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  1. 10 injured after NYPD car driving on wrong side of road during emergency call crashes Shit like this is why certain crimes have been given a reduced response initiative. It was a fucking stolen car, this wasn't a pursuit of terrorist or a mass murderer. This is fucking ridiculous.
  2. Because there's so much good writing and dialog in Mario games for them to use.
  3. Creepy Matt Walsh being a racist creep and hypocrite like most right wing pundits. Funny how he doesn't think teenagers are able to determine their sexual preferences at that age but are ready and capable of getting married, having children and starting a family. It was never about what's right for young people and simply transphobia/homophobia. At the end of the day these people never shudder at teens being sexualized as long as it's heterosexual.
  4. Lol actually your initial point was that they were fighting thier hardest to prevent him from buying Twitter. Yet they went to court to force him to buy it. Your second point was that he was working to pay a lower price. Which also didn't end up happening. How exactly were you right again? And Lmfao when the fuck have you ever been right about anything in the first place. Sit your little cuck ass down.
  5. Well, Twincel is just some right wing cuck on a leash and I can call Bytchre a fugly freakshow all I want. I wore a Halloween mask at a Halloween party. You sure owned me, Boomer. Lol
  6. Calls out Conservatives for being dishonest and hypocritical for supporting his father. With no self awareness, he continues to be a right wing influencer because those same dishonest hypocrits are the only people who would pay attention to his stupid bullshit.
  7. Who are these moderates you're talking about? Yes, Im pretty sure the people I call incels are indeed incels. Who is fucking Bytchre? I said one line about you lying and you're so butthurt now lol. Like part of your character has always been about being intentionally dishonest. Why cry about it?
  8. Just because you fancy yourself anti corporation or whatever, for clout. Doesn't automatically make you right about stuff. You're right wing shill who loves the establishment, so save us the bullshit.
  9. When you have to lie to try to make a minor point lol. You've always been that guy.
  10. Then explain it FFS. I never said it was important to me or ever pretended to care. I only ask out of curiosity if you're actually capable of independent thought or solely just parrot right wing nonsense you see on your phone.
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