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  1. lol people pretending 30 fps is better because they are fans of certain hardware. Like how idiots think BVS was better than Avengers due to fan allegiance. Science says otherwise, dipshits.
  2. Firing Scaramouch was a huge mistake, he's much better than Sarah.
  3. Substatic

    Race and IQ

    Tried this on white supremacist sites/threads. They default to top 10 lists like retards. Also most recent research shows it's not strictly genetic based, We review new findings and new theoretical developments in the field of intelligence. New findings include the following: (a) Heritability of IQ varies significantly by social class. (b) Almost no genetic polymorphisms have been discovered that are consistently associated with variation in IQ in the normal range. (c) Much has been learned about the biological underpinnings of intelligence. (d) “Crystallized” and “fluid” IQ are quite different aspects of intelligence at both the behavioral and biological levels. (e) The importance of the environment for IQ is established by the 12-point to 18-point increase in IQ when children are adopted from working-class to middle-class homes. (f) Even when improvements in IQ produced by the most effective early childhood interventions fail to persist, there can be very marked effects on academic achievement and life outcomes. (g) In most developed countries studied, gains on IQ tests have continued, and they are beginning in the developing world. (h) Sex differences in aspects of intelligence are due partly to identifiable biological factors and partly to socialization factors. (i) The IQ gap between Blacks and Whites has been reduced by 0.33 SD in recent years. We report theorizing concerning (a) the relationship between working memory and intelligence, (b) the apparent contradiction between strong heritability effects on IQ and strong secular effects on IQ, (c) whether a general intelligence factor could arise from initially largely independent cognitive skills, (d) the relation between self-regulation and cognitive skills, and (e) the effects of stress on intelligence.
  4. Lmao Cohen tried to put an emergency gag ord order on Avanatti... https://www.yahoo.com/news/trumps-former-lawyer-requests-restraining-order-against-avenatti-050045845.html Why does Trump surround himself with beta cucks.
  5. uhh....so basically the dream game I've been waiting for my whole life. FUCK YES! Lucky ass gaming "journalists" got a 1 hour preview. Cyberpunk 2077 Is A Violent, Impressive Blend Of Deus Ex And The Witcher 3 The open-world role-playing game will take place mostly in first-person—as opposed to The Witcher 3's third-person point of view... However, you’ll still get to see your character during conversations and cut-scenes, so it’s more than just a first-person experience." https://kotaku.com/cyberpunk-2077-is-a-violent-impressive-blend-of-deus-e-1826807140 https://www.destructoid.com/cyberpunk-2077-s-e3-demo-was-incredible-and-massive-here-s-everything-we-learned-507936.phtml https://www.clickondetroit.com/1d4/1d4-gaming/why-cyberpunk-2077-looks-amazing Heavy augmentation system which is how your character is customized, https://www.polygon.com/e3/2018/6/15/17465660/cyberpunk-2077-preview-pc-ps4-xbox-one-tabletop-rpg
  6. Maybe if they were hot. But we got 2 ugly ass lesbians in a walking simulator QTE movie game. Fucking Cows are pure cancer.
  7. lesbian sjw movie game....rofl. Fucking Cows are hyper casual as fuck.
  8. lol took 8 episodes to finally establish true and clear protagonists for WW Love this show tbh.
  9. West World season easily one of the greatest of all times. Hopefully season 2 is as good.