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  1. Thought the latest album had some of the nicest productions on a Nas album in forever Lyrically felt closer to prime Nas fav tracks: Blue Benz 27 Summers (sweet drake impression) Full Circle (AZ was a joy to hear again - could have done without Foxy...that was 10 Points The Cure
  2. Tlou2 has the lemmings and incels shook lmao
  3. TV above the fireplace and that far away is the WOAT. Imagine choosing to play video games as if you are front row at a movie theater. Yuck.
  4. I was about to watch it over the weekend - and when I started it, mi lady who was working at home started complaining wanting to watch it with me so I put it on hold sometimes I think you had the right idea GD women
  5. recently got into Insurgency: Sandstorm - a welcome change of pace in military shooty shooty games I have been so absent from for a while.
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