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  1. 2 hours ago, Substatic said:


    DF gave the win to PC last year with 2 games. It usually has the most contenders every year. 

    I don't give a shit what DF says. It's nice that the few noteworthy PC exclusives can look nice on the Bat Computer and on a good day they can get a marginally better looking soppy seconds console port years later. 


    Meanwhile Remi is acting like Tony Stark while he's playing GC emulators. 

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  2. On 2021-06-06 at 7:17 PM, Twinblade said:


    Hermits are always saying to wait for the next line of video cards, which is exactly what I did when I built my PC. How is it my fault that everything went to hell with the 30xx series?

    Every single time I see someone ask for advice on PC parts all the hermshits say to wait for something that's around the corner. Can't just get what's available with confidence. 

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  3. Was shopping the other day and this child passes out in the street vs his dad couldn't get him to come to for a few minutes. A lady called and ambulance and the dad begged her not to. 


    We assumed because that would be like 1k at least. It was only a few minutes to a hospital by car and he said he would carry the boy. Someone else offered to call him and uber and he accepted. It's fucked so many idiots in this country don't think that's fucked up because of capitalism and ignorance of what socialism really is. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Twinblade said:

    Lmao its so accurate though. All that video needed was a few profiles from the girls who are actively pregnant and have nothing but pictures of themselves and their baby bumps. That shit honestly grosses me out, and you'd have to have hit rock bottom as a dude to date a girl who decides to be on tinder while 6 months pregnant.


  5. 6 hours ago, Voidler said:

    Wahlberg is in it because he has been the one pushing the movie to be made since the start


    I think he was probably going to be Drake originally but he’s obviously aged out of the part

    Would still be a better choice. It's becoming clearer that outside of Spiderman, Holland can't really carry a movie. It's the sort of stupid thing only Sony could come up with. 

  6. 23 minutes ago, DynamiteCop said:

    I bet you're going to be pleasantly surprised, there's plenty of stuff they can show even if it's halfway into development. There's 26 freaking Studios, they're not all on the same cycle to where it's like oh we have nothing now but we'll all have games in 2023. That's some of the dumbest crap I've ever heard.

    How many good Xbox exclusive games have been released in the past few years? You act like droughts are unheard of. 

  7. 42 minutes ago, -GD-X said:

    i'm ok with that. i rather see those than nothing. any surprises would be a bonus. while i didn't care for halo 5, i loved the other games (reach and 4 get way too much hate). 

    Reach was pretty damn good, Halo 4 was so bad I just snapped the disc in half after beating it. 

  8. 18 minutes ago, Goukosan said:


    ummm one of the first open world games was Zelda 1... in 1985...pretty sure sheep had open world games before most of the industry jumped on that bandwagon. :shrug:


    BOTW was designed to get back to the series roots as a fully open world game. 




    Lol that's kind of a reach tbh. 

  9. On 2021-05-20 at 5:19 PM, Twinblade said:



    What a piss poor excuse.


    I guess that means you're also in support of the CCP using its power and influence to purge the excellent horror game Devotion from every retailer on the internet?


    The game was only re-released for sale on the developers' own site TWO YEARS after the original release.


    Its a good thing the studio's previous game (Detention) was a moderate success or else they probably would have had to shut down.


    Your defense of what is clear censorship is sad.

    Imagine being radicalized by shity fmv cash grabs. 

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