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    Shut the fuck up, and make a non 14 year old incel level thread. The bar for SW threads is so low, yet you can't even manage that.
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    Guess there's hope for you, if you want to get into the games industry. You get virtually raped here, almost every single day.
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    "I like Ghostz's posts, he's just so darn clever", a sentence that's been said by nobody. Ever. Work out, get buff, land chicks based on your vitality, gotta compensate for that nauseating personality. 'Locked in your room, arguing online' ha that's rich, you spend more time with Jehurey than you do with your Switch. You say its the best and Nintendo bangers are the reasons, hard to agree when they come around less often than new seasons. I'd drop another 8 bars and embarrass your confused buddy Kokujin, but it only takes two to remind everybody that he said dick tastes just like skin.
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    Well it's a fitting design for the DoneX, that's for sure.
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    The year is 2056. Switch's run of ever increasing annual sales has finally come to an end as the Switch posts a disappointing YOY drop of -3%. Alone in a darkened room sits a server hosting what use to be a lively community of forumites arguing over video games. Now those forumites have long since moved on from the community and the server begins each day awaiting new requests, but no requests are ever made and the server remains idle. Today is different, though. For the first time in decades a request to create a new thread is sent to the server. The hardware kicks into gear as the server reads the packets, assembles them, moves them up the network stack, and begins the act of creating the new thread in its database. Author: DynamiteCop! Title: NPD - Switch sales down 3% YOY Body: "See, I fucking told you guys Switch sales were going to fall of a cliff any day now."
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    They should sell it as gamer girl bathwater and kill all the weebs
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    Gabe Newell also leads a non-gaming studio so it makes sense.
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    Meanwhile MS payed $50 million to some homo (sapien ) with blue hair to stream for a year on their now failed streaming platform.
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    #3 Breath of the Wild Fujibayashi: “I have the perfect idea for a new Zelda game: open world.” Miyamoto: “Oh, like Skyrim. That game is very popular.” Fujibayashi: “Like that game, but a little bit different. The open world is empty.” Miyamoto: “Empty? Surely there would be interesting landmarks, quests, rewards, and other fun things to do or provide reason to explore?” Fujibayashi: “Nope. None.” Miyamoto: “I think you’re being a bit ridiculous. You need something.” Fujibayashi: “Okay, fine. I’ll put a pond shaped like a heart on a mountain and everybody will talk about how great just wandering around the world is thanks to little surprises like that.” Miyamoto: “I really don’t think gamers are that stupid. It’s just a pond shaped like a heart.” Fujibayashi: “We can also add mini-dungeons.” Miyamoto: “Dungeons are the bread and butter of Zelda games. People will enjoy more of them.” Fujibayashi: “Well, what I was planning was to remove the puzzles from the major dungeons, give them terrible bosses, and only have 4 of them while we have 120 of these mini-dungeons.” Miyamoto: “I guess that might be okay if the mini-dungeons are good.” Fujibayashi: “They won’t be. There’s 120 of them and we’ll just recycle the same shitty puzzles and combat encounters over and over again.” Miyamoto: “That doesn’t sound like something players will want to do.” Fujibayashi: “Definitely not, so we’ll make them the major source of heart containers and stamina.” Miyamoto: “Stamina?” Fujibayashi: “Oh yeah, since it’s open world we have to make it obnoxious to get around to pretend that the game has a progression system.” Miyamoto: “Well, players do need to be forced out of their comfort zones sometimes.” Fujibayashi: “Exactly. Which is why we’ll also have hilariously awful weapon durability. You’ll be lucky to get a dozen attacks out of most weapons before they break.” Miyamoto: “That’s just to start and you’ll progress towards longer lasting weapons over time, right?” Fujibayashi: “God no. The progression will be opening enough chests to have enough weapons that you don’t run out of them mid-battle. It’s going to be terrible.” Miyamoto: “The master sword will be permanent, though, right?” Fujibayashi: “Oh of course, I’m incompetent not evil. We’ll lock it behind completing a third of those shitty shrines, though.” Miyamoto: “You really want players to do these shrines, eh?” Fujibayashi: “Fuck all else to do in this game.” Miyamoto: “The lack of content will give you plenty of time to develop a large and varied suite of enemies, right?” Fujibayashi: “You’d think that, but we’re just going to re-skin a small number of mobs. Repetition and a lack of variety is the name of the game.” Miyamoto: “So what good things does this game actually have?” Fujibayashi: “Nothing really. You can set the grass on fire and roll boulders, but nobody is going to play the game like that. They’ll see a YouTube video using things like that to kill enemies and act like it’s the greatest thing ever, though.” Miyamoto: “I guess it's up to Mario Odyssey to save the Switch.”
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    It wasn't the lack of exclusives... It wasn't the studio acquisitions that were flops... It wasn't the studios who still made multiplats... It was a child off screen calling me a fascist and making gun noises... Fuck you Microsoft. Sincerely, A Fanboy.
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    Well the clock is running out for the Xbox brand, so it’s fitting they would be interested in something named tiktok.
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    Here's your $800 console bro.
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    - Hey I'm glad you're all here, I have a surprise I wanna show you! - Don't tell me.. she's finally pregnant?! - No look! - ...
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    I just found out that you can buy healing items to use in combat, so ill just have to cheese my way through these encounters. It doesn't help that the combat tutorial is nonexistent. The screen below is all they tell you, its actually kind of funny how vague it is 'just hit the buttons and stuff'
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    Wouldn't be a Vini thread if it didn't backfire on the first response.
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    Den dey cud mayke sum gud xlusiffs
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    Xbox One is always silent cause there's no reason to turn it on.
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    It could be worse. They could be fully retarded like you.
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    I think it'll surprise people and be one of the better rated Microsoft games released recently. 60-64
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    I don't think he has enough hair for that
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    I'm trying to remember the last time you spelled "remember" properly.
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    "Is SW the only sane gaming forum?" Uhh, have you seen JimboJones?
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    it's time for the black man to rise up and take the power back. from this moment forward, i won't use the lord ben smiley.
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    K your thread making capabilities have ended.
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    I just can't take any criticisms of people getting upset and overreacting after you broke down into tears from a kid play shooting fascists.
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    A tranny offers the best of both worlds They have tits and they walk around quietly
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