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  1. That's not what you said. You said people with a One X have no need to get a Series X. I have a pc as well that I DO NOT use for gaming due to lack powerful hardware such as expensive video card etc.. Of course I have an SSD in my PC just like you seeing that they are quite cheap. Does that mean that a Series X is not benefiting me in load times over a One X while I'm gaming on console which is my primary mode of gaming? What was your point? The next gen games will come and Series X will benefit greatly.
  2. load times are night and day between one x and series x. Everything is way faster.
  3. Everyone who isn't green should have rainbow colored names.. like lgbtq+ colors.
  4. You said "NEW" games. MLB is a new game. wtf? stop moving the goalposts.
  5. So are we still criticizing xbox for not having new games.. or are we now laughing at baseball. Please clarify.. thanks faggots.
  6. Is this not the truth? I don't get it. You say no new games but there are. I'm confused.
  7. MLB the show which released a couple of days ago is free on GP.. No new games tho right fgt?
  8. Anyone who likes Xbox is a winner. While anyone else who likes any other console are part of the fgt group. Can someone make this happen. K thanks, bye.
  9. First of all Xbox fans don't play shitty kiddie games like nintendo dishes out. second, returnal is gonna bomb. Byeo Why are so many gamers faggots? ninty gamer like kiddie bullshit games I don't get it .. and cows like a console with 2 less TF. eat shit we winnin.
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