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  1. Because Trump is a small, petty insecure conman.
  2. I'm voting for Biden but Trump is going to win this.
  3. Only idiots think there's a left wing media. You have either corporate media and right wing media. Any sources that lean left are very very small and non influential. TYT is the closest you can say is influential to some degree and is left leaning. Of course you're talking out of your ass so you didn't take that into account.
  4. Oh wow, you chose the right wing rag. We're so surprised.
  5. Bro you wake up every morning researching "bad" news you can post about consoles you don't like so you can feel better about Xbox. You're the one emotionally invested in all of this.
  6. Yes, Bush was one of the worst Presidents ever. Trump is just as bad if not worse.
  7. Lol seriously. Like what did Twincuck think of him before?
  8. Lmfao what are his liberal views, Twincuck?
  9. The truth is "no one cares" means that the right wing didn't care. Like more "liberals" complained about Obama's droning, deportations, and nation building than conservatives did. Concervatives were more worried about stupid shit like death panels for old people, being a black man, Obama turning schools into madrassas, and Obama being an "uppity negro" than real platform issues.
  10. If Trump was president during 9/11 he would have done worse than GWB did. He fucking ran claiming he wanted to commit war crimes. GWB was incompetent and over his head, but there is some degree of humanity in him. Trump is like a cartoon super villain, just less intelligent and more petty. I mean he's the same guy who raped his wife as revenge because he didn't like her plastic surgeon's work on him.
  11. Lmfao I couldn't care less which fucking console is better. I'll play and just enjoy. My favorite camera system is Canon, but for the past few years Sony has been cleaning the floor with Canon systems. I can admit they are not the best and feel no shame. You work hard defending Xbox for some mysterious reasons for 20 years now. Like why?
  12. Literally no one who has run for President in the past 20 years would be a worse president than Trump and that's including Joe Exotic.