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  1. 3 buds a day keeps the doctor away
  2. Restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, churches, markets, etc all had surprisingly welcoming people. Surprising only because of what we see, hear and read about here for our whole lives. Only time people got super cereal and stern was in the Red Square. Other than that, Russians seemed to be a great bunch of people. Same shit goes for the U.S. the world always talks about ALL Muricans being complete assholes who are despicably racist and impossibly dumb. And when you visit you see it's just way off. Y'all are fucking dumb lol
  3. Never noticed this in my two weeks in Russia
  4. Dynonarc Youd figure one might like a bit a of weed with a goofy ass gaming room trying to play majoras mask.
  5. Boss

    RIP Sears

    I never said I've never gotten what I wanted before. That particular time with the balloons I did not.
  6. Boss

    RIP Sears

    I never made xmas lists for my parents. They werent about that life. The one time I did make a list at about 5 years old, my father had me put in an envelope. He then attached it to a bundle of helium filled balloons and floated the list into the sky, telling me that it was on its way to the north pole. I got nothing that was on my list for xmas. An epic dad troll that still gets bought up during the holidays lol.
  7. Gdcanna.org Try it. Got me some gold seal.
  8. Boss

    RIP Sears

    the excitement of going to sears
  9. i have thousands of pics from russia greece so this is a small fraction. maybe ill post more when I feel like it