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  1. bruh. I used to do this shit as a kid. made a couple dope mario kart 64 ones. that shit's lol tho.
  2. i dont even know what game that is lmfao. i remember when we weren't jaded and played just anything.
  3. yes HUGE tits. NO APOLOGISTS. I want her labia sticking out and hood over her knees!
  4. what do you force yourself to play on that xbox?
  5. Like Im smart. and I wouldnot system wars a tatoo on me. But if I ever slipped up, this crazy weird albino black niggga is the reason I do. Punky, you came out a chemical success lol. You got yugio bad taste in gaming. But who doesn't round here, 'Less for the sentinent 13 or less left over gods. Small G niggah, we gettin' our Big G game going on. Status.
  6. Petarded was like Gee light light with the darkxerou attitude black guy, right?
  7. Punky's so weird, he would scare the entire klan of the KKK, they would kick him out.
  8. oh that's weird. that's quite a bit of content lol. sounds you get no benefit being ;picky. any perks or reason to be selective with romance options? I know if I played, id hate to "have to" wife up everyone in case of missing out. just curious how game works. chit chatting.
  9. lmfao it was soo fucking random. and added nothing. punky. oh l'ear.
  10. coudln't tell to be honest! tho I see you can enjoy a fruity jap game. 13 sentineals and you were playing some detective one earlier. bodycount, I asked my friend if he wanted to know and he said 'he didn't care. because he has a life that's more important.' maybe try his strategy?? also yes that's f'd. I would just beat the game as is and youtube that ending. there's gotta be a 2nd best ending. also, this 1.06 patch git damn downloads sooo much slower than the data disc.
  11. hehee. did you stroke your cock to Sae Bae? fucking not bae-able. the best ones always aren't. *smh* I'm gonna take Sae off of her husbo's hands in the sequel.
  12. and why did you fail with Sae? What the fuck did you do (or not do GD)?!? Also yes, Sae sounds like bae. I bet she has short hair and is mad kawaiicuuute. xdD lol. I like pre-pubescent Yuffie looking girls.
  13. hmm. does this game make you romance men? I'm a bit confused. don't you play as a guy? anywho, cool to know. that game works in weird ways!! counselors are for fucking they are damaged people.
  14. is the secret ending guidance counselor comes back from a failed affair or 3 and fiddles you in the back of the gym stage? I mean, what's this blockbuster scene that bodycount's upset about?
  15. waiting on my shit. downloading repatching. I got an import in 3 days :O lucked out on pandemic shipping. gur har har. couple hrs lata I should be gayming.
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