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  1. It's not even about reality at this point. Trump did nothing for 4 years, Bush 43 got us into 2 wars and a depression, Bush 41 didn't do much, and the world finally admits that Reganomics; the complete backbone of modern Republicanism doesn't actually work. But yes, we need another Republican to fix things. This is how retards think.
  2. Lmfao I was being facetious and this beta still wound up whining about ANTIFA. WTF
  3. Haha this rat trying his MID deflection. You're such a skank. Lol
  4. That's is what EVERY ELECTION IS ABOUT. You fucking tool. People who only learned that term in 2016 and don't realize how reductive and short sighted a view it is to have.
  5. Lol don't try to act butch and shit. Your ass still trembling about ANTIFA riding the metro north to CT.
  6. Regardless of his politics. The Motherfucker has already been poisoned and is going after one of the most tyrannical leaders in the world. It sucks that his politics suck, but how many people would risk what he has to fight that power structure. Trump's whiny ass wouldn't even share an umbrella with his wife or son lol.
  7. You're comparing two completely different things. You really think they didn't have opinion host back then? Why are you constantly making a fool of yourself?
  8. Still can't get over the balls of this guy. When I think about how people in the US with options like Vini and Twinblade chose to be boot lickers to a paper strong man it's sad. These are real movements.
  9. I just copped psn online for 29 bucks even though I don't plan to play any games online.
  10. This isn't Dems doing, it's Republicans. It was inevitable that social media sites would have to try to make conservatives feel better, which is impossible.
  11. No wonder Trump is jealous of Biden. Also, Guliani's daughter is bad af.
  12. Wait, they didn't make it SD compatable? Jesus, they really aimed to fail.
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