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  1. They probably didn't have a gun expert handling the guns like they should have been.
  2. So when they get into an argument is it arguing with yourself? What if one hates the boyfriend? What if one likes it in the ass and not the other. What if one is a slut? What if one is a lesbian? What if one wants to masturbate and the other one doesn't? I have so many questions.
  3. The good thing that comes out of this is that neither family has to endure a lengthy trial. Two young people are now needlessly dead.
  4. Maybe but that area used to be under water and there is a lot of wildlife there that can pick a carcass clean.
  5. 🙄. Do you ever have anything positive to say????
  6. You fucking losers are pissed because you can't look up Ashley's skirt. Get a life and a GF. Fucking virgin pussies.
  7. This game looks like a fun call back to the old Metal Gear type games with a little "Hot Shots" thrown in.
  8. This has nothing to do with the topic. Take it somewhere else
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