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  1. This guy had one last thing to say to the bagel shop and he just sets up the easiest comeback of all time 'Grow the hell up' He's 3 inches from being full fledged remij
  2. Saw him live in Toronto last weekend. Great show a bit short tho
  3. Boss

    Do you kill insects?

    I only go full artillery if I see these
  4. looks like the best game on the switch in every regard, period.
  5. I went to the parade. I left work around 3pm and walked over to bay and queen corner of Nathan Phillip Square. I was about 20, 30 feet from the shooting. Needless to say my party was over.
  6. When Ludwig begins his second form
  7. the game nobody asked for and realized they didn't want
  8. How long did it go on for? What a crazy turnout