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  1. 5 replies in 40 seconds. Every word rang true like a dagger in their tortured hearts
  2. Doom Eternal is going to be our fist day and date current gen AAA, the indie scene has exploded, third party franchises that were never on Nintendo platforms are making their way over one by one. I know it hurts you guys, I do... because Nintendo has always dominated first party, now they're winning in hardware sales and third party sales tooJust pack it up. It's over. This only ends one way and deep down we all know it.
  3. The game shipped a million copies in 3 weeks. Stop holding so much bitterness in your bum soul. The floodgates are starting to open and you will be forced to watch the entire thing unfold in the last place position.
  4. Nintendo third party games coming first NPD New announcements everyday So much bitterness about the industry falling to Nintendo
  5. begging for sloppy secondsbottom of the barrel faction TLHBFK
  6. Lems don't even think 12 months of Xshart sales can compete with 9 months of Switch sales
  7. Lems even talking about salesPathetic Switch will sell more in 2018 before Dec 31 than Xb1 will the full fiscal year of until March Avatar and Namechange bets any takers
  8. Nintendo's 20 million predicition was for the fiscal year, Pachters prediction is for the fiscal year, all of this talk is about the fiscal year. Business and business analyst's and the stock market at large follow the fiscal calender
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