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  1. How about we have no administration or mods so you guys stop running off our most legendary members (Grip) and reading our pm's?
  2. GD still shook because he was once a member but we threw him out for misconduct
  3. Oh and TLHBRF TCHBFR BDG not only brought SW back together but we were right about Nintendo all along. Visionaries of the future
  4. Octopath being #1 is absolutely huge The shift has been signaled
  5. BDG didn't kill this forum... we actually brought the forum back together BDG saved SW
  6. I already addressed why everyone left here yet you glossed over it
  7. Yet it's still fucking up http://www.sidescrollers.net/ TCHBFR again and again
  8. When a few people decide to leave a forum and they send out invites to a new place everyone gets all and they follow them. It's like a chain reaction. The point about Neogaf is that if can happen to a forum with 50 k members it definitely can happen at a small ass forum like this.
  9. When some people decide to leave forums everyone else follows and get all about the invite. It's a chain reaction. The point about Neogaf was to demonstrate that this can literally happen with 50, 000 people much less a tiny forum like this one.
  10. Look at what happened to Neogaf. OMG guys start a new forum because faked outrage and then everyone else followed and now they basically have the exact same members, and the same fucking forum on a different sever Cows knew they were going to get obliterated the second that score dropped
  11. The proof is all right there. Sidescrollers came back to SW because SS was a mistake BDG members remain here and there are no issues. The only factor that has changed is Cows got over TLOU flopping
  12. Most of the board was Cows and they all decided to leave and start a new forum and everyone else played follow the leaderThen you guys all came back to SW because SS sucked
  13. This forum was obsessed with BDG and let themselves get baited hard Everytime we logged in here there was like 20 threads about us from obsessive insecure bullied types. If people just shut the fuck about it there would have been no need for the melodramatic mass exodus and return. Look at how me Ghostz act here now. We don't give a fuck because people finally shut the fuck up and stopped obsessing over us. I mean the proof is right there. JonB is absolutely right. People just used us as an excuse to leave because TLOU flopped.