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  1. you get a passport yet?
  2. Cheese Kaz Remy Chimp HH horse. Who else is bleeding. I don't even recognize your account. oh befragen needed homo pills too.
  3. What is the road map thing? I may be returning my copy today.
  4. tlou2 is a tiny game compared to cyberpunk's size?
  5. I'm not shocked chimp just heard about Pokemon snap or the mechanics of it. lol. GD, I'm disappointed in. The OG was snaps and dope, and as you said, relaxing. I'm not sure if i'd be into it now. Animal Crossing was fun for a while too though.
  6. Hehaha he's gonna go get a cool graphics card now guys. But forget the car.
  7. Tinny is so stupid lol I'm gonna buy a car without an Engine. brb.
  8. damn. You're the second person to say this. His PC is that bad? i don't know much about them. Twin upgrade your shitty PC, embarrassment.
  9. I got stuck with the polish version of this trash. and I actually don't want to play it. And I can't fucking return it. fucking bs.
  10. not gon lie. OG was dope. Jet Force Gemeni too. some real gems. you make 180k a year and hype pokemon lol. that's dope too.
  11. you're so gay man. did your dick shrink 1.5 or 2 inches? I wanna buy a weaboo game. but I'm scared. please tell me first.
  12. Death Note really comes into mind. I almost didn't even wanna watch the last 5 eps of the season, cuz I was like, "whut?? lol. the entire 26 eps 2 seasons I just invested into this thing, has all been completely and entirely replaced, to a new arch. wait a minute. huh?" lol it was cool tho. this show and a couple others are really harping off death notes braniac type shit. audience members like it. actually in ep 2, I thought "they should really look at their surroundings before entering the game." sure enough, the bus was labeled GOAL. I think
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