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  1. I wouldn't mind getting another tank though.
  2. No when I was a kid I had this 15 gallon tank I think it was? I had basic fish like guppies and other stuff.. Then my sisters friend's friend was trying to get rid of 3 piranhas, an oscar and a newt so I took them.. The piranhas ate all teh fish in the tank obviously.. Then two of them ate the third piranha and the oscar.. and I ended up with two piranhas. Fed them feeder goldfish from pet store..
  3. So is this what you guys come here to do? Just circle jerk about a product MS has no involvement with?
  4. Wasn't Sony known to lose hundreds of dollars per console in the ps2/ps3/ps4 days? And I remember cows would say "see! sony luvs it's customers... They make money of games so it's all good. high five!" lmao cows what a joke
  5. Actually these are my three favorite game characters 1. The guy driving the car in Forza 2. Master Chief 3. Marcus Fenix
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