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  1. Anarchists don't like Biden. Whether they be Trump's Incel Army or these Antifa Goons. Looks like the rest of us are all Pro-Biden!
  2. They hate Biden, lots of burning of his campaign flags. Just like how Capitol Trump insurrectionists hated Biden. Seems like all the anarchists really hate Biden. TB should be pro-Biden in this case.
  3. A screwed mess, you mean like 2020? Wasn't that a Republican President? You dumb man? Always doing much better on the economy is more important than a few broken windows from Anti-Biden rioters. Democrat areas, on average, being much better places to live is more important than a few broken windows from Anti-Biden rioters. Get fucked kiddo, your party is trash. P.S. Trump's Terrorists, much like these ANTIFA, were also anti-Biden btw, seems like all the insane people hate Biden. Hey don't you hate Biden?
  4. He had two wives and children with both or something like that.
  5. Ashley Biden And Biden's Grandchildren Shed Light On Joe Biden As A Father And Grandfather | TODAY - YouTube Ashley Biden: Melania Trump Is Not Doing Traditional First Lady Protocol | TODAY - YouTube Also some of his grand daughters are kinda hot too. Wait WTF, (Now that Trump is gone we can start making the kind of political threads that every non political oriented site used to...lol).
  6. ANTIFA rioters are anti-biden. The Trump Terrorists on the Capitol Raid are anti-Biden. Looks like Biden is the only man we can trust.
  7. Because you troll. But that's your schtick, fine whatever. TB actually believes the cult like alternate reality bogus nonsense he spouts, which is sad. Again, this Trumpian cultism will slowly fade away and even he will start posting like a regular human again.
  8. Not different political views. Just weird alternate reality stuff and mega trolling that the Trump era brought in. Typically that kind of behavior gets you bashed anywhere. With Trump gone, the cultism will die down and forums like this will get back to normal. Hopefully.
  9. Link the studies and medical journals in a few months showing so (that Biden botched his upcoming Covid response), and I'll agree. Facts first.
  10. Yup, Trump is responsible for quite a few deaths going by the science.
  11. He just got into office..... Meanwhile there are medical studies and journals documenting how Trump specifically screwed up over months lol. BTW, Biden COVID czar calls Trump vaccine planning 'so much worse than we could have imagined' | TheHill
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