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  1. Gonna have to say the 90s. There were real original mega blockbuster movies that weren't just super hero movies or remakes. Jurassic Park Forrest Gump Pulp Fiction Goodfellas The matrix Toy Story Titanic The Sixth Sense Saving Private Ryan The Lion King Home Alone Terminator 2 American Beauty Total Recall Best decade ever . Now tv is great and movies are meh
  2. Yeah not bad. Its kind of impressive she stuck with it after just becoming a meme. Hot as fuck too
  3. Isn't it surging everywhere? LA is back in lockdown, New York cases are spiking. This isn't as simple as red and blue. The fact is the vaccine does not stop transmission. We need to learn to accept covid is going to be with us. Get vaxxed, don't die, get covid and recover and move on. We can't keep shutting things down, especially for a virus as weak as this.
  4. Its ugly as fuck man. This is made for fat hermslobs that find the 10 steps to their desk too strenuous on fat knees.
  5. Obviously intentional, but where is it? Post facts, less feelings.
  6. Affirmative action is the definition of racism. Its well intended but its racism nonetheless. I'm no less than a white or an Asian, It's demeaning actually. Fuck the white saviors
  7. I think there should be more of a focus on obesity rather than diversity.
  8. This is what happens when you follow politicians instead of actual science.
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