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  1. Lol OK Dr. Daterape. The fact that this is the first thing to go through your head says more about you than us.
  2. I dont see how Gamepass in general is sustainable.
  3. lol So? How many people know who these people are? I've been posting at System Wars like half of my life and can only name like 4 or 5 game designers by name. Most people dont even know who writes or directs most of the movies or shows they actually watch.
  4. Lmfao calm down, no one even knows who this guy is. You act like he was a president or even an actor or something.
  5. That's fair, I'm not the biggest fan of the animation style, but the story is more than good enough to watch for. Season 2 deals with the aging clone troopers and who the Empire began 'retiring' them and replacing them with volunteer soldiers. Regardless of the medium, its writing is some of the best lore in Star Wars.
  6. Yeah, it's low key wild. It's a perfect chaser for people who watched the forementioned shows and want more.
  7. The two best shows you can catch on Disney plus is Andor and the Bad Batch. Season 1 of the bad batch is just OK, but the second season is perfection.
  8. Just watched the triangle of sadness. Very good. It's sort of like white lotus in a way or for people who liked the Menu.
  9. Lmfao you need a new act. This whole making up strawmen to confront is sloppy and never works because no one on this site is as dumb as you are. Not a single person has ever said anything defense of Bush or against any legal action against him. Funny, whenever something comes out about someone on the left you never make these soft dodges for the sake of balance. They are both fucking Republica so I don't get what your point is to begin with.
  10. Can you ever just make a direct point? You're always trying to mask your stupidity with failed sarcasm or some obtuse response.
  11. You do your bullshit like "they want to arrest Trump but not Nixon's ghost?" whataboutism deflections.
  12. Only 1.5 mil? I'm honestly surprised. Maybe the MAGA people have realized this man has grifted hundreds of millions of dollars from them. Which none of the freedom fighters on here seem to mind.
  13. Dude has no reason to interject himself into this. That's what gets me most about these people. They are so hateful they give away for free.
  14. Lol you don't even know what gaslight is so please stop. God, I have never seen such undeserved arrogance in my life lol. You're the God of all cunts. Like I said before, he said what your idea of it doesn't exist and specifically mentioned like 'a dozen' liberals. I assume like how you're botted interested in to your entire He's not saying it literally doesn't exist. I don't give a fuck, you brought him up for some reason, not me. Actually to be a cunt back, I'll let you have this one and in every other topic we will use Ana and Cenk as the absolute deciders.
  15. It's funny how you always claim you watch or read the Hill and all you ever take away is whatever morsels of right wing panic they sift in the mix. Must be like picking through trail mix just to get to the raisins. Since all you do is copy and paste, I will do the same as its more or less the same notion. Your intellectual dishonesty of cherry picking (as well as always being misleading either on purpose or because you're too stupid to actually articulate a point properly) Even more entertaining is youre posting someone who is claiming your idea of what equity is, isn
  16. You just lap this shit up like a retarded puppy slurping spilled syrup or something lol.
  17. It's funny how you always claim you watch or read the Hill and all you ever take away is whatever morsels of right wing panic they sift in the mix. Must be like picking through trail mix just to get to the raisins.
  18. These people dont care about anything. They go where the traction is. Also, like I said before to @Ramza our economy relies on immigrants, both legal and illegal. This is a choreographed fight that has been happening since the 70s for a reason.
  19. Wait, I just realized the dick tucking (pun intended) by the local transphobes here. This dude legit made the same exact arguments you guys make here. How did he get owned so badly? Why aren't you guys pointing out how wrong Stewart is?
  20. And her usual scale is 50k to 150k. I'm guessing this went viral due to hyper-reactionary cunts like yourself working themselves up after railing 60 straight minutes of scrolling through your MAGA-anti-vax-andrew tate-transphobia-i hate the blacks social media feeds.
  21. It doesn't matter when rich conservatives lie and profit off it. The problem is the LGBTQs, teachers, black people, south Americans, unsexy candy, impossible burgers, electric ovens, windmills...
  22. This is how you know Cooke isn't capable of critical thinking because he would have realized immediately the door he was opening prettbding Trump, his allies, or his followers are reasonable people at all.
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