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  1. you must be on drugs because YOU know the ban history. Chimp's fucking retarded he has an excuse but you and Ike know I've been banned TWICE in less than a week, over dumb shit that would fly before. and over shit runny pampers does every day here. are you guys seriously fucking scared of him? do you just beg to suck his e-cock for validation? like seriously wtf is it? cool , he's pompous and good at talkig shit. So what? You realize you can create your own reality. Y'all no spine nor backbone. That pos rodent would've been banned ridiculed jimbo treated in my forum long ago. He knows exactl
  2. it looks like 100% of the time the cars are actually just hovering or gliding. Like, no weight on them. Could be on purpose//that's how futuristic cars are supposed to drive?? or am I just looking at really shat game design on an otherwise complete game
  3. @Alphonse @Twinblade y'all getting a little too fucking nazi lately. and showing favoritism again. bout to lose another regular member. Unless you two step in, and stop this bullshit fairly.
  4. as much as like Japanese shit, this shit's not funny. Y'all let the rodent chimp run around derailing threads and trolling people, but the second he gets any thing back y'all wanna coddle the baby. GD has turned into a furher. and Ike's a pup sheitsnickle in training. Wish y'all luck, but I don't see me supporting this shit much longer. More than likely this gets deleted, and I get another ban. But if you're reading this, have fun eating Chimp's fecal matter.
  5. are the cars fuckig floating//hovering above the road?? that just looks weird lol. wtf.
  6. don't even need to look to know. does it function? good enough. stuck on last gen like Aza said tho.
  7. Gaydee is supporting this trash system.
  8. Rondo likely out. Lakers not done.
  9. Lakers got rid of Danny Green (Acchilles problems!) and picked up D Schrodder!! Hell yeah. Now all they just need to secure Rondo.
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