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  1. Derracce House 3 eps downloaded. Smack smack. Ciggarettes and chilin'. Mybe snack some more food. i LoL at those bored during Covid. Internet lifestyle. been built for this. Reddit helps too. I SHOULD read mah HP2 book, but reading is so boring... hmmm. Got a chat program to chat with native jap folk, but en-masse people are facking lazy. Enthusiastic chat with someone for a couple days and you never hear from 'em again. I'll find a language partner in the process. @$@@%%%
  2. good thing. workng out the kinks. RrOD. Not like companies haven't seen it before. I'm not hearing anything about a new xbox production?? Let that cash fastsand stay in the dirt.
  3. ya i hate that. also everybody afraid to reinvent the wheel huh? 2 sticks. 2 dicks.
  4. that is so retarded. I got him to upload to cloud, and I can sign in (on his profile) and even download it to the hardware. But I'm thinkng to re play and continue, I gotta re sign in to his profile. If I stay out of logging in to PSN, would it not then not boot him out? I'm gonna try putting the file to a USB drive and see if I can get it to dl to a different profile But as you said, it may be digitally signed to that specific profile too. Welps, that's like 82 hours of dq11 that may be put on hold. Signng in at odd nights and not logging into PSN for his sake, sounds like a pain in the arse.
  5. The Underaker >> Steve Austin you spoiled brats. Yes I cried 3/5 times but they let him win some. Kane andd Taker also best tag team duo. Then those skinny Degeneration X kids. Also HHH is my god. Then, *grumble* I'll give it to steve austin. I personally like the Rock better but I'll admit i'm hating at that point.
  6. lol i'm cowcojin now. I have to pay respects to this game for at least 3 months. I really hope it's nothing linear like ff13, but I actually fear disc 1 is gonna have to be. Also, the demo for some reason now plays in Japanese text and subs. so I'm giving that a whirl. :party: I sent a screen to my bud and convinced him I hacked the PSN store and own the game as of yesterday. He's going nuts. sent me like 25 ????s and how's. I no teach Japanese secrut. lol i'll change my username if I actually love the game.
  7. find me a website. I'll google it. I lost 80 hours of dq11 because I was playing on my brother's profile on his ps4. Am I cucked? I would LOVE to have both games at my arsenal, switching back and forth. Like hella japanese wowo. Also yeah If I get super impatient i could buy nier now, it's like 5,000 YEN or $50 on JPN PSN tho. I can look to see how cheap it is onlne amazon used.. and I probably will just play Nier 2 right away. Unless OG nier is something ridic.
  8. So... didn't realize game content is tied to playstation profiles. I actually put my 80 hours of dragon quest on my brother's profile. Which means...? What now that I have my own PS4? (it's black and sexy but not a pro). Am I fucked? Anyway he can give me the data and I download it here? Do I have to log in to his profile then each time to play? Don't I risk wiping all my other saves or his saves here actually? Am fucked. Anyone been through this exact same situation, please let me know.
  9. women love interior design and shit lol. girls i mean. the hype for this game is real. it's all over my fb feed (I joined a group). It's funny and interesting and cool to see nintendo dominate and see a bunch of new gamers,, actually. I did play the orignal on cube. I liked it
  10. Can someone make this as big as possible but just small enough to fit sw nazi 600 x 275 gif sig restrictions? or I wanted this one as well.  I'm chaging my name to blu. It's time to pay refuge and homage to the King. Nintendo you don't exist until the next Zelda game.
  11. black PS4 clean in hand. Yup. Now I'm fuckng gameless for 5 days. Uhh, can you like, put save files (now from other profiles) onto a usb drive and I play them here? It sounds like you always need to be logged in that other profile. So therefore, did I just give away 80 hours of dq11 gameplay to my brother?? lmfao. fidge.
  12. I do, but there's not a tree around to hear it.
  13. ooooh. nasty. pre-load. that means I gotta pull the trigger//buy a day before. actually you gave me more info. sans.
  14. right... I may be playing it first minute. digital releases are early or late?
  15. look at you, smart entertained knowledgable fag boy. It's a shame you used all your energy on a tantaneesse game from 11 years ago. You could of had a JOB.