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  1. LMAO. Looks like legos. Seriously. It actually looks good.
  2. All open world games have "missions" that you have to do precisely as it says or the mission fails. GTA is like that too. That is not on rails. Derp
  3. Remember when game were complete on day 1? Xbox killed gaming except on Switch. Switch exclusives are complete
  4. Omg what happened to the cool building destructions lemtards were hyping???
  5. PS4 is using sampled instruments. Think of like the great sounding SNES games that used sample instruments.
  6. Fuck your midi bullshit on PS4 and Shitbox one
  7. Version to have fully orchestrated battle and field music. Definitive version confirmed!!!!!
  8. Awesome. Those help getting a bulging disk back into place. I will do them.
  9. My Wii had the same issue if it was plugged into a power strip. So I plugged it in to the wall and it fixed the problem.