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  1. Obesity is such a simple thing to solve. It's not easy but it's simple. A little willpower would go a long way. And proper nutritional education in school. No lucky charms are not more healthy than beef.
  2. Its in every fucking top ten song. Everytime I turn the radio on, same beat, different lyrics and autotuned turned up to max. What ever happened to creativity? Barf
  3. I watched that new willow series on Disney. They put lesbian romance between a ginger black girl (who is a Knight... lol) and some other boring girl (both completely useless to the story) in the first 5 minutes. Literally the first thing they do is shove some agenda down our throats. This is not the Willow I remember. It was a fun light hearted fantasy adventure. Now its some stupid woke teen drama
  4. Yes, just by his face and eyes alone you can tell he's a murdering psychopath
  5. Any sane person who doesn't see the world through the lens of oppression would think its a stupid woke study that serves no purpose other than the smell their own farts
  6. Yeah as soon as I entered in my number I started getting calls from China
  7. Lmao this went exactly how I thought it would. You fucktards just can't admit the far left has captured science and its institutions. There is zero justification for having trans women in a study about how monkey pox affects women. None whatsoever. All bow to the lgbTQ2S, the new lords of biology and anatomy. Their feelings will the sexes into physical change!
  8. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(22)02187-0/fulltext It's supposed to be a study on monkey pox effects on women. But nearly half the participants are trans women sex workers with HIV. Are we supposed to now ignore ANY biological differences between men and women? This disease mostly affects gay MEN. You know, those dudes with penises and balls? Wtf is going on? Follow the science lol
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