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  1. I'm all for people living their best lives as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. You get cucked into threesomes with other men so I fail to see why you are acting so judgemental.
  2. lmfao Cooke is legit upset a computer didn't say n***er.
  3. Lol like it's clumsily worded and might give Lincoln a little too little credit but it's also not like how it's taught in pretty much every single school in the United States. Even in the "woke" ones. Lincoln continued to maintain that he would not interfere with slavery where it existed. However, as a result of Union battlefield losses by July 1862, the President had decided that emancipation was a military necessity. Lincoln knew that many thousands of enslaved people were ready to fight for the Union. It's not widely taught that freed slaves helped tip the tide of t
  4. Lol just random Cooke transphobia. You'll get used to it.
  5. No its not. It's made by the studio that made all of the minions bullshit and it's lush 3d. Now I don't care for or ever seen minions or whatever but they are very successful. At worst the movie will just be OK. There's not way it can be a complete disaster.
  6. I was watching the Ana Kasparian vs Ben Shapiro debate/discussion and of course it's all these bad faith arguments including Healthcare. So ocourse Shapiro defended Republicans nerfing the Biden bill prescription measures in order to protect Pharma profits. *cough* @Cooke *cough* I thought that what woke people were doing? Like Shapiro literally defended drug prices because of the claim cutting the prices would affect the R&D budgets. Ignoring the fact that pharma companies spend billions on marketing and and tens of millions in political donations.
  7. Lol it's insane that retards in here act like Republicans give a shit about public health. They just want to fat shame people and take easy sides in public debates regardless of what the outcome would be. They don't want or care to address real problems, so they always have to make their stances in stupid shit like this that they know people will react to and doesn’t offend commerce.
  8. Lol my phone hit 2 years a month ago and art is begging me to buy a new one. They are even offering deals normally given to new customers, which is very new. My last two phones was a wrestling match to get something out of them.
  9. Who thinks the government can do no wrong? You can't even make simple statements without being dishonest or stupid.
  10. More like you project your contradictions on to others. Most of what you say is misinformation you repeat from someone else, or shit you made up about someone. How is it morally questionable. It's funny that you never bring up child beauty pageants for some reason. You are not disturbed by adults dressing up little girls in make up and revealing clothing and having them dance for them. I guess because it's coded straight? Conservatives never seem to have an issue with grilling kids as long as it's hetero. Yes, when I bought it up, you said it wasn't good but
  11. So 55 different genders, and also no differences in said genders. Got it. Are drag shows political? I love how you're not a transphobe yet 3/4 of all you complaints are about Trans people. Yeah, I can see how you're losing sleep over all of this.
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