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  1. Gs is a bunch of western pussies that can't handle hard games. They are just like you.
  2. So it was too hard for them. GS is run by a bunch of pussies. They are lemmings.
  3. Then you can wait. Everything keeps getting pushed back. Releasing last year was a mistake. Also people are having issues with corrupted USB drives that won't work again on the PS5.
  4. I wouldn't call the Wii U a 1080p system. Mario Kart 8 was said to be 1080p and it was clearly shown to be 720p upscaled to 1080p when compared to the Switch version which is native 1080p. I am sure that most if not all WiiU 1080p games got the same treatment. The Switch is native 1080p though it struggles to achive that.
  5. This is fucking stupid. The GPU in the PS5 is an equivalent to an RTX Super snd that doesn't tell the whole story. PC fantards should just drown themselves in their tears.
  6. So just as hard as the original. Nice! The reviwer is a puss
  7. PS5 and Shitbox Shit X should not have launched until this fall.
  8. Xbox is really not needed on the market. It could disappear today and no one would notice.
  9. That's stupid considering Dynoshit is a fucking basement dweling neckbeard
  10. Unfortunately the comparison video is from the stream trailer which had a lot of compression artifacts. This comparison of both games is from a streamed trailer. Neither look as "bad" as they appear. You should know this but you are a dipshit lemming.
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