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    Hey, $1,500 is a small price to pay for the opportunity to see what natural light looks like for the first time in your life.
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    Ditches are cracking Games are lacking Only thing sheep can do is sales data tracking *drops the Ditch*
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    Not having any games to buy saves a lot of money, tshbr
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    Meh. Finding organic material on mars is nothing. When they find games on Xbox, then I'll be impressed.
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    Many lems wish death 'pon me windows 10 in my eye dog and i can't see I'm trying play some AAAE's and Phil's tryin' to take my games away I put a hole in Phil for fuckin' with me my name now in red now you gonna see better watch how you talk when you talk about me cuz Switch still coming to take the cows' games away many lems many, many, many lems wish death 'pon me Lord I don't cry no more don't play Xbox Live no mo' have mercy on me.... ONLY FOR: 'WE ON FIRE'
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    the downs twins (sot, 5od) didnt even release that year and crackmeme starring terry crews still isnt out
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    Denial Anger Bargaining <--- Depression Acceptance
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    God of War - 94 Shadow of the Colossus - 91 Dragon Quest XI - 88 Spiderman - 87 Street Fighter V Arcade Edition - 87 Yakuza Kiwami 2 - 85 Yakuza 6: The Song of Life - 83 MLB The Show - 82 Detroit Become Human - 78 vs Sea of Thieves - 69 State of Decay - 67
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    Since Alphy wants to make this a real site , and is the only sheep that doesn't have any IRL mental problems besides Cookester_Basic .I think it is time to cut the fat . Let's take a look at the sheep faction . These guys are literally the people you see in gamespots trading Pokemon cards and leaving hand grease on the controller at the Ditch kiosk . These guys are 30 to 40 playing 360p gaming in public , wearing sweatpants . Let's take a look at the mental problems these folks have Timmyson - Pathelogical liar Couldn't pass 2nd grade math The kind of guy that talks down about Xbox at gamespots Jerry - Narrcissim 40yr old that lives with his brother . Chronic sweatpant pooper . Wants to open a business for more chronic sweat pants poopers to gather into his cult of idiocy Lonely Mike - Incest / Obsession disorder This guy fucks his sister . Nuff said . Holds a grudge against other posters and follows them in every thread LostFool - Schizophrenia has a list of prescritions longer than Ditch's list of ports . Has never smiled Zwarrior - Drug addict considering sucking dick for drugs yikes. Can't afford a Ditch but fits in well with the other sheep HolyAx - Cult Leader he is the guy that made the comics ? Those were funny so I won't be to hard on him and Malaki as they gather with the rest of the Children of the Corn and drink Jimbo's Kool Aid Kitad - Alt Left keyboard warrior I've never seen a post from him that isn't political . I doubt he would associate with the sheep but all of the other sheep are are also alt left scumbags Ike - Multiple Personality Disorder Ike used to be cool . A bit crooked eyed but now hides behind every other platform because he is embarrassed to post along side the other sheep . Let's get him an X and hope he pulls thru . Ike throw the sweatpants away my dude . There is still hope . Let's make SW great again and get rid of the Norman's . Honestly the worst group of smelly people on any forum ever . This needs to be done . All of these guys are obsessive and miserable . If any sheep responds to this thread you are instantly owned . This is not a thread for you .
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    Not as long as waiting 6 months just to be able to play it. THHBFR
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    I want to make it clear that spoiling recently released games, movies, books, tv episodes is a bannable offense. If you want to post a spoiler than either use a spoiler tag or use the thread title to warn people.
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    Real talk talk, how about a “what are you watching, reading, and listening to?” thread. It’ll cut down some of the cluttter. “What are you playing?” Should be stand-alone imo. But I’ll consider otherwise if the masses want a jumbo entertainment thread.
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    fact. look at Remij, he remortgaged his house to play on medium settings at ~45fps.
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    Gears of Social Justice Warriors was just too long
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    Its all right here folks. And, unlike Xbox owners...……….this game is available to play right now.
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    official hype has been aaa for 4 years
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    Periods usually last 4 to 7 days
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