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    The reason for this is because every year the ratio of that year compared to the rest of your life gets smaller and smaller so it makes it feel like time is going by faster. They best way to avoid this feeling is to go hardcore drugs, lose your job, break some laws, go to jail, get out, turn your life around and then start over fresh. I know this from experience.
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