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  1. Jehury is kind of a bitch when it comes to bets. He said my PC was shit for weeks, but when I asked for a bet on it he ran away,
  2. What the flying fuck you talking about, Sony movie games are the most casual shit on earth. Non-gamers play them. Hence only winning on casual sites. So sad.
  3. I'd think it was the opposite, considering GTAV total sales vs GOW. GoW movie gamer casual cucks mass botting the original 70/30. The difference in the amount of people have played the 2 is astronomical, and that alone should cause this huge gap. I guess if you keep running to the next most casual place you can do a poll (twitter/instagram) GoW (which is designed for non gamers) might cop a win.
  4. Isn't IGN audience like as casual as you can get? If anything you should be rooting for your game NOT to win there.
  5. That's nothing SW used to be true gangsta level street hardcore. Just look at this old conversation,
  6. I actually kinda liked Midnight Mass. Not great, but good IMO. But I have not watched Hill House or Bly Manor. Damn my backlog just got bigger I guess.
  7. Speaking of which, Kena: Bridge of Spirits looks great on PS5, but what about PC? • Eurogamer.net lol PS5 30 fps with low textures and low settings for some other things.
  8. One does not need a Ferrari(PC) to know it owns a Civic(PS5).
  9. This dude was sauced out of his god damn mind. Not inspiration at all when you do that. Yup, had a heart attack from suacing (PEDs) too much. The roids contributed and impacted a pre-existing condition. Even his brother was arrested dealing them. It's very rare a coroners report will literally say someone officially died of steroids. It's more of an over time thing, not an overdose.
  10. He got owned really badly here so stopped posting.
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