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  1. Lol woke chicken. New week, new dumb shit that means absolutely nothing to anyone's life that conservatives are complaining about.
  2. Watching it again this weekend. It's soooo fucking good. If the new TMNT is half as good Pixar is dust.
  3. Cooke is as big a follower/poser as possible. It's one thing to want a cost counting look at a war across the globe and acting as if Putin is 'based' and wants to fight Nazis. Even when trying to be moderate, Cooke can't help himself but slide far right almost instantly.
  4. Lol you are better off voting for Hailey or Christie. At least they weren't failed Govs like he was.
  5. Across the Spiderverse is amazing. These are people who know what the fuck they are doing. It's perfect.
  6. He was impeached twice and lied to the public to the extent he caused a riot INSIDE the capitol on the low end - incited an insurrection in the extreme. Not to mention all of his crimes? I'll take 4 more years of Biden being wheeled around in an electric high chair than Trump and the sad part is that DeSantis is far more capable than Trump but in the way a Sith apprentice eventually best their mentors. So while I'm bummed I have to vote for a milquetoast old man that is quickly decaying, shame on Republicans for producing Trump and DeSantis at the same time.
  7. It's wild how obtuse your thinking is. Like literally no one is saying this, they are saying there's more expression than "tomboy" which is usally just used for little kids. No fucking adult woman is going around calling herself a tomboy. If's fine if they do, but this is you lying and acting belligerent. Ditto as above. I know I tell you almost daily how stupid you are but it's like you fucking find new IQ lows to reach. This is no different than claiming that being pro=abortion means a person loves killing babies. It's such a petty and overused rightwing psyOp shit way
  8. Yeah, he's in his fucking 30s still doing e-hair pulling for attention.
  9. Are they dropping a new Ratchet and Clank game or is this some years old PC begger port?
  10. So 3 shows ended this week and all on a high note. That's something you never hear lol. I have to say that I don't really like time jumps in shows and Barry and Mrs Masisel both had big time jumps. Barry handled it excellently and it was just OK with Mrs MAISEL, in points... but seems like they just shot random stuff during random time periods and clumsily sprinkled them in episodes whether relevant or not. Still, great season and the last three eps of are amazing. The cinematography in Mrs Maisel is low key the best on television. The camera is very dynam
  11. It's not exclusive, but they are gay trans people and straight trans people. Yes they are not 100 percent the same which again, why there is a spectrum. They are gay men who "act" more feminine than some women and some burly gay guys that are hyper masculine. It really doesn't matter because you really don't care. You're just mining content by being a weird contrarian about this. Which is why I changed my reply to a generic description because you make every interaction as annoying as possible.
  12. "When discussing mental health, it's important to understand that "body dysmorphic disorder definition" refers to a specific condition, distinct from gender dysphoria, which involves an extreme concern with one's physical appearance, whereas gender dysphoria is a condition in which a person experiences significant distress due to a mismatch between their gender identity and the sex they were assigned at birth. The words “dysphoria” and “dysmorphia” may sound similar, but when it comes to gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia, they are two very different things."
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