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  1. yeah if you can run oblivion you can run it it wont look hot but it will be AWESOME
  2. so did anyone else get the closed beta key for SMT online?
  3. really? what was bad about it? (not being sarcastic, i havent seen it and wanna know more!) It's just a silly shonen anime that can't decide whether its a serious action show or a comedy. Oh, and the main character is a bitch. I can't stand those. :bitch: Think Vaan just more innocent and with less ambition. (not to mention the furries, ie 99% of the characters) great.... it looks so cool though
  4. really? what was bad about it? (not being sarcastic, i havent seen it and wanna know more!)
  5. world destruction is coming to U.S. now (view the link at my link too if you want better confirmation) http://rpgland.com/news/world-destruction-coming-stateside/
  6. Feels alot like an indie game, but it looks like a polished SNES rpg, and thats a good thing. I wonder how the game plays, I dont have much faith in western developers creating a JRPG system as good as FF6 or Chrono Trigger, I wonder if they get it. :lol: I agree, but it looks like it will be quite fun imo
  7. DQVI is one of my favorite RPGs ever
  8. my most wanted game (deal with it) just got an updated trailer... top screen looks MUCH better and I'm lovin it http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=awK39HLavts
  9. its ridiculous how many RPGs are coming out soon... I have 4 preordered for DS/PS2 combined.. and there are more for 360/PSP I want but just dont wanna fork over the money yet I'm playing Sonic Chronicles right now and it's quite fun
  10. muramasa screens: http://rpgland.com/muramasa-the-demon-blade/muramasa-the-demon-blade-3-screens/ i think i might pick up a wii for this... the spiritual sequel to one of my fav rpgs ever
  11. episode 3 = dominion on the other hand xenogears has a special place in my heart *sigh*