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  1. you know he's seething when he says lemij.
  2. why are sheep always running to rescue sony? must be some conspiracy against MS and Xbox.
  3. look at the cows crying about their shitty 9 TF "next gen" console
  4. No they wouldn't try to lock anything down. You do know MS is a charitable company right? They aren't greedy like Nintendo and Sony. And there is no guarantee that sony or nintendo will get anything yet. So you should keep your pie hole shut until that happens. Regardless, these games will all be day 1 free on GamePass. buh buh buh gamers are now shitting on companies that are trying to share their games not be greedy.. lmao you guys are fucking pathetic.
  5. Does it even matter? We all know what would have happened if Sony bought Bethesda right? They would have been greedy kept it on their own platform right? The goal? Sell more hardware right? Why can't MS do the same thing? If MS' intention is to increase their hardware sales and work on improving their Xbox division, isn't this exactly what a company would do to get that done? I don't understand sheep in here thinking they can own us on this in any way
  6. We will see what happens. I hope MS injects a lot of money into these newly acquired franchises. Provide some assistance with their talent and making the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games good again.
  7. if you didn't like fallout and elder srolls franchises then
  8. They are buying franchises. New teams will be working on Fallouts. Money will be spend building new games.
  9. yes they want to make money but you need to realize how much money they actually have. They spend and spend to invest.. They wouldn't be investing this much in gaming divisions if they don't intend on making money in the long run however long that may take. They see a future and are going all in. Which other company has invested more in gaming than MS in the past few years? Why would a trillion dollar corporation who is swimming in money invest billions upon billions of dollars in acquiring a stable of games? Just so they can quit and abandon their Xbox hardware? Com
  10. Yeah, so? I have a two years of gamepass access.. bring it on. I need a box to play games on because I don't intend on spending extra money for a gaming pc.
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