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  1. He's seems to be confusing two things. Safety protocols and the actual virus itself. Cooke is talking about the potency of the virus and how its dropping in places even though the case count is increasing. You seem to be stuck on safety protocols but he's not even denying that's important. It's just not relevant to the conversation. It looks to me the potency of the virus is weakening, this is great news if true.
  2. Lmao @Goukosandude do you have reading comprehension issues or something? He's not talking about protocols he's talking about the kill rate of the virus when you have it. A mask doesn't do shit when it's already in your body
  3. That's like trying to sue a movie studio or a strip bar. Women are gonna women. He should move to Saudi Arabia, unless he gets off on women dressed like monks
  4. @madmaltese @Twinbladecan calling people who arent racists racist be a bannable offense? This guy is fucking ridiculous!!
  5. First off I'm not even white, second my girlfriend is from Taiwan, thirdly criticizing a government is not criticizing the people. Grow up
  6. Jehurey it's pretty sad that your fight against racism has blinded you to true evil behaviour. China is not your friend. Their government is horrifyingly oppressive to it's people, it murders and enslaves its Muslim population. They don't have free elections. They are taking the freedom away from Hong Kong, they act like Taiwan does not exist. Stop defending that shit stain.
  7. You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round right round