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  1. you have been cranky lately. doyou need love? I'll give you some.
  2. you're just fullfilling your fantasy of wanting my cock in your mouf. not into mexican blowjobs tho so keep yo salsa in yo ass. also I can't hear you, I'm browsing gamespot.
  3. I visit the site twice a bi month. To look at pretty pictures of games. See a score or 3. Maybe I'll go do that now. I WISH IT WAS TUESDAY. SOMEONE MAKE IT TUESDAY.
  4. shuddup jimbo. I also hate SK. that punjabi nasty fuck. I hate all my enemies.
  5. oh fuckin brother. STFU. YOU DELETE 3 POSTS A WEEK. Get rid of this self-important asshole, PLEASE.
  6. portable street fighter fights and mario party invites and pokemon slut trap a 12 year ol'. I mean the dreams are endless. I think the vita tanked for reasons other than that. Expensive it was. Americans especially didn't understand spending $300 for a shiny port-portable. I just thought the idea of walking around with a switch, hearing some dig or ring notification that a challenger is nearby, your mutual games boot up for a chance to play could be awesome. even if it happens once.
  7. I'll change my name to green damn it. Y'all promised me (
  8. uhh. 1 is fine. Femine gon feminine. 2 days every other week? FINE. I need a break too. 2. Fuck no. She's fucking other dudes. Why would you want your dick in that.
  9. saltydhermindial, soul calibur 3 is also trash.
  10. Botw seemed overrated to me too. Wont play it.
  11. Haha. You are empty inside. Will soon sink 200 hours into kh3 wacking the same beast for 25 hours. And fidgeting with combos and suits.
  12. prowler is badass. sneaking up to enemies is badass. A fun loop/trick was upgrading "speed while aiming" under 'reload' option for guns, makes you move faster than .. all forms of prowler (165% speed). Strange gif. I will get defiance. It looked good actually. A whole extra hit. Methinks predator is wasteful? I can already get right behind enemies with ease. But it looks badass. Stamina recovery is actually dooope. Most don't realize (i'm talking much here), you can run, revive, run, revive, run pretty easily. Will get all 3 of dems. Yeah it's pretty solid. I'm not saying it reinvents anything, however IMO a lot more fun and beefy feeling than The last of Us. Skinny ringworm zombie hunting game, that was. TEW2 I feel beefy as fuck, but also have to be careful. I haven't even gotten to any real bosses but I am excitebike 64 to do some. Also... just the right amount of ammo given to those that want to blast their way through. I have soo much gunpowder it's insane. If I love it so much, I'll try a second playthrough guns a blazing and see if I can last an entire campaign that way.
  13. damn switch needs a connection. soo... can you use mcdonalds wifi or a public wifi to play? really think they should have designed it as a portable machine, able to broadcast itself out... (ya I;m getting my technology wrong). Imma let someone else think of it for me. If my phone can grab data and go online, The Switch should be built the same.