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  1. well that's only a problem if you're over indulging yourself on white rice. I'm cool with brown rice, so that's a positive. Brown rice and black beans
  2. added it to the bottom of every page
  3. nice I figure with this 1tb nvme and 500gb samsung 860 I should have more than enough for my gaming needs. I'll keep a 3tb hdd I already own for movies
  4. waiting for my 1tb wd black sn750 to arrived what do you have?
  5. I think it's mostly cause we don't get new members and when we do it's dyno
  6. how hard is it to make a thread in the right sub forum?
  7. everytime I babysit my nephew I make sure he plays some of the classics
  8. I don't get people that don't play old games, it's like only watching new movies or only listening to new music
  9. Or they can be selling the digital at a bigger loss, to push people towards it cause it's more beneficial to them. Imagine people not being able to share games with their friends, also I'm guessing they make way more on digital sales too.
  10. trust me, I always ignored jerry
  11. is more about messing with google algorithm than actually banning the word. Now get back on topic
  12. I also removed the restriction cause all the clowns were spamming him about it.
  13. Damn, going by your predictions success rate, this mean lockhart = basically confirmed