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  1. @Twinblade https://www.centralcomputer.com/evga-08g-p5-3797-kl-geforce-rtx-3070-ti-ftw3-ultra-gaming-graphics-card-8gb-gddr6x-icx3-technology-argb-led-metal-backplate.html Back in stock
  2. Wasn't one of your painting based on that one?
  3. I have nothing against trans people but that dude straight up looking like a clown. I guess it's nothing new for him cause he already dressed as one before
  4. it's an apple arcade game Apple Arcade mobile games don't have microtransactions | TweakTown
  5. Jujutsu Kaisen Really enjoying this one. Art is great and is the animation. Opening and ending themes are awesome and the story is not bad for a shonen. Yu Yu Hakusho I skipped this one back in the toonami days, I regret that now. Show is really fun. Re:Zero Rem
  6. Nobody is getting ban. I'm not running a business here so I have nothing to worry about. Also, it's not like our conservative members are posting about kidnapping or killing people and shit,
  7. just always check minutes around 7 and 8pm everyday. This shit is all about putting the time in and luck
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