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  1. And you're life is so awesome you're keeping some petty beef with Billy Eillie or whatever for no reason. "Look guyz, here's some random girl who can sing better than her!" Like anyone said she was fucking Aretha Franklin or something. Go sew your pussy shut already.
  2. lol you're so petty and cunty sometimes...and by "sometimes" I mean all the time.
  3. Yeah, Money Heist is the shit. Ridiculously good show. Tell your friends to watch it.
  4. You mean like any other sport where a star athlete(s) isn't able to play in since forever.
  5. Imagine still pretending the stupid shit you said that backfired was "trolling" in 2021. Lol
  6. Nigga, you made a whole thread about Rebecca Black... In 2021.
  7. Most people would be happier if they didn't have to work. What is your character supposed to be anyway? Like retarded or just ignorant?
  8. GD literally showed you proof and made you look like an idiot and then you go back to the well. She doesn't make music for your old, country ass so leave it at that. You are always telling us what is and not good music and you have shit taste in everything so what's the point.
  9. That's a reductive and inaccurate statement also others called you out for past comments you have made as well, but yeah its just my imagination I suppose.
  10. Cocke stay saying stupid shit he knows nothing about.
  11. Not directly, because you're a coward and know sexual harassment is a bad thing. What your type does is instead whine about the "liberal cesspool" and "this won't go anywhere." Inferring that it's all politically motivated bullshit. Because you know all those socialist in the US government have been looking to take down Blizzard. It's pretty transparent bro. For example: a person talks about workplace harassment and your first response is to talk about successful workplace romance to deflect. Also remember the other day when I mentioned you always
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