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  1. I'm pretty sure that Rockstar will team up with MS and build their next GTA world on the back of Azure's cloud infrastructure.
  2. SpicoliX


    Alright cool I can see it now thanks. I really thought someone was fucking with my account for luls.
  3. SpicoliX


    Pretty sad of the mods and/or even @Alphonse How petty can you be? Honestly? Like I said before.. back to https://corn-rages.com/ for me.
  4. Never seen a web forum of less than 10 members try to alienate some of those 10 members I'm gonna DDOS this site into the ground. Ban me for that! Fucking losers.
  5. Haha funny. Who do you think you're dealing with here? Some idiot mod disabled Chatbox under my profile. Fuck this shit.. Bye. I'm really never coming back to this dump. fucktards.
  6. How is spamming the chat box hurting this forum? It's not like the good topics are being pushed down by the garbage or anything... Fine, make Jim and I + other people create and post in threads instead.. shit up the threads with our posts I guess. Not sure what the site owner and mods are actually hoping for here. There aren't may users on this website. Are we going to ban everyone until there are only a 2-3 people left? At least with chat box you had somewhere for people shit post.
  7. A feature that many people use but it get's removed. Who the fuck is managing this website ffs?
  8. Why would anyone want a Google console? Google knows nothing about gaming and the way they make money is with ads. why the fuck would anybody want that? Microsoft has been in the gaming business since early iterations of Windows and dos and you want them to die but you want the advertising giant to make a gaming console. Retards on this website I tell you
  9. I understand where you're coming from with "germs" but think about when you're eating some random chicks pussy and you sometimes tongue the butt hole. Should we really be concerned that the person celebrating the birthday might have a piece a chicken left over from lunch between their teen and that it could possibly fly out and land on the cake while blowing the candles? Yummy! partially digested food from and old dude or dirty puss
  10. I dust off the Switch and PS4 on occasion but the X is my go to.
  11. Let's face it 4k gaming IS next gen and next gen is now with One X. It does 4k at a reasonable price compared to a gaming pc and it's my go to gaming platform.
  12. I'm seriously loving this. Too a few days off to explore and tinker with this new feature. I've been gaming with games that are hard copies, Gamepass, games with gold and now using steam through Xbox. It doesn't get any better.