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  1. Hi, I'm Bender wanna change your gender?
  2. Rebecca Black is a lesbian now.
  3. do you pirate all your games? If not then where do you save money? I also get discounts on the Xbox store. So what? Plus I have gamepass. If prices go up on console then they should go up on pc as well... unless you pirate your games? I'm not judging.. .I'm just trying to figure out where you're getting this imaginary "ownage" from.
  4. It sucks because in Canada game prices are already $20 than USD for base game. We pay $79.99 CAD while US pay 59.99. With taxes a game will be at least $100 for base version never mind special editions etc.
  5. those sticks look off.. might still have my super nes controllers.
  6. If you see a guy on Canada Day laying on top of the white rock and humping it, its prolly me.
  7. It's actually really good. you should give it a chance.