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  1. I picked it up on the Steam sale too. 8 bucks for a replay on my new rig. Gonna install soon. I'm mostly just excited to listen to more Mick while using bad ass guns.
  2. Absolutely. It's not even close tbh. And I like Nioh.
  3. yea man. it's basically Rudd playing the two types he always plays lmao some of the scenes had me dead too.
  4. watchout GD the controller beat out what everyone was waiting for MediEvil
  5. I finished watching that Living With Yourself with Paul Rudd x2 and enjoyed it. I mean if you like Rudd you'll probably like this. It's surreal sometimes how well he acts with himself. Tried Peaky Blinders SE5 but couldn't go 5 min into the episode. Sick of the shows lame stylistic bullshit lol Reading Disco Elysium and Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie. Anyone who wants to read some gritty fantasy needs to get in with some Joe A
  6. do we know if Keanu will in fact be breaking the 4th wall a la Deadpool, or Mel Brooks movies?