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  1. Still ain't touched botw to orgasm not even once.
  2. Lol wtf. He has to play. Especially if gsw fall behind.
  3. Okay. Gotta watch this. Good luck gitjfrurebf.
  4. I have the option to play this game is there alot of text? I wanna use as much Japanese as possible.
  5. Lol. Maybes 6 minutes before that. I promise to not miss game 5. I'm excite for kawhi. As a rookie mvp and underrated. What a story.
  6. Played it with very low expectations. And to hear it in Japanese. Text too. So it was worth it for me.
  7. Thought it looked familiar just from the tab.
  8. Still ain't watched a game. Score was not close at halftime so I assumed the worst.
  9. When is game 4?? I gotta watch the rest of the series.
  10. Lmmffao. Game 2 had me triggered too.
  11. True. i got a couple months of sober living to focus on. im dated out in the usa for now. i think a casual or slow serious dating life in japan on top of a career will be healthy soon. im young and not too hurt, and get it honestly. not expecting to find the one , and i had a commited relationship for a year and a half and i mooched around more actually . i think. she just took it to a disrespectful level with her hot ass at the end.
  12. I prefer real life . ill be healthy to go out on my own. the ho went on bumble during our break and almost started something so not a fan . ill get one but id rather she not catch me on it . im thinking she disabled hers, like she said when we got back together to try, ill try it for a few weeks under anyones radar. but aint trying to give an excuse to be at fault . may have to delete mine . bad feeling about it tbh . Her story was her therapist told her to explore her type while she was venting over me , or trying to get over me ., the slut did this, and did it in 2 weeks though. co dependent and cant be trusted.
  13. Lol im going to date as soon as possible . dude fuck this woman , i had fun and they are all trash as are most people because its the most counter-intuitive/not natural thing to love and stay with one organism forever. marriage is a mature decision to be miserable together and go broke raising kids for a little more happiness.