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  1. No man. This went way over your head. This guy got so much hate cause of that whiteboy video, and this is the reverse of that.
  2. I watched a bunch of reactions. We all love this shiit, it's fuckin real.
  3. That's actually a fucking steal. No bloatware on it either. apparently Razer phone 1s still run smooth as fuck. Unlike that Samsung garbage.
  4. To me they are all descendants of European colonialists. Fuck aoc and her self righteous shit. She is the product of colonial scum like any other "white". No one in Europe considers Spanish people to be a different race, they just have slightly more tanned skin, just like southern France, Italy, Greece, Macedonia etc.
  5. I'm not spending hundreds of dollars for battery life. I've never played switch from 100% to a dead battery in a single session, that's ridiculous. It's great for new buyers though. I want a switch pro.
  6. Then why don't they go south.. Peru, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, are all safe, and have similar cultures.
  7. Why do you say agenda? It's an ideology and reporting on antifa beating up a gay Asian man goes against that ideology. It's rather obvious.
  8. Are you comparing Cooke to the mainstream media which has an audience of hundreds of millions?