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  1. COULD BE TRUE. LOL MAYBE THAT KID WAS VERY PSYCHO. bullied and shit life? was it true for this kid? what was his 'popularity' like in high school? btw, fuckkk popularity is like LIIIFE growing up for 8 years. It consumes you and you value yourself to it. It's shat. Looking back, being grown, I think I could avoid a lot of high school kid's unhappiness. It can't be that hard to prevent a TEENAGER to be so fucking upset he wants to go in and kill everyone.
  2. i love the title of this thread. :d
  3. i get how pissy futile and whiney my last post comes across, lol but again, that's half the problem. I truly wonder why this kid did it.
  4. people should just be nice to one another and understand humanity and how it's sad. a little more honesty. Less drugs (they don't help you fammo).
  5. damn? was she ugly? was he bullied? what's his problem? Too much call of Dooty??
  6. i worked with some Russian LADIES old fat brim top round bunch. And they were warm and nice to me, and each other. The MEN might have this problem. then again, you went to bakeries churches and markets. I beget they are welcoming their. All Americans are racist fat slobs. Look at RAMZA's dumbass. Thinking I have brain damage for typing more than 6 words as a grown fucking man.
  7. eventually, once we're all melted socioeconomically and of the same crusty beginnings, full of all the wealth to make all the shitty human being mistakes. it's just going to be shitty people of all colors doing shitty thangs. and that's a place I want to live in.
  8. cooke is being nice. not all whites. I meet the very friendly white now and then. and they know what they're doing. plus,the Canads are very quant with each other, and I hear the swedes and Danes all say hi to each other in their little town and gang. However yes, western, modern, american, white folk, yes, they don't get in trouble or aren't rambuctiously in face of the law, but damn, [a lot cultural raised??] are just just cold to society in general imo. Watch yous how some whites and then some non-whites interact. It's pretty funny. Steve says: "Oh, hey Darrel. *No eye contact*" "*Darrel makes No eye contact at Steve. Barely smiles. Did I even see Steve?* "Nice to see you in these parts. Buck o Shot.* Steve leans against the wall, stares somewhere around the corner shoulder of his white friend Darrel. They make no direct eye contact or smiles. Speak about 2 topics apart, but take turns making themselves happy. They seem to make more eye contact, or faces/emotional responses to your black ass observing them. Steve, then and/or Darrel leave the store. Always separately. I think I heard one of them say bye. I heard 0 of them clearly f'ng care lmfao. That's a white person interaction around my parts lmfao.
  9. those 20 joined a gang or wanted to be about that life. I'm going to introduce you to something. MURDER of a single person over rage was bad enough. THIS IS FUCKING BECOMING A REAL FUCKING PROBLEM, because SHITTY FUCKING HUMAN BEINGS ARE THINKING this is a LEGITIMATE WAY TO DEAL WITH LIFE. Does this make sense to you??
  10. ya americans taught white kids to OFF a bunch of other strangers because they can't handle a little life or "microtransgressions." White people are scum. Don't even have the balls to just fight or confront people or go to jail like a 'real nigga' over standing up for themselves. Perhaps if they did, they woudln't grow up to be such pussies. edt: cooke is gonna get mad, I am not being fair. poor extremist muslim people,-- I don't think they're in their teens, going to a good white/western school, affluent as fuck and should have all the opportunity education and even social white-supremacist hierarchy in the world to feel ahead of themselves so it's different very different -- ALSO suck. Anytime you take an ideology & your own not fitting in and kill innocents I have a huge problem with.
  11. btw, (not to toot too hard cooke, you can watch me on that), I'm still here Dynagaggoflowmouth. That's because beyond the peculiar stupid 'homo' peck line, I actually submit hella substance to posts, as you can see above. And put my thoughts. sociology degree that I got on facebook, and everything else into my posts. Meanwhile you just post one-liiners and spew shitty sw diatrbie like bxhtyre and I dunno, too many lazy cunks. YEP. STILL. HEA. UNLESS GOUKAK DECIDES TO BAN ME CUZ HE'S THE ONLY ONE WHO HATES ME. I'm clearly not an excludavist, and I keep my epitaths to humor and rarity. Apply a little common sense. If someone worth a damn warns me, I'll stop.
  12. sometimes, you're human, and it's NICE to start the process of making people feel good or happy. And it effects you too. As people, especially in the societies we have raised, our default is miserable. And a country fool of bolts unwilling to smile at each other, to give a warm hello, who look at you like 'you better make me smile or I f'ng won't, nice to fucking first meet you,' is only going to make everyone else stay miserable. I get what YOU'RE saying but I'm saying. White people don't fucking smile or say hi to each other for shit at the Airport. I used to work there. ALL the ethiopians that worked there had their own automatic little gang and community. It was fucking HILARIOUS (and infuriating) to watch. IMO, those ethiops well hella more happy and healthy and just fucking made their time and experience working at being at [the] airport so long much better. It effected ME. I was the benificiary of that shit. And ya, sitting around a group of whites. wondering of trying to make any small talk. Felt like pulling fries out a salt shaker lid. 'Am I even supposed to be doing this?'