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  1. I was gonna give them (the nuggets) yesterday. Give them this. The Lakers need to respect how hard it is going to be.
  2. devils advocate here. Getting their ass beat right now. Barely won game 2. Should La La land be more awake for this? SKUUUIIIIPPPP.
  3. your creeds reluctance to join the BLM gang has caused enough conteversary that *white people stock went down and, they, I'm guessing the ALM Klan decided they only had enough pull for 1 white rapper for this racial fiscal year. MGK just subbing for the team. He's still an (obnoxious) white rapper.
  4. been sold out of my mind for years. nothing new. You gonna eat that bagel?
  5. PS5 is dooomed. It has cross gen games (Jehurey). So I guess Switch died'd in year 4 when it got cross-gen Doom. Jehlogic.
  6. I didn't see the BDSM that the Lakers partook in the second quarter. but it appears we have a game now? Hmmkay.
  7. I beat TEWII. Good B+ rated fun the whole way through. I hate all other try hards and suda 51 games too. Never played Killer 7 or 13, but you gagging barbie cock to publicly state you like No More Heroes or shit.
  8. No? I wanna go to a mall or a movie.
  9. are malls and movie theatres open?
  10. nicki minag been a ho before Cardi was. TLC was feminine and boisterous. Sorry I don't find WAP so mindblowing.
  11. i'm gremlin chimp has any idiolts or ties up/gags someone convinces them, I'm sure his super evolved great great x4 grandchildren with their epitome of chimp IQs will be listening to WAP in 2220. "Yu yu yu.. don't get the full picture! She's talking about her wet ass pussay!"
  12. ^ a Jehurey edit and well laid out post, like pepperoni's on a pizza. Carefully creammated on to the face of the fat dough, ya know what I mean?
  13. you fucked two smoking hot chics to behtooven, or Moo Moo Dojo Cat? either way that's fucking psycho, pal.
  14. ghost name us 3 non club music musics.
  15. a waste. should be next gen only. launching with a new RE game. That's interesting already. I expect the first year to be some transgender shit.
  16. First they took Halo, now you're happy that Skyrim is dead? Ohkay bud.
  17. GO Refs- I mean FOOTBALL TEAM.
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