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  1. I actually could have bought one at microcenter today, I didn't cause I want a card faster than 3070 lol.
  2. Not for Raytracing, and probably stability. Either way both better than shitbox.
  3. Lmao that's the most cheesy training montage ever. Sean Connery a Spaniard and with that accent lol and can't even pronounce words right. Randomly running in the beach like lovers lmao. And then the obvious stunt actors on mountains slowly swinging swords ....But for some reason I still love that weird ass movie.
  4. Heard no raytracing for anything other than Nvidia in cyberpunk for a while...wtf?
  5. I don't know anything about consoles or AMD, is that good or bad?
  6. I just need 1 NVME but I missed a great deal sadly.
  7. Interesting. I never knew how any of that shit worked. I'm just going by what I've heard on forums/reddit. People with Ultrawide 1440p 34" saying it is blurry and not good. But that was before 3080 and the latest drivers.
  8. I heard even DLSS 2.0 can be blurry with 3440x1440 so dunno if I even mind going with a Big Navi now since that is the monitor style I prefer. As long as them' drivers ain't stank.
  9. lol i'm using all the alert discords and twitch and still none. I'm doing something wrong or it's pure random luck Guess AMD is on the menu. Hope they fixed drivers.
  10. will this be out of stock until 2021 also tho?
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