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  1. Might be okay for multiplayer.. I usually play single player though and use Sennheiser headphones with optical.
  2. omfg I was gonna get Elite Dangerous soon but now it's FREE on gamepass.
  3. yeah something like that.. wtf he just finished chemo recently too.
  4. you should sell any stocks you have.. im sure you paid way less
  5. close but no cigar,, you are a lemmit.. 51% lemming and 49% hermit.
  6. Yo isn't that because of meme stocks? The Reddit GameStop Boom Proves We’re in a ‘Meme Stock’ Bubble | Marker (medium.com)
  7. So $10 a month? I can get 4 McDonalds hamburgers for that price.
  8. The problem is that when Xbox ultimately starts to dominate and COD once again uses MS Xbox as lead platform guys like you will want to come back.. Stay where you are you filthy sheep
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