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  1. Clearly you haven't watched a game at Oracle Park. Glorious views all around.
  2. As a sheep I have games to play. All you have is an ugly as looking wi fi router.
  3. I was surprised on the visual upgrade. It's gorgeous.
  4. Well so far I've played about an hour of the game and holy shit it looks amazing, sounds amazing, and I am really pulled onto this world of craziness and despair. So far it's a 10 out of 10 in my astute opinion
  5. Idk what this is but stay out of U.S. politics. Trump will have a heart attack soon and I am going to laugh
  6. Octopath Traveler 1&2 and the Pixel remasters sold millions on Switch wich tells you there's a huge market on switch because those two games are pretty niche and really only targeted it the nostalgia Factor. SquareEnix's strategy to not do mainline games on Switch is one of the biggest bonehead moves SquareEnix has done.
  7. Hitman and Dynoshit are the craziest. Ghostz and just an idiot like Jerry
  8. Small dicked guys in this thread hurt by a fat chick. What a bunch of pussies. You fucks should literally get a life.
  9. Unfortunately Alex (Alexandra) suffered a severe anoxic brain injury. She will not be coming home and now her family must decide what to do with her.
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