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  1. Holy Shit! Yet another Call of Duty game? WTF is Activision thinking? I thought this series was dead with Advanced Warfare.
  2. Who in the fuck would play those games on the Ditch, LOL!
  3. Minecraft is now the best selling video game of all time, passing Tetris (170 million copies sold since 1984) which is amazing considering it has only been on the market for about a decade.
  4. So what they are telling us is the 3rd one is better than the 1st one?
  5. The Switch past the PS4 in sales just recently in Japan which is pretty shocking since it has only been out for 2 years. Any way, end of generation for the PS4 and X1. Both will close out holiday 2020 and I doubt either one will do amazing for the next year and a half. X1 will probably end up selling around 55 to 60 million by discontinue in 2022 or 2023 (X1X, X1S and X1SADE) and the PS4 will finish off with around 130 million with discontinue in 2024 or 2025 (PS4S and PS4Pro). Not a bad generation for either to be honest. XBOX division hit the green mark in terms of profitability a few years back and is now pulling in $2 to $3 billion of revenue a quarter for MS, while Sony was able to replace all their PS3 losses with the success of the PS4, including restructuring the company from going bankrupt. Even Nintendo bounced backed from the debacle known as the Wii U with a console/portable hybrid in the Switch that looks like it could be one of the top selling consoles of all time when it is all said and done.
  6. This game will most likely be a top 10/20 selling NPD game for the next 3 or so years until GTA 6 comes out.
  7. Most likely a Q2 launch next year (I'm thinking June 2020), which would be a few months before the PS5 launch in Fall 2020. They still need to polish so that will take some time.
  8. I believe this is more or less a deal to combat Amazon and Google when it comes to streaming devices like tablets, PCs, laptops, TVs, etc. No doubt Sony wants to go the MS route, but they don't have the infrastructure MS has when it comes to online gaming. Why not team up and get your product out there on multiple devices, make more money, etc. You still won't see Sony games on the XBOX or XBOX games on the Playstation. That isn't what this deal is about. MS is looking at this from a money making standpoint. Sony is looking at this from an expansion standpoint. Everyone wins.
  9. Seems like GS is just hating on open world games lately. Days Gone a 5 and now Rage 2 a 6.