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  1. This kid finally gets a chance to beat up on PC strictly due to a once in a century pandemic that has killed millions.....pathetic mother fucker 🤣
  2. Lmao reading multiple comment sections, Cows are super mad at capitalism right now.
  3. Shooters on PS5 Any form of competitive gaming on PS5 🤣
  4. Just work on your pics man. Keep at it. You will get better.
  5. Having to watch an obscure movie to get the picture's reference is a very bad SW picture. I don't even know the name of the film, what is it?
  6. Just get better at SW pics dude.
  7. I can only imagine how worse your melt down will be after this breaking news, Sony Drops 9.6% in Wake of Microsoft Activision Deal - BNN Bloomberg
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