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  1. I think you guys are missing the point of the video.. it's the dude just going straight to "Russia".
  2. Who the fuck is that tool?. His body language tells you all you need to know
  3. Its actually 1 point off as of October. Obama 40 trump 39
  4. It's not going to happen no matter how much you dream about it. Let's just beat him in the election instead, Its easier and will happen long before impeachment ever would.
  5. Ugh.. see the point I'm making is why would you ho dig through a bunch of your old posts I did not read the first time instead of just saying "I support Warren or Bernie". Instead you go through the trouble of posting a story's worth of backstory that I did not and will not read.
  6. Are you actually incapable of directly answering a question? Is this why you are unemployed?
  7. Ugh why are your posts always such a slog to read through? Ok so you like Bernie? Or was is Biden? Or was it Warren?
  8. I don't actually know who Jerry wants to be the democratic nominee.. he seems like one of these centrist liberals who's only actually leftist ideology is all cultural (woke politics) and not actually any progressive policies.