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  1. So copped It Takes Two last night. It was a mission success, as my gf and I haven't been able to find a coop game we both like. I liked the Trine series and Cuphead, but she liked Pode(sic?) and Unraveled which I didn't. They are fine games but those indy style puzzle games with the spa music and zero dialog legit puts me to sleep.
  2. He might be confusing narcissism with sociopathy. Neither precludes someone from killing themselves in this fashion. Hitler killed himself when the walls closed in on him. Some people would rather die at their own hands than suffer the embarrassment of a trial or imprisonment.
  3. Yeah, what are the chances him of all people couldnt make it thru that for an ordinate amount of time. He didn't go there to live for the rest of his life or just to clear his head. He more likely wanted to be some where he would find some semblance of peace before dying.
  4. Its crazy that Uncharted and Last of us are getting movies and Halo some how never happened lol.
  5. lol It wasn't even Jerry who brought politics into this first either, it was Saucer. But he likes what Saucer said. This motherfucker isn't even honest while reporting this thread. It's like this is some sort of gaslighting op these motherfuckers are running on here.
  6. Oh, I see why you are trying to get this locked. So you can leave an open, stupid statement like this without having to address anything honestly. I will say this. If you're lumping me together with Jerry and Gouk, I'm fine with it. Seeing as that would lump you in with DynoCuck, Bodycount, Malakius, Twinblade, Vini, and Cocke. Collectively the biggest idiots in the history of this site. I've already stated that this seems more performative since I dont remember there being this big RE4 issue.
  7. I was banned last year for mentioning "white aggrievement" but it's very real and comes up in here on nearly a daily basis. I completely forgot about DynoCuck's complaining about Jews.
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