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  1. Never too late to quit.
  2. So today, President of the United States accused a man of murder, simply because he doesn't like him then also lied about a voting system that has been in place for like at least 30 years. He also has a 96% approval rating by his party @Twinblade
  3. Someone saying they're republican is basically them saying "I'm an narrow minded, ignorant asshole who can't think for myself and am guided by hypocritical leaders who weaponize my ignorance for personal gain"...but I might be a decent person. Like who cares, fuck off. So glad I dont know any.
  4. I dont know you well, but I'm willing to bet given all we've witnessed about you that you're not nearly attractive or rich enough to be a gaming nerd, inexperienced pleasing women, AND "a bit Republican" to be dating anyone that's doesn't love Donald Trump.
  5. When has Sony ever released a cheap peripheral?
  6. The amount of work Sony goes through to lose money is dumbfounding. Like they could literally just have a dept whose job it is to just light bundles of money on fire and they would still be more cost effective than whatever R&D, manufacturing, and marketing must cost for shit like this.
  7. Ghostz and Holyaxe are currently doing an internet forensics analysis to find out why this was the victim's fault.
  8. Wait, they are also releasing a console called series S? Lmfao the flop is going to be strong with this console.
  9. So your worst experience is that your "friends" didn't want to see your racist memes on their feeds? The horror.
  10. Because Trump is a small, petty insecure conman.
  11. I'm voting for Biden but Trump is going to win this.
  12. Only idiots think there's a left wing media. You have either corporate media and right wing media. Any sources that lean left are very very small and non influential. TYT is the closest you can say is influential to some degree and is left leaning. Of course you're talking out of your ass so you didn't take that into account.
  13. Oh wow, you chose the right wing rag. We're so surprised.
  14. Bro you wake up every morning researching "bad" news you can post about consoles you don't like so you can feel better about Xbox. You're the one emotionally invested in all of this.
  15. Yes, Bush was one of the worst Presidents ever. Trump is just as bad if not worse.