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  1. you should buy a pro controller. Keep the screen on your lap while you play on the pro controller on the bus or whatever. Put on a cool pair of headphones while you're at it.
  2. yes exactly. take pics of your parents moving their belongings down to the basement (I would preferably like to see frowns in those pics btw) all while you've taken over the upper levels. Lounging around sipping on martinis. Just chuck your uber eats leftovers down to the basement so they don't starve.
  3. Well duh, it's common sense if you watch any news at all. But some people just can't make the connection.
  4. The Monday leading up to the Holy week of Easter and the Notre Dame almost burns down? lmao.. this idiot doesn't see the logic. Must be nice to be a blind fool.
  5. MS will be king forever. everyonewhoisnotalemmingispwned
  6. I play this game with my friends all the time!.. We just go to the sex clinic and get those harsh pills that make you sick for a few days. Wonder what's in those pills. I remember last time I was at the STD clinic, I saw this chick I used to fuck. .akwards as fuck.