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  1. More fake outrage confirmed. Turns out far right snowflakes crying about Google were wrong. As anyone who isn't a complete and total dumb fuck knew. FEC Finds That Google Is Not Biased Against Conservatives, Right Wing - TheStreet
  2. Your whole far right snowflake list was unrelated to the thread. So I blew it the FUCK up by showing how little people care about your brand of outrage culture war politics. Going by endless 2022 polls, it's a FACT that next to no one cares about that fringe culture war bullshit list you wasted time typing out. No amount of Rogan, Andrew Tate, Jordan Peterson, Tucker, Shapiro, Crowder, Infowars, etc. videos will make those things even register in the top 20 issue lists for MOST Americans. It's L after L.
  3. Conservatives super obsessed with trans. Extreme retardism is noted whenever you type this word.
  4. More fake out rage 🤣. Jesus Fucking Christ, no wonder you guys suffered a historic mid-term defeat with that snowflake list of yours. No one cares about that nothing burger culture war bait outside of far right sites/youtubers: Inflation and abortion lead the list of voter concerns, edging out crime, NBC News Exit Poll finds Poll: Abortion and inflation collide as top issues in midterm elections : NPR But please, keep talking about wanting to fuck M&Ms, crying about everything being "woke" including XBOX and vaccines, whining about g
  5. Yeah. The talking points of an entire field of science. Again, going to go with nearly every single peer reviewed study and medical institute/org vs......you. Source? Preferably a medical journal.
  6. What. The vaccine saved 20 million people in ONE year. Most peer reviewed studies on it recommend it as do most medical orgs. Showing the benefits exponentially outweigh the cons. You're literally flat earther level in this post. Nope. Just stating the facts. Sorry if they hurt your feelings: The association between county political inclination and obesity: Results from the 2012 presidential election in the United States - PMC (nih.gov) Democrats do better on this specific issue, which is why both Cooke and TB's thread's backf
  7. You just changed the goal post again after I proved your last post wrong, after proving Cooke's post was wrong. 2:0. The very link I posted shows millions of people were saved by the vaccine (in just 1 year) due to reduced spread and reduced hospital loads, which includes everyone. Reduced spread and reduced hospital load is from everyone taking the vaccine, not just 65+. Hence why every major medical group recommends it even for those under 65. None of this indicates the vaccine is "junk" (which is what you are defending). 3:0. Take the L and stop straw-manning for Cooke being inc
  8. The OP lied and was misleading. She did not say what the title says. The appointed Dr. probably should have clarified and spoke better: This is fake outrage, and nit picking at best given the above data. This isn't as big of a deal as TB is making it out to be. I'd expect outrage at an actual problematic diet guidelines once she introduces them. But considering how conservatives freaked out over Michelle Obama's lunch plan and are bigger policy contributors to obesity going by peer reviewed studies, big doubt that T
  9. 1. This is objectively incorrect and misleading, do you have peer reviewed citation for such a WILD claim? Because my link shows this this is fake. Those estimates include reduced spread and hospital strain: The remainder were due to indirect vaccine affects through reduced disease transmission and lower burden on healthcare systems. The above sentence proves giving the vaccine to others, not just 65+, was wise. You're making stuff up, and you guys have taken the L in every single Covid thread in this section for 3 years now. Don't you get tired of it? 2.
  10. She doesn't say what the OP said though. Think I'll wait to see the actual guidelines she produces, and this will (as usual) end up being fake outrage. We already have studies that show the right are the ones who make the bad policies on this specific issue. Weird outrage is weird.
  11. Doubt they're going to do this. Republican policies have been worse than Democrat ones for obesity, going by studies.
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