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  1. I don't give a shit what DF says. It's nice that the few noteworthy PC exclusives can look nice on the Bat Computer and on a good day they can get a marginally better looking soppy seconds console port years later. Meanwhile Remi is acting like Tony Stark while he's playing GC emulators.
  2. And by the time the finally build their new pcs some new hardware is and announced they have to upgrade.
  3. Yes. Can hermshits stop pretending that higher resolutions are the only contributing factor in how pleasing the human eye graphics are? I know it's important for their e-peen status but come on already.
  4. Every single time I see someone ask for advice on PC parts all the hermshits say to wait for something that's around the corner. Can't just get what's available with confidence.
  5. Lol I remember when hobo had that star citizen meme sig back in the mid 2010s.
  6. I think you make more Sony threads than any cow does lol.
  7. Was shopping the other day and this child passes out in the street vs his dad couldn't get him to come to for a few minutes. A lady called and ambulance and the dad begged her not to. We assumed because that would be like 1k at least. It was only a few minutes to a hospital by car and he said he would carry the boy. Someone else offered to call him and uber and he accepted. It's fucked so many idiots in this country don't think that's fucked up because of capitalism and ignorance of what socialism really is.
  8. No one hates him, it's just that only you and ghostz seem to think there needs to be a thread anytime he wipes his ass or something.
  9. I'm stil trying to figure out why digital games cost as much as physical ones. Like there is no manufacturing, shipping, or storage cost.
  10. Would still be a better choice. It's becoming clearer that outside of Spiderman, Holland can't really carry a movie. It's the sort of stupid thing only Sony could come up with.
  11. How many good Xbox exclusive games have been released in the past few years? You act like droughts are unheard of.
  12. Reach was pretty damn good, Halo 4 was so bad I just snapped the disc in half after beating it.
  13. If Walberg is in this they might have well just had him be Drake.
  14. VF5 was pretty amazing back in the day. This franchise didn't have as exciting a lore as Tekken or SF but it could be argued that it was the best 3d fighting franchise.
  15. BF5 is free on PSN. Was thinking about downloading it and see what the big deal is.
  16. Trying to connect current day open world games to it is.
  17. "oh, hey Saucer." You're still up to the same old assuming/assigning gimmick I see.
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