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    Guess there's hope for you, if you want to get into the games industry. You get virtually raped here, almost every single day.
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    They should sell it as gamer girl bathwater and kill all the weebs
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    It wasn't the lack of exclusives... It wasn't the studio acquisitions that were flops... It wasn't the studios who still made multiplats... It was a child off screen calling me a fascist and making gun noises... Fuck you Microsoft. Sincerely, A Fanboy.
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    I just found out that you can buy healing items to use in combat, so ill just have to cheese my way through these encounters. It doesn't help that the combat tutorial is nonexistent. The screen below is all they tell you, its actually kind of funny how vague it is 'just hit the buttons and stuff'
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    Breh, it's still the 8th, why you fucking up my 9/9/99 commemoration thread at midnight! Fucking 19 posts in 13 years and you just come in out of left field with this...
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    Life's just been super busy atm. My second child was born last week :) so am surviving on 2 hours daily sleep atm lol and it's EOFY here in Aus which is my busiest time of the year work wise too. But yeah other than that it's the end of the cycles so not much going on and the whole SW schtic can only be fun for so long with the same topics going on and on and on. How many DF threads can we possibly have. Personally I prefer just general talk about games and other subjects. No need for the constant arguments on everything.
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    It's a first party Microsoft studio...of course not.
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    So if you missed it, Washington Post decided to announce the death of ISIS leader with this headline: Prompting the hilarious #WaPoDeathNotice hashtag to be created. ^^ That's a whole thread. Click the tweet
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    I just can't take any criticisms of people getting upset and overreacting after you broke down into tears from a kid play shooting fascists.
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    A tranny offers the best of both worlds They have tits and they walk around quietly
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    It hasn't happened yet. I'm reporting it in advance.
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