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  1. Thats the only way I've played it and I think its great
  2. I put a few hours into this, its quite addictive. The combat is great
  3. 7:29 Hades Review HADES Hades Review The road out of Hell was paved in early access. By Nick Limon Updated: 17 Sep 2020 11:59 am Posted: 17 Sep 2020 8:00 am In the ancient Greek myth of Sisyphus, a poor soul is doomed to forever push a boulder uphill without rest. Each time he’d push it up, it would roll back down again and he’d have to start anew. But what if that Herculean climb uphill was actually awesome combat against a
  4. came out today and its 20% off. This game is actually really good. 90 at meta 9/10 at ign
  5. There will be something from EA.. probably mass effect trilogy or something
  6. Yeah.. I have a 4 year old daughter. She's not gonna be twerking in 7 years. Fuck that shit. This is filthy disgusting child exploitation.
  7. I honestly hardly play it mobile. I just really like Nintendo games and I want them to look better.
  8. Wtf.. its worse there than here? I apologize for the smoke
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