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  1. If I want to game in high fidelity I use Xbox.. pc's and other devices can be used for their specialized purposes.. Just like a gaming pc is used for a specialized purpose. If you want to game on pc you have to pay more than $500.. it's that simple.
  2. I'm pretty sure my xeon server at home running 256 GB of ram destroys your pc in raw horsepower.
  3. Doesn't matter, the average joe who has any kind of pc likely has a laptop. PC's are personal computers which is laptop, desktop, apple, tablets.. these are all pc's.. what we are talking about is pcs that can run Windows and run games at high fidelity. You need to build a desktop and then purchase all other performance parts and you can't do that for under $500. Not sure who your kidding here?
  4. yeah but a pc that can perform the same as Xbox series X cannot be built for $500. Impossible.
  5. Fine if you have a pc that can do raytracing and shit like that then have fun playing on your pc. Nobody asked you this..
  6. I wonder if ps5 will be this popular?
  7. I've called every retails store in a 3 hour radius.. a total of 143 stores today. all sold out of Series S/X. I told them that I was willing to drive 6 hours (3hours there and 3hours back to the guys on the phone. .but the guys said some people wanted it more since he knew of others making 10 hour road trips to pick up Seires X's that they happened to find a several cities away.
  8. Well, I didn't pre order and thought shit.. the guys at SW keep saying its' shit an nobody wants it so I should be able to walk and get one on day 1 right? sold out everywhere..
  9. I get the game on Xbox don't I? I probably get it for free on Gamepass too. It might got to pc gamepass but still be exclusive to us MS fanboys. Why would I even give a shit if sony or nintendo get it? More money for MS.. Good going. It's up to them.. but MS gonna shit in sony and nintendos breakfast this gen and that's all there is to it fgt.
  10. What kind of pc do you own? you're a core gamer right? Well, you must have a system you use for non nintendo titles? Let me guess, you don't use pc for gaming because it's too expensive and you use sony? You ask what's the point of Xbox and I say it saves you $1500 for the same equivalent of a gaming pc. But then you argue well you'll use sony right as your core gaming system and nintendo for their crap? Sony is weaker hardware for same price. MS own Zenimax and a ton of devs now. What's your next excuse?.. sony exclusives? oh shit MS has exclusives now? so what are you go
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