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  1. Lmffao i rep you on barely beating games. I lose you on 2 of them being NFS. ive probably only beat 3-6 games since 2016. Averaging 2 a year now. But I’m playing long rpgs. Ffxv ff7, 80 hrs into dq11. Ff13, ff13-2, ff13LR. I’d say that’s a good 2 years for me. I had 340 hrs in ffxv :)). And will get to 200hrs into even the short ff7r.
  2. And it continued from abolished slavery until 1995, at least. I don’t want to hear about black on black crime, in a designed self imposed ghetto, where even on a social scale the people are oppressed and mistreated. Because your average denier doesn’t have this basic knowledge shown in the OP vid. btw I knew about 75% of this stuff. The race traffic stop rates tho are downright disgusting. I remember a guy badmouthing philandro for getting pulled over 49 times. (White kid). Now I’m beginning to think 40+ of those stops were indeed racism. Police the herd!!
  3. They need to change policies and effect more affirmative actions programs and teach systematic oppressive history of America & its society that lasted well into the 2000s that IS IS IS DIRECTLY responsible for all the black on black crime in Chicago, so white idiots will shut up and get it. & us educated socialists or fair historians don’t have to hear it. Instead of changing names to shit.
  4. She said she didn’t but I looked at her like “really?? Okay.” Then pleasant conversations. She knows.
  5. That’s all that matters. Let the man do his meth in peace now.
  6. I forgot my mask and, some staff member at bp was freaking coughing and no mask. Bitch had sore throat. Felt it right away. Did go away in 25 minutes but seriously. Next time I go there, think I’m gonna mention it to her.
  7. I think of R kelly when I write fiesta rather than fruit peddling brown beige people. I guess I still have my black card.
  8. I re did chapters 1 2 and now on 3 in ff7 remake. a little replay.
  9. gotta add taking damage when standing under rubble though.