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  1. Real talk if I actually posted here on a regular basis the sheep faction wouldn't exist because I single handedly have owned them more than everyone else combined
  2. What the fuck are you talking about?
  3. I would never use it for single player but it's needed for MP since split screen is the unbearable
  4. this is a valid question since off screen play is the ONLY selling point of the wii u and BLOPS 2 allows you to do MP on 2 seperate dispalys rather than forcing split screen split screen gaming is atrocious.
  5. But I thought Wii U was rendering Pixar Kart 2x 1080p :o
  6. if your'e playing 2 players why can you not have 1 person play on the tv and one on the gamepad? looking at a vertically split screen is fucking brutal
  7. Also a great game lower score than zombi u despite 100 times the marketing budget truly pathetic the difference is ZombiU SHOULD be a 3.5-4 at best the Wolfenstein 3d easter egg in Wolfenstein is a better playing FPS than ZombiU
  8. Game is great Haters gonna hate Also a great game
  9. Tujesus


    Holy fuck This is where I wish consoles were like pc with customizations so I could turn thus fucking bloom off
  10. don't need to talk shit Sonic is a better kart racer and everyone has it