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  1. Actually they fished it to multiple publishers and all of them turned them down. Why? Because the first one didn't make any money and the second one looked more of the same. Alan Wake 2 is a dream that will never come true unless the publisher wants to lose money just to appease a very niche group of nerds, who didn't even know what Alan Wake was (Ponies) before Remedy got the IP back.
  2. MS is also getting paid to push the no smoking narrative. Again it is all about the dollars. All MS needs to do now is have MC remove the helmet and show that he is a transgender which will be the end of the XBOX brand.
  3. Funny how MS is now listing all their 1st party games as "Console Exclusive", no longer 'XBOX Exclusive".
  4. MS continues to makes these head scratching moves. One day you have Phil telling us XBL is not a "free speech zone", even though the service has had a mute button since day one of its launch in 2002 and the next you have a guy from The Coalition telling us they removed smoking from Gears 5 for the children, LOL! MS is going down a SJW rabbit hole that no one will follow, ie, hypocrisy X woke = broke. The Scarlett better blow me away spec wise and I better see 5 console exclusive games at E3 2020 that shows off it's power before I buy anything XBOX next generation. Becoming a cuck for the world to see needs to have repercussions.
  5. Holy Shit! Yet another Call of Duty game? WTF is Activision thinking? I thought this series was dead with Advanced Warfare.
  6. Who in the fuck would play those games on the Ditch, LOL!