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  1. Lol I don't know much about him. Just like I don't care for your vicarious wars. Imo it's the alt right incels and fuckos anti social with way too much time who care about this shit. Find some self esteem and go date. And if you have to make way for a minority or gay once in a while, you don't have to create an entire ideology and need to bitch about being special for it.
  2. Man it's like almost a year later but ok. I have the ps4 import somewhere. Japabese voice overs is hella cool though.
  3. I would die for the art. I'm down for that shit. Still ain't touched rd2 though. Tek tek tek.
  4. Man it's like almost a year later but ok. I have the ps4 import somewhere.
  5. The right way. I like dems who harp hypocritically on grand standing issues though. Makes my heart melt.
  6. Who won? Warts or vicarious leader for the alt right and incels?
  7. wtf is so different, great, or done immaculately?? Looks like standard deathmatch..
  8. Sounds, financially responsible. I think it's sad for the culture. They really are the last bane of peace and harmonious spirit left on earth. Be a real damn shame when and if the modern norm becomes crazed selfish shitty racist pitted against each other + minorities will just steal yo shit America. Because, well the world is rich enough for anyone to try crime and you can't stop me. Japan truly truly truly has all the rich means, but ppl don't do shit. Partly because their prison and court system isn't in cahoots to be for hundreds of billions of dollars of circulating profit and they don't want a quarter of the population in the system some way paying crooks (I mean the politicians, judges, clerks, clerics, and involved president), not the maligned victims. In japoot, prison is for bad people. Not the oppressed your own government crafted lol. America is such a cunt and shit show. I hope Japan keeps their peace. Sadly stories like this going on TV only hypnotizes more lunes till it can become a norm. I think Japan is left-field enough of a law and culture, they should become the first state not to put this shit on TV at all. Outlaw it. Talk about it 5 months later in a paper shinbun or weak ad. Lunatics do wanna get famous.
  9. Porsche 911 yellow w red or black stripes or bust friend. Get an audie coup after. Nah.
  10. Netflix texting and web browsing does not need a phone above 200. Save me the argument. IPhones are counter intuitive confusing hacks. And apple can be special all by themselves.
  11. I think that info would have been leaked or shared at this point. So no.
  12. Niggars is camo'in their 3/5ths. Monkey, I know what you is!!! A threat!!! Us government, here go my anus.