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  1. Jehurey purposely goes around trying to start arguments so I don't think people are actually approaching him to argue. It's more like he's coming in here and trying to argue with everyone because he finds it fun. So it seems that he's often arguing with others which he is, but he actually mostly sought out those arguments. This is part of the reason some people were calling for post limits on his account. He often came in and derailed threads in some other crazy direction and it was hindering forum discussion. In short, he's kind of a troll. lol
  2. He's no longer a lemming. I have become the faction leader ever since I've become the final official lemming. I hereby deny bodycount reentry into my faction.
  3. And they say I'm the one with the problem? lmao
  4. yeah okay.. It says Ghosts for some reason.. I didnt know guests could post here.
  5. who the hell is guest mar. come on man!
  6. I bet I can sell one of my One X's right now for $400 CAD (but why would I? lol). Anyone who desires to game like on PC but can't afford the hardware would be more than happy to pay $400 for something that complements their 4K HDR set. So you say no value? I say you're wrong.
  7. I'm pretty sure that Rockstar will team up with MS and build their next GTA world on the back of Azure's cloud infrastructure.
  8. SpicoliX


    Alright cool I can see it now thanks. I really thought someone was fucking with my account for luls.
  9. SpicoliX


    Pretty sad of the mods and/or even @Alphonse How petty can you be? Honestly? Like I said before.. back to https://corn-rages.com/ for me.
  10. Never seen a web forum of less than 10 members try to alienate some of those 10 members I'm gonna DDOS this site into the ground. Ban me for that! Fucking losers.
  11. Haha funny. Who do you think you're dealing with here? Some idiot mod disabled Chatbox under my profile. Fuck this shit.. Bye. I'm really never coming back to this dump. fucktards.