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  1. Season 1 was okayish. Hope this time it's better. Had some shitty acting, and network TV quality filming at certain episodes. Like I'm watching Herculus from the 90s. CGI was good so I don't chalk that up to low budget, but poor skill and rushing in the directing/cinematography/editing.
  2. what happened to CDPR....sigh So I tried the new Cyberpunk Update - YouTube
  3. So it's finally out of Alpha and into Beta. Good job Polish trash.
  4. damn he got destroyed when the door hit the pole while he was hanging off it? or when he flew out? fuck RIP.
  5. PC is worse, the best PC mouse doesn't even use USB-C at all
  6. From the thumbnail of that YT he looks gay.
  7. It's like 3 movies jammed into 1. But it also feels like a few movies missing in between episode 8 and 9 at the same time, which is just weird considering my first sentence. So fucking bad script and editing to cause something like that to happen. Some bad dialogue as well, but the story and pacing is fucked beyond comprehension. Can't believe Disney allowed this to release.
  8. Actually I have the 34gn850-B, the smaller version. 38" was too big for me personally but I heard its epic AF.
  9. Nice. I will probably go with that one or the Define 7. Also is that ikea counter top and cabinets I see? I have that too for my work in progress setup I've been slowly starting on recently, it gives so much room and the drawers allow me to just chuck everything in there and keep the top always clean. Very convenient. Not sure we're i'll put the case. Either somewhere on top or on sides of one of the cabinets. Still a framework in progress.
  10. What's a good rated/reviewed PC case that also looks good you think? Mine is ugly and I'm thinking about getting a new one out of boredom. I need it to be white. Here are the ones I'm currently looking at, Define 7 — Fractal Design (fractal-design.com) 5000D Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX PC Case — White (corsair.com) Meshify 2 Clear Tempered Glass — Fractal Design (fractal-design.com)
  11. Meanwhile Black and White Jesus at 97% The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Season 1 - Rotten Tomatoes Lmao DC can spend $400 million total and a cheaty do-over knowing exactly what to do the second time over and still can't come close to beating a random cobbled together brain storm idea from Marvel.
  12. I guess maybe I have sensitive taste, but I can tell right away it's beyond and I've eaten whats supposed to be the best beyond meat stuff. Taste fucking nasty as fuck.
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