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    More than it's actual score
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    "...And what about the other lemmings?"
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    This will be my final transmission. We are sinking, get out now while you still have a chance. We are sinking and we've hit the mother of all icebergs, we've lost all our cargo. Inclusiveness and diversity is seeping in at an unstoppable rate, toxic masculinity is being erased from our deck. Our speakers are no longer able to transmit profanities and taunt rival ships. The parasitic shell creatures weakened our engine. The Philistine rats ate through our foundation, repair is impossible. We're going down and there is no going back. I will proceed with the destruction of our ship, once I enter the command Xbox: Jump Out it will be too late My suicide mission now begins and I will go down with the ship. I will steer our crumbling vessel to our adversaries, set off the self destruction mechanism and poison their well for eternity. It was an honor serving you. Captain bhytre out. (tl;dr: sold my X1X a few days ago )
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    Xbox flopped, its time to move on
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    Life's just been super busy atm. My second child was born last week :) so am surviving on 2 hours daily sleep atm lol and it's EOFY here in Aus which is my busiest time of the year work wise too. But yeah other than that it's the end of the cycles so not much going on and the whole SW schtic can only be fun for so long with the same topics going on and on and on. How many DF threads can we possibly have. Personally I prefer just general talk about games and other subjects. No need for the constant arguments on everything.
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    Everything is clear to MS - they make windows.
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    Don't mind me, just taking my Remijs for a walk -( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)╯╲___卐卐卐卐
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    Microsoft is actually traveling BACK IN TIME to make sure they lose all of their Xbox exclusives.
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    A tranny offers the best of both worlds They have tits and they walk around quietly
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    It hasn't happened yet. I'm reporting it in advance.
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    Saw this somewhere and literally laughed out loud. Xbox first party sucks this gen no doubt.
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    Watch me stream my stream play please like and subscribe hey it's yo boy Cuckforce1999 please donat-GET FUCKED What an abysmal travesty, all of it *throws cane*
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