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  1. Leave Twinny allone. This Hermit on Hermit CRIME is TOO MUCH
  2. Hayward has the ultimate pedo state trooper beard. so disrespectful.
  3. How early am I? start please.
  4. super mario rpg stole me heart. Something strangly satisfying in getting far in that game.
  5. I liked it, and I notice now how much I LOVED the combat. I miss warping. Like, I may even enjoy FFXV combat over FF7R. I miss parrying, as for the game. I just liked to do hunts lol. It's probably not as revolutionary now, but it was a dope open world imo.
  6. you shouldn't desicrate a Jersey. No matta who. I wonder of the Nets will be poppin' next year. Achilis injuries are no joke. I'm hoping they load manage Durant.
  7. i coudlnt even run ffx-0 hd on my bought from black person laptop did i not get robbed moment. so. I kinda (should) care about requirements lol.
  8. I would've like'd seeing that bengals and browns game.
  9. telelele no. 85 hrs in it. game shocks. shucks. I'm eviscerating the Japanese population on a Japanese >> English learn site. These fuckos think I'm as fluent as them. goar har har har. Not the case, but it's a good sign if you scratch said surfacfe.
  10. 10-1. Heat no Joke. LA should not expect to win it all.
  11. wowo really didn't tink Heat would do it again. Nice comeback, tightly played since mid 3rd quarter. Celtics are TOO young and UNDICIPLINED and will not win this series.
  12. Not a fan of waiting 1.5 years to play FFXV for example. Unless things are releasing faster or simultaneously, I still see an edge. Consoles are also just simpler. Pay one time. Everything will run for the next 5-10 years on max.
  13. Also my brother plays and still plays Dota. You won't make me shed my snake skin over PC gaming hours. He prolly has over 3,000 hours or years or lives or souls in that bitch. I keep smh everytime he mentions it, but it does not work. 1-800-SAVE-A-NiGGA from dota.
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