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  1. well, that argument always works lmfao. I'll admit since GC, this has been the most "we can do it" Nintendo console yet. I wonder how much $$ Ninty lost ont he Wii U. 13.25 units sold. 103 wii units. lfmao people really did think Wii U was not a new gen console. But It appears Nintendo was brilliant enough to use the exact same hardware to sell the Wii U again.. as a Switch. The ingenious of the little quirky japs.
  2. I looked it up. It won't last. It has a fraction of the games. It has no 3rd party. But amazing start Ninty. The Wii also sold like cakes.
  3. how much is he asking for in money?? damages? Also can we grow as a society and say dance moves are not patented to anyone? nah, he shoulda got paid. Imma think on this one.
  4. kudos, I read no mean-ness in that response. Smash is also a BLOCKBUSTER game, yes by the niche Nintendy, but it's the cream of their crop. Actually, according to Wiki, there's already 3 Switch titles in double million sales. Which is fucking great. Smash will probably do the same. I wonder if there's any current gen games in double millions. Honestly outside of Call of Duty and R* games, I doubt it. 12 million is badass even with a larger userbase. *accordig to quick research, it's comparable to PS4's top selling games like God of War, Far Cry 5, dbz https://www.resetera.com/threads/god-of-war-surpasses-9-million-players.65720/ sony exclusive, 9 million close to similar sales. So,I dunno. Nintendo's top top best, and those 3 are great games, can match some of these regular hits that the Playstation Brand gets and will continue to get. That's kind of a problem. I would LOVE to see Nintendo have 2 more successfull years, but methinks they cumm'd the creme of their crop already. Look what has came out. SMash, oddysey, Link and Kart.
  5. it's charming, it is overhyped, (i'm not super far, but I already know some spoilaz around hype), it is small. Some towns are big but imo the dungeons nor the fields sadly are going to impress you one bit. At least not what I've seen in the beginning. But... but... It's a pretty well-put together cartoony game that plays fine, and has an abundance of characters and generally paces itself fine. Actually, I'd tell you to play the thing with the dub english voices off lol question, did you play FFXV for at least a few dozen hours? What did you think of it? Are you even a FF fan or jrgp winner?
  6. The Nintendo Switch was unveiled in October 2016 and was released in most areas worldwide on March 3, 2017.[a] The console shipped nearly three million in the first month of its launch, exceeding Nintendo's initial projection of two million, and within a year of release achieved over 14 million units sold worldwide, outselling total lifetime sales of the Wii U. As of September 2018, it has sold 22.86 million units. It is the fastest-selling console in Nintendo's history, and is the fastest-selling console of all time in Japan and the United States. Nintendo Switch sales were heavily tied to the critically acclaimed titles The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Super Mario Odyssey, which became best-sellers for the system, with over ten, eleven, and twelve million copies sold respectively by September 2018. Switch has had an amazing start, all banking on Nintendo making AAAA thrillers every year. Good luck kiddo. After Metroid, you're out of Nintendo titles. Not sure there's enough shovel-wear to keep this thing alive.
  7. you are voiding the fact that you believe RDR2 is only doing well because it's on 2 consoles. It will sell more than double what Smash will do. And this nonsense of Switch being "the fastest selling console" is hype-blah, and you fucking know it.
  8. doesn't address a single fact. LMFAO anul'd. No this is a thread about proving your bitch-ass wrong, a tactic you take with you in every thread that I and we see right through. Must be tough being a sheep.gotta be blind to all the details.
  9. who are you and why do you have really shit taste in gaming? and an avatar?
  10. don't spoil to bad,seriously I'm trusting you but maybe I'm over leveled. I don't want to be. I don't grind. If I'm close to a next level, I'll tack on an extra bouts of the ol' aarm to get there. But I think I've only added like 2-3 levels this way. I'm level *13.9, and haven't gotten da boat yet. I'm not telling yawll how long I've played. And story wise, I'm at I assume your first visit to circus. Right before I have to go there at night to talk to skinny chris farley spoil'd boy. So... am I over leveled? Should I run through dungeons and not fight anything? I mean, I don't want to miss the 1 missable or great item these sploring dungeons seem to have. don't spoil shit about levels and time pls, but if you or anyone else remembers this early part in the game, some1 tell me if I need to slow down. Those giant bears by the fire mountain "hinonogigigigigig in japanese" were a cake walk. The giant birds, that I think you were talking about early on, on the flat planes by the first church/teleporter you enter, weren't hard.
  11. https://www.thurrott.com/xbox/164837/sony-sold-83-million-playstation-4-consoles Bump me when Switch reaches 84 million. I'll be waiting. I'll bump this next year when the drought happens, ya dry turd.
  12. hey brudder. RDr2 is on TWO consoles. I guarantee you in Smash's 13th week, it won't be at #1. RDR released October 26th. So let's divide that by two, since TWO CONSOLES. If Smash is #1 on the list 5 weeks from now, Since you a complete dumbie, minus Mario Kart8 deluxe, no Ninty franchise sells in double digit millions. 2-4 million tops for a nice Zelda game. 5 after 80% shelf life. R* games sell like buckets. GTA5 is going to break 100 million users. I don't care if RDR2 is on one console or three hudred. It will absolutely absorb smash respectively. You have seem to forgotten anything relevant, so I have to teach your sheep ass. The Switch has as shit userbase. "fastestselling home console" ... lol for these 8 days we gon' calculate right now.
  13. Try this dumb supreme, rdr2 is in it's 5th+ week, ALREADY experiencing this 52% decline, and it just sells so damn much in volume it overtakens your shit one-timr seller's 2nd week record, while it's coasting on decline. Yeek. U dumb.
  14. Good for switch But honestly, these curved ways to blimp nintys dozen million userbase is 'tarded to say the least. The playstation, since the first one actually has always sold more. And switch has a fraction of the ps4 userbase at any time in their respective and comparative cycles. And switch is on pace, to end at a fraction of Sonys and XB1s userbase, and most of us know it.
  15. you don't know what good gaming is. I think you follow biscut religion. GTsport is car porn. and FFXV is a great niche. You just hate yourself.