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  1. explain to me fortnite and PUBG. ARe they brothers? Is one game a bastardized version or mode of something else? Just why in the hell did either take off? And am I right in assuming (user base , $$$ and pop wise) FORTNITE is a lot bigger? Are they made by the same company? Maybe I should dl pubg for mobile. but I have a shitty LG stylo 4 so...?
  2. this series has turned into trash lol. I dunno.. SF... the game where each char only uses 3-5 moves. I get there's cross ups and some complexity but seriously I can only watch people crouch and mid kick so many times...
  3. kokujin

    Antonio Brown

    the delusion of safety vesseled in doom in this thread.
  4. Who hurt you bro. That emo anus is bleeding. 😆
  5. At I said it with the A. I just gave my white friend shit for saying nikka more often than me and he got all polite lol.
  6. Omg so calnaad is the last anime I watched. The faces are TRASH. That is THE rant I make. And eureka 7 is special. I cried like twice in that anime. Lmfgao serious. Good shit.better than dry full metal wannabe serious. And it's mech. And I LOVED IT.
  7. Dope. Put about 32 hours in the first one. Got to the sand place where you betray a couple nikkas. What was that mission? 'Betray a couple nikkas: tatooine on deck!'
  8. I hate mech anime with a passion. Rather watch romance comedy. Love Hina is the shit!!
  9. Babel makes me think about a pig. It's probably something biblical. Babel. Memory'd. Sorry.
  10. Yeah lol. There's 3 minutes of real japanese in it! I bet the new you would get super hype hearing it!!
  11. Bable is a phenomenal movie by art standards. You seen it and enjoy it as I did? I think it's set in Afghan tho.