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  1. The shadow broker was a great DLC. It made even the good DLC look weak in comparison.
  2. I'm going to gladly pay for this. All three games and DLC? Worth full retail to me.
  3. I've not commented on their sentencing. I think it's way too lenient for what happened but I also don't believe they deserve to spend their entire lives in jail either. Also the legal system fucks over kids way more than kids get away with overly generous sentences, this grows exponentially the less well off their families are.
  4. They are thoughtless and selfish 13 year olds. You're grown ass balding man. You've been called out for this kind of passive bigotry multiple times from multiple people over the past year. Like you typed that stupid bullshit and what, thought it was funny? We can't talk about politics in this forum to protect Twinblade and others. Yet you two assholes have been riding the line for weeks whenever either of you feel aggrieved about something that doesn't even actually affect you.
  5. Yes, this is the where the justice system failed. Other than that it's awesome.
  6. To be expected on during a new console cusp. The first year of coexisting console brands seem leave certain things off the table in order to holiday launch window ship.
  7. 1. There are probably millions of people who might have conditions that could be fatal if they caught covid and not know it due to insufficient Healthcare access. 2. The vaccine is vital to ending covid restrictions. So hitting critical mass is very important. and most people want to end lockdowns. 3. Millions of people get flu shots a year and the flu is far less deadly. You have no fucking place to talk since you have honestly made some of the dumbest, short sighted, and intellectually dishonest shit thoughts ever made on any site you post on.
  8. The idiot Olympics are as competitive as ever.
  9. It's like groundhogs day with you retards. Like how many different ways does this stuff have to be explained to you? It's been over a fucking year now.
  10. It is not a useful tool at all. The fact that you believe that is the actual proof.
  11. Jesus fuck. All of 2020-2021 your toad ass was spewing some of the the dumbest shit ever spoken, about real life issues now you've spent months crying about some retarded games for virgins who think they are too good for porn not being sold on steam, and yet you still managed to get. How fucking wonderful your life must be that this is the one thing you've manged to care about the most in 2021.
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