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  1. And you contribute stories of your girl making you hand your phone over like a kid and shit because you have no balls. Not sure what side scrollers has to do with anything. Neither of you faggots ever came up there
  2. Once Biden limped his way into the race I knew this was going to be a weak race. Like last time Bernie has legs in a race, but things are challenging with Biden sucking so much air out of the room.
  3. The part that grinds my gears is that this mothrfucker doesn't give a quarter of a fuck about religion. This is just shit he does to be an asshole throw catnip to his idiotic base that doesn't actually better their lives or inconvenience his pimps.
  4. lol This motherfucker is like a Republican Terminator.
  5. You're the most oblivious man alive lol. Truly a broken man.
  6. It's idiotic to think that Trump bucks the status quo. The only norms he bucks is personal conduct because he's so immensely broken and is a sociopath. He only makes waves in matters that his ego controls him like Tariffs because he's spent his entire career operating like a crook which is why his businesses are as toxic as he is. Other than that, he's just a puppet for Republican special interest. When Trump won Vini bought all of Trump's hype which all turned out not only to be untrue but also on steroids. He never drained the swamp, his administration is the swampiest in history, he reversed the civil liberties that Vini swore Trump would preserve, and the Republican party had a blank check to destroy social and environment protections, increased our military footprint, and gave even more tax breaks for the rich.
  7. lol More hypocrisy and projection. You continually make "negative" comments about her looks, then try to claim that looks only matter to insecure people. I think you've spammed this thread enough with your issues, you need professional help.
  8. To swing from Bernie or Yang to Trump isn't merely having bipartisan views. It's like saying you want Mr. Rogers as a roommate but if you can't get him you'll take OJ Simpson.
  9. Stating that you support Trump 10x doesn't make the choice "smart. "
  10. Broke niggas ain't breaking up happy homes, so dont flatter yourself. You aint Drake and shit. This says more about them, not you. This smacks of projecting since of the two of us, you're the only who goes to a party and some how ends up with a dick in mouth. You might have forgotten but you posted a "tough guy" selfie so this level of self-unawareness is pretty pathetic. I'm actually happy in my love life for the most part. I haven't shared anything on here because it's not on topic and I actually have IRL friends to vent to if needed to unprompted. By "not defending" the girl, I assume you mean I didn't lose my mind like you do? That's because you're a miserable hypocrite. You talk about "dont comment on" and you attacked a woman you dont know anything about in a post that had nothing to do with you. I think she's hot and that's what counts, your opinion means nothing. You couldn't get a girl like her to spit on you to moisturize your ashy skin. As for crying, It's been two weeks about you crying about me being here before I barely punched back and you reply like 3 times to each of my post with incoherent rants. You're like the dude from that show "You" where he's a fucking lunatic, but in his own brain he actually rationalizes that he's some nice guy.
  11. Never had it, but I love crab pizza when I can find it.
  12. I can't imagine not liking fish. Seafood in general is so fucking good. I could live off of Sushi, Octopus, and Shark if I was balling.
  13. Pretty standard nyc kid. Used get most of my clothes at either Structure, Oak Tree or Aeropostale (sic) til I realized that Oaktree was basically what H&M is today and the clothes would just disintegrate after a few washings and gave in and started with the GAP although too many people shopped there. Mostly Nikes but would switch it up occasionally. I still remember getting those light up LA Gears and the Reebok pumps. Man kids fall for gimmicks. In the winter the uniform boots were either the construction timbs or black chukkahs. EVERYONE had those.