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  1. Do people just hate them because they are so successful compared to us basic beings? I wish I were a jew, so did Hitler. Jews are the master race
  2. I believe he means "what does the age of the game have to do with anything?"
  3. Wow 1 million views in a day. Pretty great interview, she's seems to be extremely likeable and honest.
  4. My university turned into a shitshow while I was there. I actually had people telling me I should fight oppression and reports profs, I wasn't oppressed in the slightest. It's a fucking university. One of the safest and most open places you can be. It's only going to get worse when these people find careers outside of starbucks.
  5. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/05/platinumgames_shares_more_detail_on_bayonetta_3s_unorthodox_development From 3 days ago
  6. Astral Chain and Bayo3 will more than suffice. Exclusives don't matter though