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  1. The side missions are actually better in my opinion. I've actually had better Gameplay in the random street crime segments than actual storyline mission levels.
  2. Digging Ghost of Tsuhima. Was concerned about the stealth aspect as I wish people would take that out of gaming. It takes you out when the enemy AI has to be programmed to be so dumb in order for it work. Beside that I love it. One of my recent faves for sure.
  3. The first 2 episodes could have been a whole season by themselves. I think the book is a collection of shorts stories? From what I heard the episodes are just rewoked stories and some over arching stuff so they sort of biffed how to translate them to screen.
  4. I get why it sells well, just don't see the appeal of it. I'm not a graphics whore but I'm playing Ghost of Tsuhima and my gf is playing Fenix and it looks like an iPhone 4 game in comparison. Tbf AC looked OK for what it was. But that console looks at least 2 gens behind the x1/ps4.
  5. I tried to watch Wandavision and it's fucking terrible. Like you get where it's going right off the bat, the problem is that shit isn't funny or weird. Getting that they are doing a satire of bewitched doesn't make the purposely bad jokes and acting any more enjoyable for entire episodes. Now Legion...thats some good trippy shit.
  6. Lol can't keep my balls out of your mouth. Baby dick bitch.
  7. Haven't played a hitman game since the original Hitman 2.
  8. Lol it wasn't. But you're extremely and weirdly triggered by this game and by people enjoying it. I don't defend games. I just say how I feel about them. I don't knock anyone who didn't enjoy the game, especially if they have really bad glitches and bugs. In my 2 play throughs I only had one serious game breaking bug, which worked itself out but that's not something I expect someone else to look past. Also plenty of people love the game. Your biggest complaint about the game has seemingly been people calling it an RPG.
  9. Replay value is a personal choice but the game is fairly dense and to its credit the random encounters can be as good as or even better than some main missions in alot of other games. At this point you've turned into some butt hurt bitch over the game.
  10. I'll have to rebuy the game. I filled out the return site when I got the Deliman bug and thought I wouldn't be able to progress but after I figured out a work around I was happy with the game. Signed in the other day it was gone and they finally refunded me. The game is off the site and can't find it in stores at the moment. Looks like my save files are still there so hopefully won't have to start again from scratch.
  11. Excuse him while he pre-orders Halo Infinite.
  12. Started this show during qurantine before getting hooked on Search Party. The first 3 eps I saw were good. Looking back this kind of the vibe from Alice in Borderland slightly mixed with the human element of Walking Dead. Basically it's a plane that gets hijacked and they have to keep the plane perpetually in the sundown regions of the world. It's definitely a more grounded type of show and they have to deal with shit like refueling and figuring out their timing to avoid the sun. Half the people are shady, shit goes down.
  13. His point is that mask don't work. Also lizard people from Mars are making up covid stats so people will wear mask to make it easier for illegal MS-13 gang members to traffic children to pizza huts across the country to be turned into sex slaves then chopped into pizza toppings. DC is the guy I would take my health advice from.
  14. I'm sorry but I don't see the appeal and I actually enjoy taking pictures lol. Don't get be wrong, I'm sure it's good for little kids and adults with developmental issues, like Ghostz. Just wish Nintendo could spend some resources on something with a contemporary edge a bit.
  15. So this game is basically going around taking pictures of fake animals in fake towns? Surely there's something else? Can Nintendo make a game for straight males 18-34 anytime soon.
  16. This looks good, but christ would it hurt Nintendo to make a non juicebox game every few years. And why the fuck did they ever stop making core Wario games? Nintendo is fucking annoying.
  17. Sony is good with retiring certain series before they wear out their welcome, unfortunately this doesn't extend to gt.
  18. What's wrong with people who are not straight?
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