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  1. Isn't a good videocard like like 300 alone? Yes, all things added up the PC experience can beat the console experience but PC fans have a habit of acting like a person can drop $500 on a gaming PC in one breathe, then post about new gaming cards with cost that make that cost impossible.
  2. That fucking RTJ show on HBO is the fucking heater. God damn.
  3. I mean the mistake is made by the console makers. PSP Vita, and WIiU also being stupidly named consoles. Sony has it best just being a numerical differential for a number of reasons but most important is knowing which one is superior or successors to others. It's kind of too late for MS to do this, but simply using a name surname that is simply not a number of letter would do wonders for them.
  4. Xbox fanboys are overly protective of MS giving their consoles stupid names. This is a gaming forum and people still get them mixed up. How wouldn't this be a problem with people who barely pay attention to gaming news?
  5. Of all the issues in console making, people being confused because of stupid naming conventions is the stupidest one but every gen there seems to be one that suffers from this.
  6. lol I thought it was only 1200, but when I saw the unboxing I wanted it.
  7. I wanted the new razr flip but ATT didn't carry it. 😩
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