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  1. You would have a point if you didn't link one of the laziest, low information cry bait stories I've seen in a while. Deceptively edited to look like a major story but vague enough to not explicitly lie. The book in question was submitted along with tons of books for administrator approval. Basically a group goes through different titles to see if they will be in sourced by a school. Not every school or necessarily even a district, but individual school. This book was rejected by the staff at this stage. This why they don't actually name the book, interview any officia
  2. lmfao All three are superior and far more credible than Fox News. I'm not exactly sure how that's even a flex. You just like Fox because they tell you what you want to hear. I also suggest Dailymail. It's what all the altright kids use these days...in addition to Fox.
  3. One thing doesn't disprove the other. Like how fucking stupid are you really?
  4. Lol I'm old enough to remember when people acknowledged fox news was a joke. Now motherfuckers be linking them and shit. This is how far down the rabbit hole y'all fell.
  5. Yeah, that was so hilarious even his incel army took him to task. He seems to love Dems and paying taxes. Not to mention that Musk hates the idea of unions or collective bargaining and is also very prickly about class action law suits. I suppose it would prudent seeing as he plans to mass produce self driving cars to have a friendly government presence that would put less regulations in place and would be less likely hold Tesla responsible for casualties from mishaps that the cars may cause. Of course I could be wrong and all you star struck incels right
  6. Yes, everyone knows the church is full of pedophiles, yet never in my entire existence on Earth have I heard a conservative blow the horns of Armageddon over it. Like you're trying to pretend that you're bringing that up because schools are the topic but in reality schools are the topics because the religious right would never take on religious institutions (well Islamic ones they would lol) so please spare us. This isn't done on purpose, you're a bot repeating what you were instructed to repeat. Please find me information on MGT or Lauren Boebert or any major Right wing politician
  7. You literally call people groomers, continually use extreme examples as the norm, and keep using stereotypes. It's only confusing because while you are definitely more self aware than Cooke or Twinblade, at the end of the day you have to land on your chosen side so you continue to be obtuse. My bigger point being people who usually are exposed to the groups of people that are typically rallied against realize that they are also just people, who are human, want to work, be loved, be healthy, have friends, and aren't the scourge of society who are constantly scheming to get more po
  8. lol I love that you keep doing your best to contextualize this as grooming. Everything you describe is some opportunistic predator or conartist trying to take advantage of women and children. You know what you never hear about in right wing media: groomers and sexual predators in church. Not sure if you're aware but there are tens of thousands of sexual abuse victims that were preyed up on church. The church also worked to cover it up, move staff around to avoid having to face possible criminal charges. Effectively creating a full set of logistics desig
  9. Yeah, no. It's not a flex. I just find people who dont know immigrants, gays, blacks, women, trans, muslims, jews, etc personally tend to have misguided ideas of who they are as a people and tend to believe one dimensional, intentionally dishonest portrayals and stereotypes. Like boys taking puberty blockers just to play girls sports or gay teachers talking about gay honeymoons while handing out candy puberty blockers. Maybe you guys might to take a second to think why you assume what you do about one group, and the other. Like a person who is quicker to deny that racism exist is m
  10. Again, most parents aren't qualified to create a curriculum for their child's education or what they need to learn. You posted none. You just assume what you're saying is right. You originally were trying to prove that they were properly compensated even after I posted they won a court case, and posted the financial evidence of it. Again, I'm sorry for not teaching you enough about what we're arguing about? Like this is the ebb and flow of our debates. You're constantly incorrect, post no facts or evidence, are constantly conceding points after you exhausted your dodge at
  11. Who is pushing this? Again you make this out to be some calculated recruitment thing or something. No one take this lightly and it's not something that's even possible for most trans kids who would want it. This isn't a tattoo, this is a very expensive procedure. Again do you people know any trans people? Have you guys ever actually had a normal conversation with a Trans person? You guys pose these extreme worst case scenarios as the norm. You assume everyone who doesn't agree with you is out to turn every kid trans like it's a new tik tok dance. Parents aren't qualified either.
  12. Shut your bitch ass up. I know just about any thing you haven't copied and pasted from someone else is most likely not true and probably doesn't make any sense. .
  13. Harm reduction? Destigmatizing something to help people be sort of knowledgeable...you know how you guys want liars and con artist to freely preach bullshit on Twitter and Facebook? To help stem off bullying or helping kids who are in a destructive home environment before they cause self harm or run away or just remain abuses by their guardians. Why is banning abortions the only rightwing platform to better the actual lives of children? You guys dont care about nutrition, dont care about the environment, dont care about worker wages, dont care about healthcare, dont care about tuition debt, do
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