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  1. Its barely souls like . They copied some things but its basically just an action game with some puzzles and backtracking and some minor things taken from the souls games .
  2. Uncharted 2 was the only good game in that series so maybe Lol cows sure are gonna be butthurt in a few months
  3. Yes It should hold up for a bit im just messin
  4. Lol jerry telling low that he is pretending to be bothered by his racism , only now . Acting like low was ok with his racism back then Jerry so racist he doesn't even realize . Def a Trump supporter
  5. Lol somehow, even in a thread where jerry won ....he still found a way to lose 😄
  6. I turned dlss off and was getting dips under 30 at high preset. The game looks nice but doesn't look good enough to warrant that performance especially at only 1080p. Unplayable without dlss on these lower end cards
  7. Rt is a no go unless I lock to 30 . Seemed to hold that for the little I played it but didn't really look that much better to me anyway. Tho I didnt try any of the other dlss options Also the braindance segments are stupid
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