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  1. Alphonse


    pm me your new email
  2. Ain't nothing wrong with having a villain who's conservative. Now if they went on to say that having conservative values is a horrible thing and that all conservatives deserve to die, now that's a different story. From the trailer above I see nothing wrong with the punisher s2.
  3. watching Paul Joseph Watson
  4. Word. I was thinking of archiving all the old post and only allowing the og members access to them. Worry some motherfuckers will see the crazy shit we posted back in the day and try to ruin our personal lives with it.
  5. It will be hard for our sjw friends to come up with a rebuttal for this video. So, I feel like this thread won't go far.
  6. Word by 2017 I was getting ready to start college
  7. The future for you console peasants is gaming out of a kindle stick
  8. Going by your past predictions I feel like I should invest heavily in VR.