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  1. I don't have an opinion on the actor. Holland is a fine actor. I just think the entire concept is terrible. The only time and reason people make "prequel" stories for characters is when they have exhausted the "prime" character or the actor best known for the character is unavailable or ages out or something. You do young Han Solo, Indiana Jones, or Hercules when you're out resources for the real deal. Nathan Drake is only known to fans of the games, not even they are getting the characters they are used to. They should have just gotten the dude who plays winter soldi
  2. Lmfao they don't give a fuck about games. Like I told Jerry I think a couple of weeks ago. When I went to a vr and 360 trade show back in 2017 the focus was more about advertising and direct sales on the platforms rather than interactive games. FB wanting FB accounts is probably so they can track and sell. VR is a complete waste of time anyway. AR at least has a chance in a decade or so.
  3. How are people being milked if the company themselves arent making it? Isn't Apple preparing to ship phones without wall adapters or headphones soon? It's like you're professionally stupid or something.
  4. Isn't a good videocard like like 300 alone? Yes, all things added up the PC experience can beat the console experience but PC fans have a habit of acting like a person can drop $500 on a gaming PC in one breathe, then post about new gaming cards with cost that make that cost impossible.
  5. That fucking RTJ show on HBO is the fucking heater. God damn.
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