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  1. Looks about as much fun as a root canal. Pass
  2. All malls will be dead in 10 years as will I.
  3. You are an idiot. Calling it "early access" is just their way of trying to get away from criticism for releasing crap. If you charge for it it should be reviewed. It's shit and another Xflop.
  4. https://www.cnet.com/news/best-dolby-atmos-soundbar-of-2020/
  5. Well that looked so much better than when it was first shown.
  6. Well we will see. People are bagging the lighting but it looks natural in motion so I have no gripes with it. Halo is not my thing but the open world aspect with what seems like a day night cycle will be a great addition to the franchise. MS really did drop the ball with this presentation. I am still getting a Series X because I really do not like the dual shock and I prefer Microsoft's UI.
  7. The pop in is really the bad part
  8. Series X is already a failure... Why bring another failure with it.
  9. Is that guy with the gigantic head coming back?
  10. Jenny turned hermit and Dinoshit left because the total ass raping MS gave them for sucking so hard.
  11. So Vini and Malaxmas are the last two lemshits left?
  12. This is what people say when their console of choice flops before it's released.
  13. This looks generic as fuck. 2010 called and they want their FPS back.
  14. That was embarrassing. That showcase just made me finally ditch the Xbox brand. I guess I am getting a Pieceofshit5😫