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  1. kokujin

    Super Mario 64

    It is so goooood you Right.
  2. Dude. Shut up. Fuck no. Fuck fuck fuck no.
  3. We don't know. I have free will against my emotions. Why are some basketball players better than others? Free will. & Practice of free will.
  4. 10. Even if linear. So well paced. Can play that game in stretches of 10 hours easily. 12 had great hunts and an open world, but the entire game is dry as fuck.
  5. If THIS THREAD goes 3 pages I'm HYYPED.
  6. Coulda had GTA Tokyo or India or something cool and bazzare but no, this.
  7. I'll never touch that game. and never grow hermit herpes. You sick fuck's dick is all an inch shorter because of this non norm fetish.
  8. he is. don't bother with that mental sloth.
  9. Keep a warm seat for me playa.
  10. Brrrt. You're getting stronger because you're lifting a lot. But ok. I guess you like numbaz. Btw i did do diamond push ups to my excercize like you suggested. I can do 30, or two sets of 20. Maybe 3. It feels foreign without using dumbells on the floor tho..i think i have to do both !
  11. if anything Xbox completely fell off the map. I think it shart XV and KH3 on accident. Even Halo don't wanna play no more. Is their a game, or sequel or anything amazing to look forward to on the Xbox's path? I'd reckon any sequel to Ninty's hottest 1st year start would outdo that whole brand. I have my eyes on MP4. I wanna get hyped. Time to catch up on life anyways. Rainy as a 'mug hyea.
  12. umm. wtf puked at 2:39. For mascots and reasons other than anything leftist. This ain't rap.