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  1. I think Deenotard is gay. He likes getting raped in the ass over and over again
  2. Shit thread until Jenny got destroyed
  3. You were making fun of Switch for having streaming games. Idiot
  4. Simon's quest was amazing. Why does it get so much hate?
  5. Lemmings are so fucking stupid. They should kill themselves right now
  6. You have nothing to play. Loser
  7. I said insulin. Not blood sugar levels. If you consume an artificial sweetener your body will release insulin but with no carbohydrate your blood sugar levels will not go up. However if you consume a carbohydrate or a meat protein which has amino acids that are converted to glucose by insulin your blood sugar levels will go up. So eating a steak with water very little insulin response very little to no increase of blood sugar level. Eating a steak with a diet soda you have an insulin response and your blood sugar goes up.
  8. Artificial sweeteners are not completely fine. You have the same insulin response as sugar. The only difference is the calories
  9. https://m.sfgate.com/technology/businessinsider/article/The-Russians-are-screwing-with-the-GPS-system-to-13766228.php
  10. Russia is nearly 3rd world trash
  11. Is everyone involved ok? Is this property damage or injury or both?
  12. The alt right is just a bunch of racist inbred low iq fragile pussies. The End. Now lock this thread
  13. Facts and your delusional opinions are two different things. You need to get laid
  14. Maybe you should watch it again. There were a lot of hints. But seriously only people who are scared of those that are different get bent out of shape over it