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  1. hey man, how can I get in contact with you, cuz?
  2. I missed those too. We got two options, we either pay someone to code that feature into this software or we start fresh on an older one Here's a quote on why it was removed from the software
  3. is not possible in this software. They did away with it generations ago.
  4. I hate this trend. You see a lot of blacks, dominicans and puerto ricans doing that shit in NY.
  5. Epic has been going hard with client exclusives with their limited budget. Imagine the damage google can do.
  6. Consoles plebians will cease to exist soon. The future will be PC and Cloud based
  7. But the EU would be all over them
  8. They wouldn't want to risk government intervention
  9. We can't predict the future. Youtube going down could happen, but right now they're only growing bigger.
  10. This will be a marathon for google. It might not be a huge success in the beginning, but down the line, the rewards will be huge.
  11. You have to think of the children. A lot of them are growing up with youtube stuck in their head. They couldn't give two fucks about any other app, but I bet they would be happy to join in on a session with their favorite youtuber.
  12. That's its Achilles heel. That's why I think it's the future and not the present. If 5G works out for rural areas than maybe then Google will be able to succeed with this.
  13. But google is integrating Stadia into youtube. If they do it as seamless as they promoted it and it takes off, then I see this as something that will be very hard for MS to fight against.
  14. But google has the younger gen eyes with youtube.