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  1. Everything I say is fact. Stay damage controlling
  2. Just like your steam id , huh ? Pathetic. I'll bet Idc. Why would I want to post here anyway . Tjere is only 6 posters , 4 are Bdg , one is a dude pretending to be a girl and then tjere is you , desperately trying to fit in with the others . Do it faggot. Not an on screen gamefly shit. Gabe box and all
  3. You're a goddamn full and just a flat out shit poster. Typical Bdg croonie. Say dumb shit and pat yourself on the back .
  4. One. But the point of the game is the overcharged .... One there are numerous groups of people. Some friend , some enemy . What do you expect the majority of the ememeies to be when the whole town was taken over by overcharged ? 3x the Fr of BloodShit
  5. Wiiu is failing WW . Xb1 isn't even out in Japan . Sure it will flop there but it's almost already beating wiiu WW , even given wiius year start . Idiot
  6. One. But the point of the game is the overcharged ....
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