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  1. https://babylonbee.com/news/bethesda-hires-team-of-leftists-to-act-as-npcs-in-fallout-76?fbclid=IwAR1-EroFKcooGYlXq0zT1G-a5J3mFpoiia_ft_uR3E6n9FObkuNOMMoHpGU
  2. I prefer one that allows me to charge while playing
  3. I always do the first playthrough on medium on any game. Second playthrough on the hardest difficulty. But these days I barely have time for a single playthrough
  4. Some Street Fighter Alpha 3, Legend of Dragoon, Chrono Cross would have been nice too.
  5. 1. Doesn't disproof anything 2. It's easy to search for DIY tutorials online 3. Coincidence but it doesn't disproof anything. This is a time where the propaganda machines are running at 100%, so it is easy to see how a low IQ extremist could break. 4. Or he is too dumb to realize that. 5. while rare, there are some jackasses who love to show their support with lots of stickers on their cars, plus this guy is obviously off his mental faculties. Could it be a dirty move by some in the democrat party, sure, but right now there's no proof of that. It's way more likely that we are dealing with someone who's off his fucking mind. I feel like if we focus on this conspiracy theory crap instead of denouncing this jackass and moving on will only give the liberals more power and I sure ass hell don't want that.
  6. Instead of coming up with conspiracy conservatives should be denouncing this guy, but that ain’t going to happen. They’re still coming up with excuses at site like voat.
  7. Mine is downloading right now. Can't wait btw Easy Allies [GameTrailers Review guys] gave it a 10/10