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  1. So the game is still meh? Glad I skipped it. If it was 14.99 I would have bought it.
  2. So I will obviously have a Switch (which I currently own) a Switch Pro ( if Nintendo makes one), and an Xbox Series X. The PS5 is ugly as sin and the dualshock controller sucks. I consider the power of both consoles to be equal. The Series X only has 1.7 teraflops on the PS5 and the PS5 has faster memory transfer, so games will look the same. If MS gets their shit together they will be in second place barely beating out Sony.
  3. lostfool

    Tiger King

    It's fucking stupid
  4. I have a 25 terabyte card in there. It's almost full
  5. There will be no console releases this year.
  6. lostfool

    9.2 TF

    This is starting to look like the bits era. Lemmings are fucking stupid.
  7. lostfool

    RE3 demo

    Lemshits have nothing to play and when they do it runs best on Pro