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  1. I like your gettutdone attitude. I have black hair which grows slow. So I can find someone to do it. I should learn to properly do my own beard nice whenever I want it. I'll do you one betta. Thrift store those clippers on a good day. You paid too much.
  2. Are you a walking guido ghosts. You are at a bar. See a girl that's fine. You assume she's not too good for you. Maybe slightly hot n busy. What do you do or say. Or maybe you don't do shit. Ain't you trying to pull (ANYthang??) every time you try and go out?
  3. No because everything got expensive and fucked by those who BOCKED the system. Health should have always been a moral driven field. Constitutionally. And guess what, it was capatslism and the beauty of using "research costs" and free-reign on prices that make things *ahem* so expensive only an insurance company can pay for it. Then u lol want to let insurance companies set their own prices rules of gangbang. Are you getting this?? But lets let the wealthy get wealthy. Least we not crying bout nothing!! Sure as shit ignorant. Suuure as shit fuckinh myself over. But I'm figurin it out!! (Actually I'm not. I'm just taking it like gapehole, and not undestanding a single dammn thing).
  4. Lol well if that shit was universal, does that mean a quality shrink at high schools would be.... Cheap?? that icky share socialism shit working??
  5. i would spend money on infrastructure any day. Hs should be the time and place a lot of these kids should get a quality shrink. Can probably track 60% of people's issues back to hs/the herd/surviving the terrible way we tease and raise each other. You have no clue what a saving a better functioning society and happy ready kids entering la society force does. You're too deluded being senile about everything. So edgy. So punky fucking useless gtfo You have a small fucking brain. You just see things inward or in a straight shot and dedicated line. Uprooting society and humanity, until happiness is the feeling norm (it's definitely not, look)- should always be a social experiment of yours.
  6. So the parents should pay a shrink. $2000. Look brreh. Some things should be socially funded and cheap for society's sake. Other things can be quality or just dumb expensive trinkets you care. The things that put people at the bare minimum, there is nothing wrong or uncool of trying to have taxes do that rather spending 65 billion every year trillions on war. Why are all you munchkins so hell bent on some gov spending? WE SPEND WAY MORE EVERY TIME UNCONTESTED ON MILITARY AND WE ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING FUCKED WITH.
  7. It's an interesting idea. With all the weird physics quirks of that formula, I think ninty should try banking on a zelda that looks like that. It's ballsy not to have to need a shaded cartoon look for extra too. A plain looking, but zelda game? Oh ya. I'm sure it will be better than most or any games.
  8. Chicken Paddies, cuz they game on ipads? I think the system will be a useless jaunt you can add to the hermit and manticore camp, But pink chicken paddies sounds hilarious for anyone that wants to.
  9. That last one looked cool. I'm sure the inputs or maybe even the ingenuity are simple.
  10. I just got 86'd from on of my most liked bars too. Shitty mananager.
  11. If mods want attention to gaming, on topic, proper or classy tasty threads I would pin one of these every week.
  12. OK. I hope you're ok. Life sucks sometimes. You are an awesome guy.. Chill