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  1. A lot of Latinos are mixed race, but not all are. Mulatto Latinos are very common in places like Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Panama, while mestizo are more common in other parts of the Americas. You can be a pure white latino, pure black, pure asian and even jewish. All it means is that you're of Latin American descent.
  2. Word to my mother, son. If these motherfuckers would focus on just making good characters, instead of pushing their stupid agenda, shit would be so much better.
  3. because of diversity? lol As long as the story is good and they're not being obvious with their social justice agenda, I'm cool with this. Hopefully, this is more Wonder Woman and less Captain Marvel.
  4. Looks like she will be playing an agent taking over the 007 number and task with hunting a rogue James Bond. So I got nothing against this.
  5. atomic purple would be so weet. they should even do gba theme one
  6. I can't wait for them to show one for BOTW 2
  7. Told ya fools this was going to happen. Too much money to be made here
  8. We are also at the end of a console life, with just rumors to go by on what's coming next. That plus Discord and other Social Media are eating away at our activity.