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  1. Liquid


    This is pretty shitty.
  2. No joke, almost anytime I encounter a MAGA cultist they have similar profile pics. They also have eagles and american flags emojis in their bio. Like are you even an American bro if you dont explain that you're a patriot?
  3. LMFAO another testimonial proving how bad Savage is.
  4. Says the woke dude who defends Trump. I guess you're the dumbest of the dumb.
  5. Lmfao I was about to click the link and saw it was from the post. It's sad MAGA people some how don't know fox News is bullshit in fucking 2020.
  6. No no no no, Dems just need to pray that the judge gives stone Atleast half of the original proposed sentence. We don't need Schiff, Addler, Blumenthal, or fart boy going on MSNBC and CNN every night on some scooby doo shit. Nothing is going to happen on this.
  7. I really wish I had that boomer white male energy saucer has. Where it's entertaining to just say stupid shit on the internet and still be amused after like 20 years.
  8. Lol this has been Vinis plan from the beginning. He just wanted an excuse to vote for Trump. Now he has it.
  9. By lol dude I've been rocking those since like 2001. I know exactly what they are. Hell in Chinatown they sell the bulk packs for 22 bucks or something. They are in at least half of the Bodegas and supermarkets in NYC.
  10. Bayonetta is what you call over designed. Definitely so much going on it becomes forgettable despite so much going on.