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  1. I actually owned 3 different 360's and not one RROD'd on me. I had one for upstairs and downstairs. Then bought an older model that was compatible for optical drive firmware update which allowed to play burnt games
  2. So what alternate OS do you use to Windows? If you hate Windows surely there are other options. Apple? Linux?
  3. I want to try it. Edit: I think this is pepsi max though which is sugar free? I'd rather try the regular pepsi raspberry if there is one.
  4. When I had DRE I called sony. They asked me to ship my console to them at my own cost. I never had RROD but I heard that MS shipped you a box so that you can ship the 360 to them and they would send it back to you at their cost. That's is the difference between these two companies. Also I got DRE just a little after a month of owning the new ps2 slim so I couldn't bring it back to the store where I bought it. After one month you need to deal with manufacturer. Sony made me pay to ship their faulty console back to them for repair/replacement. O
  5. I won't be buying a ps5 now because of this most likely. I got burned with dre and other sony shit. Why is sony so poor and anti consumer?
  6. Y'all raped. Xbox number 1 as asual.
  7. Sure is. Why pay $10 a month for netflix, another 10 for several other services. pay $70 for ppv events.. nah I'm good with just spending the $10 bucks to get it all.
  8. so what type of controller input would you use to play games on Netflix. Will all the processing be done on their servers and then streamed to the gamer at home? Processing streamed videos and actual games is different. what control scheme will they use if they don't have their own hardware? I doubt it's a simple as netflix setting up streaming games and people can suddenly buy a sony controller and connect it to their tv's and use it for gaming on netflix. So please give me a detailed summary of how Neflix will do this. Will it be kiddy shit games that don't take much power
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