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  1. This is actually quite sad. Like how many personality disorders can one man have.
  2. Lol this ________ just lumping anyone he's afraid of together now to prove a point that wouldn't make sense even if it was relevant to what we're talking about.
  3. Or you were the cause of it.
  4. You hung out with that ***a, not me.
  5. No, you're arguing that unnamed college kids on Twitter have as much power and influence as he does.
  6. No better way to battle other people's self righteousness than your own, guyz.
  7. So other than the 2 wars and economic crash... By this logic there is no such thing as a bad president. Lol
  8. I criticize those who champion disenfranchising people of color, women, and LGBTQ people. Who are fine with corruption and unsustainable quality of life for the majority. That all just happens to be the right wings jam. I'm glad you hung out with punk kids in the 70s-80s... Only flaw in your simp brag is that you're comparing boomers you grew up with to the generation you're whining about. It's tomatoes to oranges. I wouldn't use xe, but I also wouldn't handle the situation where I actively complain or needlessly offend someone. I would just not address their pronouns or say "they". Like how often does someone use another person's pronouns in a normal day anyway? It's the dumbest thing to sweat. Even if I did, it would more likely be a point of coming around as opposed to "giving in". Being rigid and immovable isn't really something to be proud of. You're making a completely ridiculous, disingenuous talking point to act like MAGA is completely separate from the fucking president of the United States, who has the entire republican party falling in with him. His approval rating is like 95% with his party. He's got Republicans candidates running on just the MAGA platform. He's got the biggest news network carrying his water, and nearly all right wing pundits praise him on a daily basis. How is that on par with a small percentage of a small percentage of people? Like 10% of the population even identify as LGBTQ, and you're talking about fringe percentage of that. On a colloquial platform at that. Bu bu they equal.
  9. Lol where to even start with this. It's not my job to police anyone. I don't even know what you and cocke are coming from with this policing talk. I don't use xe or xer but also I have never met a single person who uses those pronouns and I run in circles with queer separatist, anarchist, femme supremacist, heathens, and disassociated WASP. So that seemed to be a self corrected issue unworthy of concern. Now you're comparing the president of fucking united states to random hypothetical college kids?