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  1. I read it was under renovation so all the old relics had been moved out before the fire. At least some good news from this tragedy.
  2. I don't get it myself. Maybe if they were going with an all digital X1X version, OK. Those crying over the size of the SSD don't get the fact that people who go all digital WILL buy an external HDD. That is a fact. I'm assuming this is a test case to see if they will go with an all digital version of the X1X and the next generation system in 2020. I'm also assuming this is pretty much targeting ONLY the people who play 3 or 4 games a year, like Madden, NBA 2K, CoD, etc.
  3. Problem I have with Roe v Wade is the fact it was based on a lie. As far as no government money goes towards abortions, it does. https://www.heritage.org/marriage-and-family/commentary/new-report-shows-planned-parenthood-raked-15-billion-taxpayer-funds The rest is suspect. Roe v Wade was supposed to be for my list of reasons for abortions. We know now it is used because people are lazy and irresponsible, especially in today's world where you can get birth control ANYWHERE.
  4. By the way, some of these old threads really bring back memories. I want to say this was the original Twitter when it comes to the trolling, LOL!
  5. Thanks. I think the last time was 2013 maybe, lol. Been busy saving the world and now I'm retired.
  6. I favored XBOX, but I owned everything. Still do.
  7. I went through one many years ago with an ex-girlfriend and regret it every day. Now I'm very pro-life to a certain degree as in if you are raped, incest cases (99.9% of those are rape cases), possible deformity/life long health issues to the baby or the mother's health is at risk, etc. then yes have one if you want to. Everything else, nope. If the baby is healthy, then have the child and give it up for adoption to the millions of people who can't have children. The government should have some degree of oversight, but all in all, I would like for them to stay out of it, which includes tax money. The decision really should be up to the mother, father and doctor to a certain extent (the whole you can kill your baby at 9 months bullshit is insane to me so yeah there probably should be a law against things like that).
  8. I'm still trying to figure out WTF they are doing. Now there is a rumor about that all digital S version. Makes you wonder who is in charge up there in regressive land.
  9. Let me know how the Muslims treat you up north.