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  1. My best friend/ fwb barely showers and she is super clean. She does brush her teeth 3 times a day though.
  2. I am moving half of it to another savings account. I am just not sure which one yet
  3. 20k in checking 6k in one savings account and 2k in another.
  4. If a serious fight happens Jake Paul will get wrecked
  5. I wish the U.S. gets invaded by Europe. We would be so much better off.
  6. It will get a 10 out of Twinblade is a retard
  7. Do the all access bundle. I did that through Walmart. Walmart has all access bundle restocks weekly.
  8. Blah blah blah. Nobody wants that POS. Except for Cooke but he is a dumbass.
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