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  1. Nintendo has some sort of magical wizard wand for reaching across the gaming spectrum and into other lucrative methods of attaining demand, it's a gift. My little sister is throwing hissy fits to get a Switch in order to play Ring Fit Adventure, and we're about to cave in within 24 hours. All of Sony's and Microsoft's marketing team just can't compete with the fact that a toddler demands a game where you exercise in order to win.
  2. I've been keeping my eye on this one. I was a fool for years by impulsively looking up the plot synopsis for films I'm eager to see. Finally bit the bullet on keeping my head in the sand with Parasite, and there is no way that it would've had the same impact if I had known precisely what it was about. Will watch blindly.
  3. The game gets exponentially better if you just assume that all of the bugs are canon with the world. NPC falls into the ground with his/her arms out? Wow, they have some wicked carbon matter-altering biological enhancement.
  4. I'm trying to find an upset Bill Gates smiley, but they don't exist. He must've been shitting bricks the past couple of weeks. He's on a money and cocaine diet. It's just been a lot of Ballmer doing this: Devouring heads and gurgling like Jabba the Hutt. I actually even saw benefits from an "always-online' console. Now the xbox one is a directionless system whose sole feature involves you to flopping around a camera like a drunk jester.
  5. This is the moment we've come to: Where Jimmy Fallon is the catalyst that swings an entire corporation into a full-momentum 180 spin. Lemmons...your company.
  6. Carroll needs to get a life. Also, thanks, Detroit...for knocking us further back in the draft.
  7. They're not getting anywhere with a coach who doesn't play his bench, dislikes developing rookies, and likes to sprint in an endless transition game. Everyone on the team's almost as old as he is. Either Mike changes his entire scheme (lol), or they fold and find someone else in a matter of weeks.
  8. Your avatar is doing you no favors right now. I think these shooters are just trying to one-up each other now.
  9. Lemmons are expecting a Halo for the 720 launch? What is this fucking nonsense.
  10. You're still getting the worse end of that deal.
  11. Crazy that Kidd is still a legitimate threat on the offense. All these white boys just being automatic from the perimeter.
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