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  1. Jenny and Deeno are gay for each other. True story
  2. Reason why developer only chose Switch. Also he implied that PS4 gamers and Xshits are kids. Lol "There are two reasons for Switch. We already had experience with Nintendo with Bravely Default, and we’d decided to have Octopath as a worldwide experience. When we had to search for a partner for that, we had real confidence in Nintendo for that. And it’s an RPG – that means you have to play a long time, and because our target audience was adults – like us – it’s hard for us to be seated on the sofa for so long. Our lifestyle, you want to play in bed before you sleep for an hour."
  3. Outside of Japan it will never come to the PS4 or Xshit. I doubt Square Enix would spend the money just to bring it to the PS4 in Japan. Xshit doesn't sell there so that is a 100000000% no. Keep dreaming
  4. Hollow Knight isn't published by Nintendo like Octopath is so don't hold your breath for at least a year or more. It will never go to the Xshit. Nobody games on that tard box.
  5. Lemtards have no games and no sales and can't hope to compete with the vastly superior PS4 so they try to go after a portable system that is raping them in exclusives and sales. Lemtots need therapy. Their delusions are consuming them.
  6. Nice. I am not a fan of the new look but that is a very nice car. 9.2/10
  7. I personally like the fact that it is not the end of the world type scenario. It is just about each character's story in that world. Nothing dire, or gloomy. I can see this going into a sequel with these characters going into a doomsday scenario though.
  8. No it's not wishful thinking and no I don't believe this will come to pass in 2019. 2020 probably.