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  1. Lol retard. Maybe you should understand yourself.
  2. A pint and a half of non beer. As beer does not get me drunk, and they don't sell beer in pints. Are you retarded? You didn't understand the post. Fuck off and get hit by a car.
  3. Some Dexter rational itt. Ban him.
  4. ーーlol I can't get drunk from beer. Pointless. Gimme 1.5 pints instead.
  5. Shits sad lol. These ahem black boys in the NFL need to know they need to act right. Too.
  6. He knew you were joking the second time. The first not so sure.
  7. He wasn't being serious the first time lol. He's fucking making fun of slavs jesus pieces, and some colored folk but he's from ing gland so I don't think he was going there. I think a majority of posters here are slow. And yawll have the nerve to call me crazy. I love you kaz-son.
  8. "I don't even talk to you on here." In a thread where you've quoted me and talked to me directly and indirectly. I'm mad because you are this juvenile. Does anything make any sense to you?? Fuck reek. You are freaking stupid. Not talking to you anymore.
  9. You just quoted me. And complained we have issues and there's no conversation. Good riddance. How challenged are you.