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  1. wtf buttplugs and lube In a particularly tragic example, a female employee committed suicide during a business trip with a male supervisor who had brought butt plugs and lubricant with him on the trip.
  2. "The suit also points to a female Activision employee who took her own life while on a company trip with her male supervisor. The employee had been subjected to intense sexual harassment prior to her death, including having nude photos passed around at a company holiday party, the complaint says. " wtf.
  3. What's the rate of false accusations in CA? Some of this actually sounds kind bad. Hoping its false/fake, but statistically I'm not sure all of it can be.
  4. Wow crazy if true. I hope this doesn't spell trouble for Diabo II:R and Diablo 4, the only 2 games i've been looking forward to blizz in decades. Activision Blizzard Sued By California Over Widespread Harassment Of Women Female employees are subjected to constant sexual harassment, including having to continually fend off unwanted sexual comments and advances by their male co-workers and supervisors and being groped at the “cube crawls” and other company events. High-ranking executives and creators engaged in blatant sexual harassment without repercussions. Activision Bli
  5. Imagine finally going to space but then you come back and you learn your video game kills 3090s.
  6. Those poor photoshop skills in action,
  7. Most probably don't know who this is referencing, some old old SW poster:
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