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  1. Lol of course you watch the critical drinker lol. You're such a bot.
  2. Is it? How many times have you proven me wrong? How many times have I posted an article and misread what it said? How many times have I contradicted myself? How many illogical scenarios have I created? What wild conspiracy theories have I come up with that require huge exaggerations? How often do I ignore context or confirming data? That's the difference between us. I can show receipts of you doing all of that multiple times. I'm willing to bet a couple will happen in this post I'm replying to right now. Here you go contradicting yourself again. You said you
  3. You keep saying the same stupid shit. Remember when I said you guys always side with companies over their workers? Then you have the nerve to talk about people being controlled by 'the establishment'? Example #97 of your intellectual dishonesty. 'I always side against employees, but fuck the establishment?' What about the other people who were racially discriminated against for housing and didn't work for him? Let me guess, you don't trust disgruntled tenants either, you always side with landlords too? I've actually given
  4. Common sense is when someone admits to the crimes they are charged for in regular conversations, they are also guilty? Funny how you don't extend this level of fair mindedness for the entire Queer community. You have them co-sponsoring 'sexualizing and confusing kids' along with Teachers on a national level based on nothing. But one degenerate who admits multiple times to what he's credibly accused of and you have to wait for confirmation. Yes, the establishment said that purposely mistreating women is bad. It's crazy that you dudes don't recogn
  5. There's this tube vacuum thing I had. You can screw it to any faucet and switches from pulling water through a sifter. So I could vac up debris from the gravel. Throw the switch in another direction and it pumps water into the tank.
  6. Lmfao as opposed to people who spend their time casually questioning why other people exist and try their best to make things hard for them?
  7. The funny thing is all of these even hypothetical changes are like aimed at the years of 2030 to 2060 and fucking retards like @Cooke and @Ramza are like "Oh yeah, the wokes actually expect people to use a newer energy source to do a mundane task in 2045?" lol Woketards at it again!" but also conservatives are always the one promising to colonize Mars. Like WTF do they expect? To be exclusively using combustible fuels in space stations and land based colonies?
  8. So a bigot doesn't see how someone else is a bigot? OMG Brain short circuited. He's actually made mutlitple swipes at pronouns. Even at some point just randomly tweeting "PRONOUNS SUCK!' a year previous to the Fauci one as well as others comparing pronouns to "forcing your opinion on others". This is around the time his trans daughter disowned him. Just fucking stop already. You look like a fucking idiot constantly being proven wrong and trying to desperately move the goal post to stay in the fight or whatever. Why are you even doing this? You're legit freelancing defen
  9. It's partially because they are right wing and mostly because Tate is straight. Funny how supposedly common sense down the middle fair minded free thinkers always side with corporations, women haters, racist, or xenophobes against their victims.
  10. So you made another non-point to poorly defend someone's credible biases. I'm not sure how he's so supportive of non-binary people as he has stated multiple times that he hates pronouns and that is usually a part of being non-binary. Like I said, you're constantly defending bigots for absolutely no reason. Also, only you or Cooke could deny that a bias exists while also taking a swipe at the same group yourself lol.
  11. You mean the child that wants nothing to do with him and even changed their last name to remove any connection to him? I'm sure he was so understanding and supportive about their decision and this was strictly about something else.
  12. I used to have a 90 gal until a few years ago. Had quite a few different fish over the years but mostly a couple of iridescent sharks and 2 Oscars until a heater fucked up and raised the heat too high. After all the time I just didn't want to start over again. I really loved those fish, especially the 'sharks'. I love salt water tanks when other people have them. Setting up a nearly self sufficient salt water is too much work for me.
  13. Well this validates all of the times that I've accused you of being completely unselfaware.
  14. You ever think that maybe you're the problem? I've noticed people like you get so upset over virtue signaling, yet it's only when leftist do it? You have no issue with people virtue signaling for guns, God, oil, flags, fetuses, or borders but it upsets when people virtue signal for other people's right to exist? Or for racial equality, or even the fucking environment? Yes, some woke people are full of themselves for being loving and understanding and it's preformative. I will take that over bigots using their personal grudges and feelings override every other aspect o
  15. They have text messages too. One where he admits to money laundering? Lmfao
  16. Not sure why you are being so obtuse about this. The majority of cases are usually a plea deal. Cooperation can and does lead to less charges than obstruction and denial. Is this really news to you?
  17. Not a good look if this is real. Sounds off but it could be because it's old.
  18. The issue wasn't that Trump misplaced the files, it's that he was withholding and hiding them repeatedly. The home visit was almost year after their first exchange.
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