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  1. damn. well I got nothing to post/offer. Thanks fucker.
  2. my bro quoted one at under 5 or 6k purchase. $$$. worth saying you have one. Had another ricer buddy had a mitsubushi evo II red with 2 black stripes in high school. Matched my SHOES and I was his betterest buddy so I got to be the obnoxious black moocher friend riding shotgun and stuntin'. ) I drove a fucking Ford Tauras in high school. Then I had a saturn (which was dope $500 worked years). Then I drove parents or brother's car for a bit and got my DUIs and haven't drove since. Live in the metro though so really public transit gets me anywhere in 30 minutes or less. Just smoke a cig. Wait for the bus. Pay $1 a ride.
  3. how many times? party with it? learn anything on it? Remember anything you learned on it ( ). It expands my consciousness, I learn what 'experience' of living is, then I forget everything at my being constricts back go assessing I imagine being alive in the seconds/day-to-day moment. Brain/ego gets functional all over again. that was how I remember my last trip.
  4. i'm getting along with an enemy. wow.
  5. Curry ass Niggah. You can't use that word. Where's the habeeb??
  6. I had an asian buddy get one for under 8k. back in 2005-ish. You can loot and shop. GTRs, I bet don't go under 40k. Mitsubishi's you can get for 3-5k. There are far more powerful (astethic) ricers to buy. I wouldn't spend 25k on a civic personally.
  7. shoulda got a skyline GTR or a supra at any price. THAT'S THE WAY.
  8. you gon drive to it alone. good luck tho. life should be good.
  9. much better view. that first girl!!
  10. imma take a pic of my BUS RIDE to rival this thread. at least hot girls will get in my ride.
  11. bragging about a civic. lmfao lfmao
  12. gamedrunk can't logistic ebay prices. you think he can hide evidence of bodies?