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  1. Seeing we are not as active as back in the days, I guess it doesn't hurt to enable the log.
  2. best part is that it doesn't use that retarded creation engine
  3. https://efukt.com/21973_Wannabe_Swinger_Gets_Cucked_Instead.html
  4. I can bring the quote chain, but it would mean losing this forum and all its content. The only software I can convert this one too, only allows me to convert the account and even then you will have to use the lost password feature. Plus it doesn't have a responsive theme so you will be forced to use tapatalk.
  5. but you're hurting my feelings with these fake dream scenarios
  6. take it easy on the clickbait dawg.
  7. PC for games that are graphically intense, switch for everything else
  8. yeah, modern liberals be scaring me, dawg.
  9. I'm actually surprised that FE beat Mario Maker
  10. So far I'm the most liberal cunt in here.