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  1. MS should buy R* and make it exclusive to Xbox.
  2. The sheep and cow tears are delicious af itt
  3. Why did you do this?
  4. Yeah we use all Microsoft where I work. The latest tablets and Surface laptops. They got some nice specs on the higher end models. Of course we use Windows, the Office suites, MS Visio, MS Project, O365 for collaboration and email. Many third party apps of course but everything is based off MS...you know.. just like most companies on the planet. Other companies may not use Surface devices but they all use MS products like as described above. Wonder how much my company pays MS in licenses each year?
  5. I think they're crushing it with production.
  6. It's just odd that Sony would want MS's sloppy seconds.
  7. why the shit do you always write in the third person.. good lord.
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