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  1. Haven't experienced any of these issues.. very strange indeed.
  2. are you guys going to jimstrict him?
  3. As I've been telling you guys. Xbox is numba 1. drive by.
  4. so much negativity in this thread. if the characters in those games had slanted eyes and wore schoolgirl length skirts then it would be more popular. But MS is developing the game? it's insta-blech. lmao. and we continue to go round and round and round
  5. syphilis? nope. Why do you care if MS destroys sony or ninty?.. You're team MS aka an orange hermit aren't you? Why so much concern for the other factions?
  6. the Xbox brand is the huge boulder and the little guy is ninty or sony
  7. My sister is a dyke so I'm just showing support. Got a problem?
  8. Hey @Bodycount NI just selected the gay pride flag as my banner in Gears 5. There are several versions you can choose too. Game rocks No homo.