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  1. 49ers just seem to always have bad luck with freak injuries that derail their seasons. Their two healthy years under Shanahan they go to a Superbowl and Championship game. Purdy was actually a good Big12 qb for Iowa State and he has always looked pretty good when he has been on the field so we will see. He has all of the weapons that he needs and that soon to be legendary defense.
  2. That Niner's D just made a statement.
  3. Look at the reviews. Apparently it doesn't get cold enough and breaks down. RROD all over again
  4. Why are you so angry lately?
  5. That's not how it works for a closed end system.
  6. Here is an idea. Nintendo should stealth drop a new Super Mario game that is announced as a post credit scene.
  7. It sucks and it's holding the Xbox series x back
  8. I think a new Switch will release but I am not sure with wich game.
  9. Wow you are right. The CG visuals are incredible. So there is a kids show called Star Trek Prodigy and that has some of the best CG visuals I've ever seen. All you have to do is watch the intro. The show looks just like that.
  10. I think Casual and Remij are not understanding each other. I understand both view points and agree with both view points.
  11. Maybe someday when you finally get laid you will stop being such a pussy.
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