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  1. I hope buying at MRSP will remain for the 4090/7900xt. I need a new GPU will sell my 3080 once I can order-confirm one of those. My 4k 240hz monitor will need more fire power lol.
  2. I really hope they don't make Diablo 4 a p2w trash fest like Immortal
  3. Damn not only did I pay less, but I got the far better version too!? OH MAN. PC is better than previously expected!
  4. Tomorrow Starfield will SUCK your soul. SUCK IT I say.
  5. Greatness takes time. MS will eventually get Starfield, Forza, Redfall, Outerworlds 2, Saints Row 3, and Stalker 2. NOT ON PS5! All while MS platform PC steals Spider Man, Spider-Man Miles Morales, And The Last of US: Remake from SONY! Winning! The XBOX showcase tomarrow is going to own your soul.
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