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  1. this could be fun? you can't pick your own, so who's avatar//sig combo would you vote? see I put ebony and ivory together, so donnnt need to hear all lives matter lol. I'm being peaceful. lol race.<< exaggeration.
  2. https://imgur.com/a/AlRqQVH Dude I'm gonna make this shit again lol. I still remember it and it's been a week. https://imgur.com/IyQLi7u I'm rapping in Osaka-ben about sushi lmfao. Good shit tho. Maybe $9?
  3. And it was actually good. Didn't get sick. Should buy again. Cub quality tuna but rubbed it in salt and sugar (+water brine if curious) and froze it overnight. http://imgur.com/gallery/Qjjd43k
  4. This is the least I've seen Remy in a thread. :D. Geese smiley is all this chimp got. Just need the forum to see and know. Worried Skinny niggah.
  5. I quit cyberpunk lol. game's disappointingly shallow. (I think). Maybe later. https://imgur.com/afghvgk this happened though.
  6. you didn't post your pic neither tub boy. And yes, since "remy" wants people to prove things, I figure let's start here.
  7. I put 55 hours into my first playthrough of Mass Effect 1. I know I spent at least 10 hours trying to rover up obscure mountains with no destination or good reason in sight.
  8. whaa whaa pooo poop. want a Tissue, bitch? lmfao you love me.
  9. --- started a book but lazy on that. maybe I should watch Wand fizzun. I combine. I smarts. Actually here, I watched 'The Children of The Sea' (random anime) on Netflix with a bud. Suspect expectations and just watch it. it's lol. I personally liked it. Friend hated it. lol.
  10. hhhah. I tried one recently. It's fun figuring out you don't want to play this game.
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