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  1. how this ost matched up with the half phase of the boss is one of the coolest things a game has ever done.
  2. Bloodborne Doom DS3 Nioh Samus Returns Dying Light Hollow Knight Overwatch MKX Darkest Dungeon Ori
  3. I love gaming. Playing this on a handheld cant possibly do this classic justice. Lose all the immersive atmosphere playing this 'on the go' Lmao sensitive ass sheep.
  4. This game on a handheld would be awful
  5. IMO, only time it feels 'floaty' is when you use the pressure sensitive jump. That isn't really how I'd describe floaty, unresponsive controls.
  6. hollow knight is much slower but I wouldn't say it's clunky at all.
  7. hollow knight gameplay is kinda bland to start but really opens up well with new abilities. well enough that even I'll even give it the point for that too.
  8. There is a whole shit load of easter eggs in this game. Many nods to of one of the most influential games of the last 15 years, Souls series. Hollow Knight > Dead Cells btw
  9. You will eat my shit commander cunt feet. I could have finished the main game, but I was busy trying to get lost in the world, which I figured was one of W3's selling points. You are gay, gaylorddenial. Maybe one day I will revisit W3, way way in the distant future. It'll happen. But no chance at trudging through those first two witchers. Ok maybe one day. Faggot.