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  1. its probably legit mp3 downloads of prepaid licensed music. Couldn't some small business buy music licenses and then convert the file to mp3 and then sell or lease the license for a profit? As long as the guy selling the mp3 has a reseller license much in the same way a company like Spotify has and I don't see an issue. Instead of streaming it's a physical mp3 file that you get to use on your device. Seems logical and also doubtful that Apple would purposefully put themselves in a bad situation.
  2. But honestly though, it does read like that job posting is looking for someone who knows their way around pc game development. And it specifically says TLOU 2? Why wouldn't anyone automatically think like Jon? Because most of you are in denial? That's essentially what the job posting is for.. TCHBR indeed.
  3. My point is that MS is rolling in the cash no matter what. Remember this zak, It doesn't matter if Lynux of all people, Lynux as in linux.. The guy calls himself linux so there's no question he hates MS.. It's a given What's funny is that he's probably using an MS OS to post on this website. What sad fucks don't realize is that MS has such an enormous warchest that they will NEVER abandon gaming unlike what you and lynutz are begging for every day on this very gaming forum. That was my point of my previous post.. Hope that clears things up I didn't think I had to explain myself since it's just basic common knowledge.
  4. Should get one of those fo mah dick.
  5. I think my sisters boyfriend had some late nineties. but doubt anyone else wore them lol
  6. Don't worry the company you work for/with certainly pays MS millions upon millions of dollars for yearly licensing.
  7. Sony will be releasing all their shit on MS platforms. They do that or MS will simply push them out of the gaming console space and Sony will have to shutter it's doors. Oh well
  8. lol lynutz in full damage control I don't even read his posts when he gets into a frenzy like this and just see "bah bah bah bah bah bah bah" The guy is falling apart lul..