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  1. Tackling a snappet picket of celophane wrapped powder, Boss knew this was some 70/30 slab. Ah, wells. Will get me hard and ride me high for the moment. If I feel like collapsin', I'll call over the stewerdess, ride her,and sneak my 5 in her skirt pockets for the to-go-vodka bottles she obviously has stashed. That blonde bitch ain't foolin' me. He may be flying 17,000 miles high but no peak scares Boss. What scares him is coming down. You pocket the shame and look forward. A bald-head cauc like you with his whiskers still clinging to his side-burns. You ignore the crisis of it all, and stare out the window. when in ROME do as ROMANS do. Maybe that'll be the struggle that'll teach you a lesson. You try.
  2. what were you actually doing that day? I feel like it was something important or memorable. I'll make yours more flattering.
  3. what's your first name/nicky? lol
  4. went to church and burned the masses.
  5. -- ahahaha. first I was just gonna credit you for kissing his ass, because that's what he wanted. but that's good lmfao. I thought mine was actually sticky and fine too. It doesn't have to be you David P. It's writing, you can enjoy where it came from.
  6. how old are you now? and how old would you be? I don't know much about you, but I'll try and throw some hashtag insults and make it fun. Do you like any weird genres?? Not a horror gai... space? (no one else will find it interesting though).
  7. 1.15.19 Ramza awoke, slodged, slothed, tired but drenched in the cum-tactular satisfaction that he sheeted his beds at least 14 times last night before he lost count. MIDI pangs of DQ11 repetitive tune played in the background from his 27" CRT gray box. He reached to wipe his pudge nose with his left fingers, but in his haste, accidently smeared cum and cheeto all over his nostril --- "aah... fuck. every time.. Oh well." It's probably 12PM. Or maybe 4PM. Late for "work." for our hero. "I must sign on the sstem waar,.. and tell themabout my precious gaming collection," RAmzapoo slithered to himself. As he arched up his 400 lb bodie, he uses his weight to shuffle away cans and shards of mess, from his $35 walmart air mattress. He stretches his arm and prada's his large size. For a mammoth, he does spur a fierce some weight. Had he applied himself, he would make a good linebacker back in the day. That's if felayfa didn't not take my date offer 15 years ago." RAmza purged himself with the same thoughts that plague him everyday. Felayfa, a blackwoman he once pounced on in a week of SJW'ing, rejected RAMZA saying 'he smelled like a cow.' He didn't quite take to the irony of that over a decade ago. But nothing spurns the spine of a white man like trying to be nice to black women, and then being turned down. RAmza signs on his DELL 1220P PC and the system wars screen flickers. "Time to talk shit in the Fitttnesss threeead," -- another slither that no other soul will hear.
  8. tell me a day,and I'll tell you what you did. The genre of the story will be based on your personality. I'll write a page out of your book.
  9. all that to play games on easy eah.
  10. that's never been do-able in RE games. This isn't a 3RD PERSON SHOOTER EITHER, you know? I don't think you know your genres.
  11. omg my ass/anus petal is fucked. lol nice response. petal to the metal lmfao tho
  12. It's an adventure game. Space ghosts are SO fast it doesn't matter to lock on. I found the game a nice breath of fresh air.