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  1. well I'll tell ya if prices start going up because of this.. and it probably will... then Trump should get the fuck out of office.
  2. https://www.inverse.com/article/56033-e3-2019-microsoft-leak-xcloud-xbox-scarlett-halo Games 'leaked'/rumoured
  3. And I think gamepass will include Sony and Nintendo titles which can also be virtualized on all consoles. MS saves the day! I'll be playing Zelda on my Xbox soon enough. Thanks sheep
  4. It also looks like they are going for some type of democracy where the next king is chosen based on votes?
  5. Fuck it I just bought Minecraft on the MS store.. helping MS by adding to their sales
  6. It's true though. My buddy is hardcore Smash fan and this other guy just spent a thousand dollars on the swtich plus games and has no interest in this maker stuff. Should sell pretty well