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  1. As someone who is not the biggest RE fan, I'm enjoying the hell out of this game.
  2. Your goal to make this place look even more depressing has been fulfilled
  3. Discord wins again and they dont even know it yet
  4. Socom probably had better graphics
  5. true switch gets enough old games nobody asked for already
  6. I got a new phone with a new plan. Galaxy S9. I feel like a GOD
  7. hopefully next gen we get an actual war. this gen was simply genocide.
  8. I do but rarely. I feel the same way about being ripped off. New release games in Canada cost $79.99, digital or physical, which is fucking dumb. Digital and physical shouldn't be the same cost. I like having the ability to trade in and actually have a copy of something I purchased. That being, said standard editions of physical games come with nothing but a napkin or some code inside. Need to get special editions to have any sort of cool content (manual, soundtracks, art books, etc.)
  9. Might need to work on that emotional intelligence though Einstein