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  1. I went to the parade. I left work around 3pm and walked over to bay and queen corner of Nathan Phillip Square. I was about 20, 30 feet from the shooting. Needless to say my party was over.
  2. When Ludwig begins his second form
  3. the game nobody asked for and realized they didn't want
  4. How long did it go on for? What a crazy turnout
  5. Of course they can pay big comedians more than some pleb who couldn't save a marvel show no matter how much you paid them. The cost of production on an hour comedy special is peanuts you dumbass.
  6. watching those hemp sock wearing fgts drink IPA's and pretend to like them with a straight face is gold
  7. Gardiner is afraid to have the puck on his stick lmao. God that was awful
  8. Shame Boston tied it up but at least the Leafs didn't lie down. Rask was bloody hot.
  9. literally impossible for Xbox One to claim any sort of ownage