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  1. That's not true at all. Again, you're being dishonest or dumb. Musk released shit sideshow distraction to give the right the appearance of a win (idiots read that the white house also wanted things removed in 2020...under Trump and still were calling foul on Biden) while also desperately trying to position Twitter as some open source news agency that is trustworthy under his leadership. Despite the fact that he goes out of his way to convince people to vote for one party over the there which benefits him in the long-run. The laptop story is sticky given how suspicious the situation is with how
  2. It doesn't matter. The point wasn't the truth, it was giving conservatives a 'moral win' which is why they are all taking victory laps. Musk is playing to the right wing base.
  3. Album of the Year here. Metro is the new Kanye at this point.
  4. You have the stupidest takes I've ever seen... Well after Cooke lol. The Right is currently waging culture wars against whole groups of people but the left should be ashamed because of Twitter? Lmfao
  5. These people have no shame or interest in making the world a better place.
  6. Lmfao this fucking cunt. You probably know what Fauchis wife had for dinner for Thanksgiving but you don't know any of what Kanye has said or done in the past 3 months.
  7. The point is bigotry and discrimination aren't binary. Bigots love to frame it as this simple yes/no dynamic anyone not burning crosses on people's yards are obviously not racist. There's this weird loophole some of you use where you can magically only spot 'left wing racism' at a microlevel. I'm a simple man but Ill listen to the people who were saying he was problematic from the start and not those who it took him openly praising Hitler to be put off. The heart of the conservative movement is so caked with resentment for any of the 'other people' that it literally takes someone
  8. Watching right wingers who have been praising him for the past 2 years, now saying what the 'left' had been saying since his MAGA start is funny. Even Shapiro was defending Kanye up to the point he began his overtly antisemitic comments. Which is the only kind of bigotry that Shapiro shows any concern about.
  9. That's one way to interpret what you just saw. It's a kind of rorschach test in a way. I can see where a bigot like yourself sees this and enjoys seeing white guys taking down lesbian/blacks/disable/overweight/trans people point of view. Some people might see it as an ironic twist where the people complaining seem obtuse and unruly at first...then proven right at the end to be a the point. Others may say they were making fun of both parties in different ways. I mean they were 5 or 6 not-completely straight art nerds who crossed dressed regularly in the 90s. Like what
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