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  1. They all look like they require 1500-2500 dollar brake jobs unless you do it yourself. I would decline all of them
  2. Sorry dude, most mass shootings are by right wingnuts. Go cry somewhere else. The problem is the lack of respect of guns and their glorification. Americans are too stupid to own guns and they should all be banned if you truly care about kids. The number one cause of death for children is guns.
  3. Tacos are far more versatile and healthier.
  4. It was fun and amazing. I put 300 hours into it doing random shit and finding 100% of everything.
  5. You guys are a bunch pussies and shit gamers. Go fuck a horse and get kicked in the head.
  6. We were two grades apart in school and we also briefly worked together. We have never hung out but we see each other often at our different job. So to answer your question we do not have a connection, at least I don't see it that way.
  7. Holy shit, these are all so funny. More context. They actually never got married officially, they did the ceremony but never turned in the paperwork. They split up nearly five years ago and she has had a few boyfriends since then.
  8. I don't consider him a good friend. He is actually fake as fuck.
  9. Honestly Gamepass makes Xbox a better buy than the PS5 at this point. Switch is clearly the best console
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